Planet 13

Experience our upscale and entertaining store; award-winning strains; and knowledgeable & friendly staff. WE DELIVER 10AM-7PM DAILY. OPEN 24 HRS!



2548 W. Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


36.1302168, -115.1759933




12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


12:01 AM – 12:00 AM


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Check out our new location at the corner of Fashion Show and West Desert Inn Road–just steps away from the heart of the Strip! We welcome all medical and recreational customers, including out-of-state Medical cards. Experience our upscale and entertaining store; award-winning strains; and knowledgeable & friendly staff. Voted best dispensary of 2018 by Leafly! WE DELIVER 10AM-7PM DAILY. OPEN 24 HRS!


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547 reviews for “Planet 13

  1. Valmarina

    Nice place, very clean! Good staff!

  2. carollemay

    Great deals. Great service

  3. erickgpadin82

    Great atmosphere. Great knowledge and service of all the strains. I definitely recommend Medizin to get what you need in LV.

  4. Diablita___

    Kat is super helpful and awesome! Would come again the moment I get the chance.

  5. iansan1727

    love it! very knowledgeable and friendly. house strains are incredible

  6. Shepjr

    Have to try The Hawaii butterscotch

  7. neFumerpas

    Really cool shop! Love the atmosphere

  8. jeffm2267

    My wife and I went to Medizin for the first time today. The place is amazing. It is physically very stylish and it feels like your in a very high class shop. The front staff were very helpful and nice and the check in was easy. Our budtender was Trevor C. and he was superb. We are new patients so we needed someone knowledgeable. Trevor was that and more. He was able to describe what would work best for our symptoms and was completely familiar with every strain in the store. He walked us through what we could expect from the various products and we left very happy. Trevor, thank you for all your help. If you need a dispensary this facility won’t disappoint.

  9. SuperJulio

    The Chloe strain is the best combination of potency, look, sensation. This strain is a MUST have. Holler at Manny he’ll take care of you.

  10. vegassjenn

    Great store and service! Will come back dY’dY1/4

  11. djustice1

    Great place best product

  12. Mistyshowers

    First time ever visiting and I loved it. I brought my friend with me who’s visiting out of town. LOVED the experience as soon as I walked thru the door. The outside is just as stunning as the inside. Love all the interacting you can do with the floors and the space show. Alex was amazing and helped us with everything and explained all the different strains. He was very friendly and had good recommendations as well as being very knowledgeable. Can’t wait to go back.

  13. Pablojr3

    yo this place is dope, its big dispensary and they have a lot to choose from. Miguel was our budtendeder, he helped us out and he’s was exceptional he knew everything there is to know about bud!

  14. SandraBarbabe

    Very awesome staff. Always been nice to me. They are very smart in their craft. I would be lost otherwise. Helped my nerve damage extremely! I will come back forever!!!

  15. grady04

    I have no complaints about this place.Always friendly service and the house buds always look amazing!

  16. Merenda

    Alex was the Bomb dY’PS! Thank you Alex for your help brother

  17. Ashante22

    This was my first visit to a dispensary and it was more than I ever expected ! Our budtender Alex was amazing and helped me pick out everything I ever wanted to try. Definitely will be back tomorrow.

  18. Sykeixx

    Anyone that goes here. Ask for Dusty or better yet “Trusty Dusty”. He knows everything about everything. If it were possible (shooting an idea out here) I would love to be able to schedule appointments with him to get the most out of my experience every time. Awesome guy!!! Make sure to ask for him!!!

  19. Laceybear86

    Always the best service and the best products. I’ve been to dispensaries all over town, nothing compares to their products.

  20. vegaswildflower

    This is honestly my favorite dispensary. Super relaxing and staff is very helpful.

  21. kylefledderman

    Close to strip and not to far of drive from lake Las Vegas for the service

  22. JGillette11

    Very Friendly staff in the waiting room and inside. Bud tenders are very informative. Would recommend for everyone!

  23. grazieschu420

    We’ve dealt with many budtenders, both good & bad, but what makes Trevor stand out is his uncanny ability to make stellar recommendations based on your specific needs & wants. Additionally, the analogies he uses in which he describes the effect that the product will have are instantly understandable & relatable. All of this makes it very easy to walk out of the dispensary with what I came here for. It is very clear that he cares about the product and he cares even more about his clients.

  24. prasith1992

    Chic place! Knowledgeable and friendly staff !

  25. Al7878

    Best prerolls in Vegas!!!

  26. Lexmgordon

    The bud tenders are so knowledgeable it’s unbelievable!

  27. weegee66

    Just follow google and it will take you RIGHT there ! Your taste buds will love it ! Oranges , and oranges galore ! I was greeted by a very cool staff . My BudTender was Chad , my man listened to me and heard what I came for a d then offered me ” The Special Deals ” I instantly loved it ! Here we go , 3 strains different stains at $30 a 1/8 … guess what wit his knowledge he answered my questions with mostly ” hands on experiences ! ” . Great BTnder , sold me on Tangerine a really , really , nice Hybrid ! Check out my review on this one ! Overall , my first visit was a great impression with 1st Class service !

  28. Tre80r04

    If you come by planet 13 ask for Alex amazingggg service!!!!!

  29. diesel43

    This is my go to spot in Las Vegas. Great staff , Great Products , And Great Prices. Always treated great when I come through. Check them out You won’t be disappointed.

  30. karaokekingofrock

    FINALLY a dispensary who takes care of med patients and rewards them with great service. I cant express my other frustrations with other dispensaries being ungrateful, Medizin does it the right way. Keep sendin ur texts and ill keep stoppin in before work

  31. lihsiu

    The best staff and the banana og shatter is firrrrre.

  32. Sshearer

    good place to go for quality flowers

  33. Deshawnkierra

    Great service!! Sammy is the best

  34. pitap55

    I was in the dispensery and all the wonderful people there were just AMAZING. Product has been good, what i have tried so far. Thank you for your help and kindness.

  35. kurrkneee

    Alex got us everything we needed!! Great experience.

  36. digitaloutlaw

    Interesting location. You need to queue up in a “waiting room”, then when the store area is less congested, they bring you in. Kind of good since you get a budtender, and don’t have to contend with lots of people. Payment and pickup is behind a glass cage – but went smooth and quick – and very friendly. Pulling out of the parking lot can be challenging since the street is super busy with traffic.

  37. Weedinvegasforyou

    Alex was awesome! Big help!

  38. OldCutterJohn

    Friendly and efficient. Though they sell medicine, they haven’t adopted the oppressive trappings of the health-care industry. Security, likewise, is unobtrusive. And they have an uncommonly good selection of sativas.

  39. PaoloB

    Amazing dispensary! Great atmosphere and service. Adam Brown helped us out and recommended the Medizine Irene pre roll. Great stuff!!

  40. jimtat

    Excellent service! Great menu! Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Drove across town because they had a strain I was looking for. I will go back in spite of the distance because of the quality of service and product!

  41. bluefan

    This place is beautiful, the staff was on point and knowledgeable. Loved all the deals they had too.

  42. ShogunStickxG

    Superb Herb!

  43. enthef420

    Hell ya great place to visit when your in Vegas. It’s truly a superstore. Anthony helped me out and was super friendly.

  44. weavil69

    Awesome service, convenient location and they grow their own! Definitely recommend to everyone!

  45. Dirkgentley

    Love this place! Very clean and proffesional. Great service and great buds!

  46. Classyman1992

    Great flowers and dabs!

  47. jlabslayer

    Kat is great. knows her stuff! huge seletion.

  48. 808DR3AD

    aEURoeThis is a very nice place. Super nice staff, knowledgeable and their prices are good. They are right near my house so I can’t wait until they get they’re medizin selection of concentrates, edibles. They seem to still be ramping up a bit but so far very good. Also always having very good sales big plus

  49. BevarChristiania

    Shocked to see this place has a crazy line. Wake up people – this place is wack.
    Dec 26 there was a 50% off medizin products sale. Even though my first visit was disappointing (lack of knowledge of budtender, didn’t have menu items) with this kind of savings I saw this as an opportunity to try medizin products.
    I picked up 1/8 of medizin branded animal cookies. Despite the 24% THC profile I’m thoroughly disappointed with the high. Buds are moist and grind well but just not the kick you would expect.

    So I’m disappointed I paid $32 for the 1/8. I’d be crying if I paid the ridiculous money sucking Medizin prices for it.

    I won’t be back.

  50. samanthalvillegas

    Medzin is great!! They have quickly become one of my top visited dispensaries for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, they do great daily deals and sale! I mean great! And I love that they notify you via text. Secondly, all the staff is extremely friendly, helpful and knowledge. Thirdly, the quality of the product is top notch. Whether you purchase their in house brand or an alternative brand, you will get an amazing quality product.

  51. sampsonsmartypants

    Amazing service, employees are knowledgeable and friendly!! Will always come back!

  52. Luckyprohet

    Great staff and product

  53. rosselpatron

    First time at a dispensary , perfect place to get informed about medicine & product . Andrew was absoutely terrific. aoeOE

  54. rlilly93

    Love this place, its the first dispensary I visited and is still the only one I go to. Everybody and I mean everybody who work there are the nicest and friendliest people youll ever meet. The quaility of the 8 or so strains I have tried from them have been top notch. Also they are always having deals and ways to save you money. I definitely recommend to everyone, once you come in it’ll be your new favorite spot.

  55. Jsway

    A great place to shop. I love the GLP Love Triangle and Miss X thanks for carrying quality products.

  56. MircDezu

    The service was Impeccable!! Anthony was Amazing!! Huge Variety of Flower!!!

  57. lvbandit

    Absolutely love this place! Service is the best!

  58. madcommish

    Very classy. I purchased Agent Orange shatter and man was it tasty. The Aroma and taste of orange are only overshadowed by the high. Great place, great product.
    dYZPdYZPdYZ$?dYZPdYZP I’ve been shattered dYZPdYZP

  59. nshapiro77

    Best blue dream ever! I can’t wait to go back! Best dispensary so far.

  60. Tori2323

    Great environment and my last visit I had great customer service.

  61. MTM45

    I like the display and customer service

  62. Zoesdragon69

    Best in Vegas! Rocky is awesome, great service!

  63. wormchiweed

    The best budtenders very knowledgeable and clean location

  64. erijica

    My first time visiting a dispensary and it was such a great experience! Everyone was so nice and extremely helpful. I will definitely be back 🙂

  65. SinCityAngel

    My go to dispensary and has been for over a year now.

  66. Weeedluvmore

    Deven the dude looks out much love Deven my Dude

  67. ThaGreenMachine

    This is my go to spot in Las Vegas! They always have great deals (make sure to sign up for the email blast), top qiluality mess and they are good peeps. I have been to many shops in Las Vegas and this is by far the class of the bunch!

  68. budEDUCATEr

    Highly disappointed & unsatisfied!!

    Before going to the shop, I looked over their website which stated they had over 60 flowers to choose from. I picked 5 I really wanted to try. I got to the back of the shop, guy wasn’t super friendly nor inviting, & there was about maybe 9 flowers to choose from. I asked why their site said they had 60 strains, he said he has nothing to do with that. He didn’t really care that all 5 that I wanted, they didn’t have. He just kept saying he has nothing to do with the website. I’m thinking “umm u work here,, doesn’t that relate?”
    So I didn’t purchase anything, I was highly disappointed with lack of products, wasn’t inviting/friendly feel, no descriptions of products that were on the shelves either. They had the strain name, and the bud. No layout to determine if it was an indica or a stativa, how much THC or how it makes you feel.

    They definitely opened prematurely. The guys said his harvest won’t be ready for 2 months. Not sure I will go back after today’s experience.

  69. Austin66greco

    This was my girlfriend and I’s first time in a Vegas dispensary and I cannot be happier with our experience. Our bud tender Alex was nothing short of exceptional. He was very courteous, as well as extremely knowledgeable about the products we were interested in! If and when we return we will definitely come back to this dispensary!

  70. jointhead23

    awesome location. Trevor help me out and really knew his stuff. Great daily specials on 8ths. tangerine and double Tangie banana, oh yeah

  71. erock3069

    over priced for low quality wax.if you like wax go elsewere.

  72. Rockyjones

    Best flower in town!!!

  73. Tonyydelgadoo

    First timer coming here and felt very comfortable looking around. And if I had any questions about any strain I’m looking for or any deals going on . Would recommend visiting Conor he was very informative and easy to talk to. Would recommend this dispensary if you’re visiting Vegas .

  74. Firebandit

    Planet 13 is gonna be lit. Thanks Cameron for the bomb

  75. Lvcaveman

    Great peeps great serice by cameron

  76. khrisvegas1622

    great experience fast and friendly people knew what they were talking about which is very important great experience all around

  77. bigtone412

    best prices and deals in town. great rewards program. fast in and out. quality product. are always more than helpful.

  78. TreeVegan420

    Great customer service!

  79. frankie559

    great place! budtenders def help with any questions you have! I would come here again!

  80. aahley

    this was the first dispense I came to since I moved.. everyone is extremely helpful and nice!! will be going back for sure!!

  81. ganjaguru666

    Over priced oil and wax for low quality. They are charging at least 25$ a gram more then any other shop for their oil and far below industry THC standard. Shop elsewhere. You paying top shelf priced for mid shelf products. And the budtender was arrogant and rude. Bad all around.

  82. ABK702

    Every time I have been here, the staff has been more than helpful, knowledgeable, and eager to help. Front the pheromonal people at the front desk, to the budtenders. I love this place and have gone around 3-4 times and its always good.

  83. Seriously1212

    Love this place it’s right by my work and has a great staff and selection

  84. WunduhBred

    First of all, this is the best looking dispensary that I have visited in Las Vegas. The modern, artsy, and well put together look is a breath of fresh air that a lot of other shops in Vegas are desperately lacking.

    As far as service goes, the budtenders here know their stuff. They are extremely friendly, and actually CARE about the medical reasons that brought you in, and not to just load you up with a bunch of product that you may not need. They really do look out for their patients needs.

    Lastly, while those Medizin trademark plants that grace Vegas Cannabis Magazine are in the final stages of their grow, these guys are carrying some of the best flower from only the premier growers across the valley. You absolutely must try some of the Sinmint Cookies from BaM, trust me. As for their own flower (Chloe, Orange Crush, Etc.), the gentleman behind the counter assured me that we will be able to get our hands on these highly desired flowers by this July.

    Get a chance to get by and see these guys as soon as possible. Prices, service, and flower selection are the best in Vegas!

  85. aspenbell95

    Awesome shop! Trevor is a very knowledgeable bud tender!

  86. zacazow

    I love this spot. The medicine is always great quality for a great price. All the staff are friendly and well-educated

  87. LTChip

    Great staff and selection! Hopefully gonna get some Leafly swag today because of their visit!

  88. Beejay123

    Alex is the best!

  89. brentnshine

    Manny is awesome

  90. Majestic143637

    Improving everyday, will definitely be the “it”
    spot when finished!

  91. PitBud

    Very nice place, knowledgeable and friendliest staff.

  92. Bryant1anthony

    Great place & people! Keep the greatness coming. Peace & Love

  93. jimon10

    beautiful store, educated assistance

  94. Ameun14

    Very open and welcoming atmosphere, budtender Alex was super helpful!

  95. Varuna88

    Alex helped me out and had a great experience and a wonderful time. do recommend a visit here !

  96. spenchampion

    This place is always my go to shop for shatter. Best selection but better yet best product for the price especially when the sales are going on. Go see them and you will be happy.

  97. Bernard118

    Holler at Alex when you come in he’ll hook you up

  98. ZackyZe

    Excellent service great atmosphere loved the place will be coming back kelsie was amazing budtender thank you for the experience

  99. sararosekelly

    This place is awesome! Huge! Alex is so helpful thank you 🙂

  100. Msjai2019

    I like it

  101. Sativadiva13420

    I loved this place awesome deals and workers are friendly and helpful ! Especially Phil from grave dY~!dY~

  102. Icedtee55

    Yoooooo, what else does one have to say. This place is amazing. My boi Brown stay hooking it up. Bro straight up real. No lie

  103. itsfoxxy

    Kat was absolutely wonderful! Knowledgeable, and recommended Miss X to me! For my first time in a dispensary, she made it easy and seamless!

  104. fireonsumflyshit

    The weed that’s in the glass that they show you is totally different from the weed they give you so be aware of it!! it really had me so hotdY~$?dY’ZdY1/2dY’ZdY1/2dY’ZdY1/2dY’ZdY1/2dY’ZdY1/2

  105. iiquiroz

    Staff was amazing and very helpful

  106. reydawg

    Mango Kush and Million Dollar Baby are on point and the staff are always helpful an friendly. I’ve tried other dispensaries but none of them hold a candle to Medizin. this is the only dispensary I go to now. thanks for the bomb weed and amazing prices yo

  107. Dynamya

    Love the set up of this place one of the cooler dispensaries to show off to your out of town friends

  108. She_afakasi808

    Our First time here very good environment and great customer service. And a good variety of selections. I will be a frequent customer. Loved this place.

  109. ChronicHippie

    I loved this shop. The bud was great quality with a prominent terp profile. Great deals for the Vegas area. Staff was super helpful.

  110. faronbyler

    Adam Brown was the man that helped me tonight and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. Which left me with not only great weeds but a pleasant experience there as well. So all in all, if you want dank weed at a good price with a friendly atmosphere, Planet 13 is the place for you.

  111. Derek1982

    Awesome location, great flower. Always on point!

  112. ty13177

    AWESOME place, We always love having and been fortunate to have Chad be our budtender. will give deeper, wider review later.

  113. Jpwar345

    Alex was very friendly and helped find exactly what I was looking for

  114. chee3350

    Alex made this one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had at a dispensary in the states. Absolutely phenomenal service and personalization to the consumer.

  115. 1NuCre8tion

    Awesome location!

  116. grasslicker

    Any positive things to say about this place are not worth saying after purchasing some of their bud. They basically admitted they are giving out older vs newer product, so basically your buying dry weed that when you break it up turns to dust. I purchased a $20 gram from shango, which puts their products in bags and has for a little bit now, and instead they gave me really old shango stuff cultivated back in June that literally turned into dust when I tried to break it up. It was really amazing how dry they managed to get the weed, in all my years of smoking never had come across such dry bud. The best part? That they have no problem selling it to you instead of them taking a loss. Imagine a restaurant serving old food, because thats the equivalent what they are doing here with weed they advertise as top quality bud

  117. jeffkindell

    Great service and very knowledgeable associates!!

  118. chris.frane.773

    Awesome place good product always give u good deals

  119. Tessica

    great sales awesome product!!

  120. somkesome

    awesome place to shop!

  121. Samme96

    looks amazing, the budtenders are super knowledgeable!

  122. Xendas

    Quick service and very helpful staff. Have been coming here since recreational has been available and have not had one bad experience

  123. happigrannie

    Best location ever! Love the daily specials! Recommend this place to everyone. Great variety of products!

  124. emp_museum

    Wife and I absolutely loved the dispensary. First one in our stop through NV! Would highly recommend to any one passing through!

  125. Drumkid93

    Try. The. Medizin. Branded. Mary. Chino. Shatter. Or. Live. Resin. LITERALLY tastes like the red and orange fruit by the foots . A fuckin EXPLOSION of cherry-orange on your tastebuds that literally lasts like 10-15 mins after you take a dab. So damn good . The flowers the same too. I had to write this review because of how mind blown I am with the flavor of this Mary Chino. It’s like candy .

  126. funkitteh420

    Really nice staff. Very helpful.

  127. JerseyVegas

    I took the managers advice and tried the Panama Red live resin. He was extremely knowledgable as it was rich in my two favourite terpenes. This stuff was super rare and I was fortunate to try some. These guys are on point!

  128. Arabella10

    Alex was so helpful and very professional…..

  129. Jr0ss8

    Love the place, great set up and helpful staff!
    Ask for Kat if you are looking for a good time 🙂

  130. Mccord2586

    Alexa and Evan are super helpful. Great place!!!

  131. JTMillions

    Always has the best deals always good stuff too!

  132. Nowew

    When I first pulled up to this place, I forgot that I was even going to a dispensary. It looks like a resort! The people who work there are SO friendly, and Alex was a greatly informative budtender and a real pleasure to talk to!

  133. TravisMcCalip

    Alex is super amazing and friendly and deserves a raise.

  134. badmonkey69

    Very beautiful decor and atmosphere and the employees were super knowledgeable. Definitely my favorite place in town.

  135. jaysocold1

    best place in Vegas
    Best prices and beast people

  136. Djecko702

    Give been here several times and get nothing but great service!! Chantelle was great.

  137. Doxiex2

    Great atmosphere and nice bud tenders

  138. duchbeeey

    Atmosphere great and extremely fast service.

  139. elquanso100

    Great place and good people.Must stop by Hope to get a job here soon

  140. Kelligreens

    Harley! omg best budtender ever!

  141. Bberg020

    This place is awesome! Great selection and variety of products. Alex was a great guide and very knowledgeable on all products. Recommend Planet 13 to anyone!!

  142. medicalj

    best dispensary in town. everyone is always super helpful and knowledgeable and patient with me.

  143. nakedman22

    great friendly staff

  144. Rpg811

    Great experience, Alex helped us through a smooth transaction.

  145. BROOKLYNScarface

    MeDizin is my first main choice. They have deals all the time and the staff is amazing & helpful (Manny)

  146. CBuggs

    Alex G provides amazing service, is personable, and cute!

  147. Daywalker11

    This is a good location. The budtenders are very helpful

  148. Silk1187

    Best dispensary ever amazing, customer service, great atmosphere

  149. Keona24

    It was so friendly and welcoming !! Plus Alex was such a big help !!

  150. Reno1039

    Lovely store. Good prodcuts. Thank you!

  151. Frankoslays

    Alex was great help and knew his stuff very friendly Great deals and promos free stuff with purchase often great environment

  152. MorkFromOrk

    I received better service here than at most dispensaries I’ve been too. No sales pitches. They didn’t try to push any particular strains on me. The budtender just asked me what I wanted, I told him, we chatted about the various strains and I bought some. I was able to use the 20% off first time patient deal on the Cannabiotix strains, so I bought a whole ounce with four different quarters. It came to under $300 with the first time patient special. You can’t get Cannabiotix for a lower price than that anywhere in town. Maybe next time I’ll try the Medizin strains. They looked good, very frosty, and others have been giving them good reviews. I would have tried them this time. In fact, my only complaint is they would not give me three quarters of the Cannabiotix and two eighths of the Medizin strains for the $320 once price. It all had to be from the same grower. This is a big, big mistake on your part. I should be able to mix and match growers from the same price range and get the ounce price. Other dispensaries do it that way. Why can’t you? It seems crazy to me that you missed out on selling two eighths of your own strains that you grew yourself and made me pick a fourth Cannabiotix strain instead. You must be nuts.

  153. dicemechanic

    won’t be back. horrible system checking in.

  154. jlemus1981

    Medizin has been my go-to dispensary since rec was available last year. I have had a couple experiences where I felt the bud tenders have rushed me a bit or not really listened to me, but I’ve also had such great service I can overlook those times.
    I stopped in yesterday and was helped by John and he was, by far, the most patient and knowledgeable bud tender I’ve ever worked with. Really great recommendations and took the time to have a conversation about what I was looking for. Positive attitude and vibe as well. As long as Medizin has people like John, I’ll keep coming back!

  155. VegasWeedBaron

    Best price for quality in vegas. My #1 spot! Medizin gets the Vegas Weed Baron’s Royal Cannagar of Approval!

  156. Jess856

    Miguel was super nice and informative. Had a wonderful experience!!

  157. TabbyTab

    Alex G is the best Budtender

  158. Cheftloc

    best spot in town

  159. kurtis24

    Fantastic help. This is the first time I’ve been to a dispensaries, and the employee was very helpful, and answered any questions I had. Definitely a fantastic first experience

  160. HellaStella

    Felt a little rushed but I liked it alright. Good products.

  161. Penguin13579

    This place is AMAZING!! The employees are so helpful and so informed. Will definitely be back!!!

  162. Rivaleka

    Awesome service! Love this place!

  163. Sheneather

    The large selections of products. Kay was very knowledgeable about which stains would relieve my pain and allow me to get a peaceful sleep! Awesome customer service rep!

  164. therealjessiej

    Miguel was dope. Place was dope. I’m in love.

  165. gastropod11

    Amazing experience. Alex helped us out and gave me more information then I ever imagined I would receive!

  166. TyishaP

    Was well taken care of by Manny. Informed me on how to relieve my pain & spasms via MMJ/CBD products.

  167. Cvaughn1

    Great customer service and Alex was super helpful!

  168. kmallery

    This place is amazing. It’s my new favorite place and i will be for sure be a returning customer!!! Mychal was so helpful! His customer service was the best I’ve experienced!

  169. MightyHydro

    Most comfortable Dispensary environment. Top of the line strains. Great service! My favorite in town and that’s coming from someone in the business from another state.

  170. emutton

    This dispensary is exceptional. I was there today, at lunch time, and there was no wait. They are still adequately stocked in all areas. And their customer service is no joke. What a great place! after having been to a couple other dispensaries in the area, this place is definitely my favorite and where I will continue to go until the dispensaries by me in Henderson are open for recreational business. Good job Medzin, you rock!

  171. dd317

    First time coming to Medizen… The customer service was exceptional and the flower was even better. Wonderful overall experience.

  172. Chompsalot

    Miguel was very informative with finding the right edibles for me

  173. djcris.macumbadub

    Great ! Very Fried and Atmospheric Vibes. 4 times here dY~%0dY’dYOE+-dYOE+-

  174. cjones100

    Phenomenal Despensary. I will pass up other Despensaries to come to Planet13. My Budtender Alex G. Was the best. If you’re ever in Vegas, stop by Planet 13 and talk to Alex G.

  175. magner

    Stephen was amazing help. Customer service is outstanding

  176. bigdaddyayyylmao

    Great flower for a great price

  177. ryan346

    Good spot

  178. Jriley31

    Very clean , conventient. the bud tenders are also very helpful. especially David.

  179. Stephfff

    It’s a beautiful dispensary and the staff is excellent! Wonderful product!

  180. Osmodaeus

    Great staff! Trevor and Manny are super cool, knowledgeable budtenders and give great recommendations. Rachel and Lowell are super patient with you and it’s always a treat when Tanya is tending, everyone here has a great attitude. It goes with out saying their quality is top shelf all the way, even the low end stuff ain’t shabby. Two thumbs up!

  181. carly717

    Great place very clean and well put together really enjoyed the experience. Alex G was awesome and very helpful

  182. pines420

    Friendly staff, concentrate percentages different than advertised but an all together good experience.

  183. Lagunn2222

    Open 24/7!!

    Beautiful Dispensary experience. Great quality flower, edibles, and concentrates.
    And they deliver free if you order $100!!

    I don’t go anywhere else!!

    Great job Medizin and Planet 13!!

  184. eljuanch

    Great people and service.

  185. Lalala2019

    No dislikes! Kat was an amazing help. Will definitely visit again!

  186. johnhpage

    Love it!

  187. weedsid

    this place is awesome. love how convenient it is. love the staff and variety

  188. Lpairman

    OMG!!! Amazing every time. I have been a customer since the previous location. Best dispensary I’ve ever been too!! love ya Planet 13 keep up ths prize winners

  189. hustlebaby702

    best shop in Vegas with the best flower , concentrates and edibles. staff is amazing and the atmosphere

  190. atbnlv

    Great place , Tito was really friendly and helpful and cute.

  191. Hendertucky

    The moment I walked in I greeted with a smile. Budtender had extensive education in the variety of strains and growers. Can’t wait for a delivery side.

  192. trippinrip

    A great place, good product, good prices and cool staff.

  193. szc

    Great friendly service
    quality products.
    Dailey specials worth checking out
    Always a happy ending dY~Z

  194. burkesaid

    Very cool set up. Staff was friendly and helpful especially for this being my first time

  195. Daya420

    Absolutely love my bud tenders ! This is the only dispensary I go to. Great vibes and they have amazing products. I would recommend anyone to go !

  196. pakalolo702

    Being Real
    Tourist Trap for Stoners, there’s other dispensaries in the “Greenlight District” that doesn’t get you with the bells n whistles. You on this app so price shop and Lyft drivers know the local spots! MMJ patients, have you noticed no one there looks like they’re dealing with health issues? Ask a budtender about strains for PTSD “ya it’s good” is not the answer I’m looking for. You can obviously tell from the size and glamour of the store that it’s all recreation. No consideration for pay check to pay check med patients who paved the road to legalization.

  197. LadyRehya

    Excellent customer service!

  198. shanicecarbon

    We was introduced to Shane H. Please keep him around . He was friendly and helped us the whole time we was here. Thank you for an awesome experience and we will be back. He was AMAZING

  199. Loganchappell17

    Amazing stop for a trip to Vegas. Huge, beautiful, and well run. Will stop here again. Alex was a wonderful help.

  200. jwestbourne

    The flowers are only surpassed by the service.

    Love the “deals”, location and appreciate the smiles.

  201. TokieDokie

    Adam Brown was legit. Help us out a lot. Coming back for sure

  202. ARaeofSunshine88

    Had an awesome experience visiting Planet 13, had been waiting since I herd it was opening down here in Vegas and excited to see how they build out the rest of their complex. Even the beginning of our adventure was great with a really nice free shuttle from the strip. Our budtender was very friendly and knowledgeable. We did lazer graffiti after we went to the dispensary. One word of advice, make sure you check your receipt BEFORE you leave. We were double charged for and item, and didn’t realize it until we got all the way back to our Hotel at The Golden Nugget on Freemont. We remember the budtender mentioning he was excited to try a aEURoefree sampleaEUR of the item I was double charged for during our checkout. Not knowing that we would be the people paying for it. I called and emailed customer service and they told us there was nothing they could do unless we came back (a $15 Uber ride away, round trip making it $30 which was the amount we were overcharged minus tax not worth spending our own money to remedy the problem) leaving a sour taste in my mouth for our next visit to Las Vegas.

  203. jensativabud

    Don’t bother if you are a CA rec holder. This dispensary doesn’t know what to do if you are an out of state rec holder. No issues at any other dispensary in Vegas. Skip this one, they won’t last.

  204. GirlsAndTheirFlowers

    Awesome customer service. Trevor was super helpful and very knowledgeable about all products

  205. drazpa

    My favorite dispensary in Las Vegas hands down … staff is friendly and knows there stuff!!! All bomb products and great deals!

  206. Tra831

    Alex was an awesome help and provided us with everything we needed

  207. benjamindungca

    Very safe and convenient location. The counter staff are very friendly and knowledgeable of all of their products. The service is also very personal. Gotti was our specialist tonight and she was AMAZING!

  208. skachadorian

    So I went with my homie at work because I wanted to have a smoke sesh. He said we should hit up Planet 13 and see how it is. I’m not too found with new dispensaries especially to ones that are a couple miles by the LV strip. I went inside and this place is pretty damn huge. The menu is endless plus there’s some stuff that you usually don’t find. For example we got ourselves each a 3g preroll. Yes 3 grams wtf indeed. This place really exceeded my expectations 24/7 plus they love the locals.

  209. JayaNess


  210. DericktheD

    I have been trying out dispensaries throughout the city until I went to Medizin earlier this week. This is by far the best quality, consistency, and knowledgeable staff I have seen compared to the rest. I felt extremely welcomed my first time in and have been back 3 times already. Nothing but a great all-around experiece, bravo!

  211. JLGillette

    I probably come here more than anywhere else. They always have amazing deals.

  212. senorflippyflop

    Their delivery is awesome and you get their specials too. Their delivery department people are always great.

    This place has come a long way since rec started which is great to see. Thank you!

  213. Marshybrew

    best place for meds!

  214. Tat2jake22

    Alex was a awesome help spent alot of time with me and answered all questions I HIGHly recommend this establishment

  215. Vicnewman


  216. ehatalla

    Extremely nice staff. awesome deals!!! never a long wait

  217. Dar-Ape

    Nice facility, good people, large menu, and good prices. I will be returning often.

  218. choinesss

    Gotti is very knowledgeable.

  219. Cotton420candy

    Tori was wonderful to work with can’t wait to smoke

  220. samiam1060

    Kurt was great help! Very nice suggestions! I will be back!

  221. niceguy702

    was helped really fast. not a lot of product. had $35 8ths.

  222. kirbear215

    Alex was awesome!!

  223. MrSandiford

    The staff and selection is amazing! Definitely coming back here every time I’m in Las Vegas. We highly recommend!

  224. spliffthered

    Love the quality of meds and all the different sales they have

  225. NinoTribbiani

    man this place is cleeeeeean! When I pulled up in the parkng lot I was grated by a high way patrol man who seemed happier than I was lol

  226. spencey1987

    Awesome. Super staff always helpful with great prices and always top notch, quality product. Always. Check them out!

  227. Notpaytobmansdr

    Alex was the man

  228. louky

    East to get to. Friendly front desk.

  229. HHogan7

    Great place… Alex was a real help

  230. violentrred

    Great prices!!! Super friendly staff who were very helpful in deciding on strains. Superior product, well worth the drive from the strip. Highly recommended!

  231. VegasStoner420

    Only come here on the graveyard shift, Matt helped me pick out some fire purple trainwreck that had my mouth watering for more. Dope deals, friendly staff, if you spin the wheel after $75 you get free stuff! So cool!

  232. jakesmom69

    I LOVE Medizin!!! Awesome deals and staff. Picked up the new Matrix Pax vape pen and it’s awesome! Always helpful in knowing what I may want and like and never pushy. Such a comfortable environment and lots to choose from.

  233. kberry37

    Hit or miss

  234. babygurls35

    Absolutely Love this place.. great environment very knowledgeable and friendly staff.. Deals Everyday texted to me.. Looooove it!!dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2 thanks guys

  235. racegmc

    My one stop shop!!!
    Great deals and service.

  236. djmj83

    So I normally just ignore rude behavior and regard it as a lack of communication but this has happened multiple times.

    Today I signed into the front desk, showed proper identification, (I am a medical patient) then waited for over 10 minuets and was ignored by the staff as the recreational customers were called by number.

    The system for medical patients is that they are given a sticker and it’s the job of the staff to identify that and give priority to them.

    I love the quality of Medizin concentrates and flower, but due to this incident as well as just a general condescending attitude I will get my medicine elsewhere.

    Las Vegas has a lot of dispensaries; patient care/ customer service is equally as important as the quality of the medicine being dispensed.

  237. Nickywatts

    They are amazing! Chloe, Hawaiia Butterscotch, and SFV are my favorites. Super nice people.

  238. samanthaabeee

    One of my favorite dispensaries in vegas! Their strain Chloe is a 60/40 relaxed sativa high.

  239. ncpfeif

    this place was great! andrew was cool!

  240. bnorminecaputo

    An amazing experience! Walked in, receptionist were friendly and knowledgeable! Waited not too long, and meet Dusty, super awesome guy, very knowledgeable, literally a walking lexicon of cannabis, and super-friendly. Products are high quality and astonishingly priced low. Would recommend this 11 out of 10 times. Thanks for the amazing cannabis experience!

  241. sklvnv

    Best spot in town. Best deals great quality

  242. Coolass12

    Cool place to visit my man Shaun was very helpful

  243. jtothe3

    Really helpful budtenders, beautifully designed store, and excellent quality bud!

  244. moonisthename

    Every since I discovered Planet 13, I do not go anywhere else! The people, the place, and the items are amazing. Miguel is very helpful with anything you need and knows alot about the profiles for what you need. Would highly reccomend

  245. ftwfever34

    Super nice and clean! Knowledgeable staff.

  246. donaldg11

    love this place…great selection and quality…great staff

  247. praceofnature

    DO NOT buy the dapper starter kit!!! I bought it 5 days ago,used it a couple of times and it tipped over slightly and the stem(the stronger part?) BROKE!!! They said I’m sh** out of luck basically!!! But their flower is GOOD but I get my concentrates elsewhere dY~$?

  248. Robertwmk

    I came in and Alex greeted me and clearly knew I didn’t know what I was doing. He helped me and showed me everything I needed. He was so pleasant, nice and kind with me! I highly recommend him for any of your needs!

  249. Nickrudi89

    Alex was the best!!!

  250. lainygrace

    Love the brand! Budtenders know their stuff!

  251. tomtechy

    this place is dope!

  252. hunkimo85

    Very friendly and professional… Keeps me coming back…

  253. Raynorshine

    Awesome service, Alex was great! Thanks again

  254. Cmills311

    Alex and Michael were amazing

  255. pnelsondoubt

    Love it! It’s my go to spot. 4 stars is my highest rating for anything

  256. JonnyHughes

    Great selection, store layout, and staff! Best dispensary in Las Vegas, I won’t be going to the other mediocre dispensaries anymore. I can’t wait for their own strains to come out!!!

  257. weedperson

    Amazing quality of flowers BUT since almost every single dispensary has tax included and medizin doesn’t so I’ll keep going back to my tax free convenience.

  258. jhalanib

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great sales, all the best products, can’t go wrong!!!

  259. Marietta

    BEST IN TOWN BU FAR!!!!!! Love everything about this place!!!!!!

  260. MountyMatt81

    Great location right off the free way and the strip. Great products and vibe! Will definitely be back over and over again.

  261. Cs10171987

    Eddie is the man him and the people especially Eddie looks out for her people

  262. Imturo

    This was my first time at planet 13 our budtender Kat was super informational and friendly. She knew all the products very well and helped me to find what I needed fast. Definitely coming back tomorrow.

  263. RoRo_Federico

    Miguel was super helpful educating first time visitors! Definitely recommend

  264. Gabe42200

    My man Alex G. Knows customer service, can’t shop anywhere else

  265. streets16

    great knowledgeable staff with the best quality flower and promotions in town.

  266. CaliStacy

    At Medizin w Cole!! TGIF!!

  267. ivxx561

    One of my favorite dispensaries in 2017. I visit maybe twice weekly always a good visit. Many strains you can’t find other places the flowers always taste good, some stronger than others but all break down and burn well during a smoke. The staff are all friendly. I’ve interacted with pretty much every budtender they’re all friendly enough and professional they always treat my dad and I well when we visit. Never had an issue, with staff or product. You can’t use reward points when they have a sale… but you always earn them, so no big deal. A rated based on my experiences I recommended checking out Medizin.

  268. lriddick

    Absolutely loved the set up of this dispensary. Not to mention the amazing prices. Can’t wait to try their flowers for the first time!!!

  269. tlfoster32

    Awesome store awesome people but tenders are amazing will definitely come back again and again and again

  270. Jennyd36dd

    First time visiting a dispensary in LV. Went to this spot because it was close to my house. So glad I did. Trevor the budtender was AMAZING. Took time with me and gave me plenty of options along with tons of information. I got his card and will definitely call before I go back next time to see if he’s working. Great job guys!!

  271. raymondart1

    I love this place

  272. Charlotteswebb

    I really liked this place. Got my new patient discount of 20% for my first purchase. They have a great selection from my favorite grower. Even though they are a tiny bit more expensive than my usual dispensary their rewards program offsets that increase so I’ll be using this place more often now.

  273. emikrny

    Alex, our bud tender, was great! Very knowledgeable and excellent customer service!

  274. WakenBakery

    Alex was super knowledgeable and gave me a great experience within planet 13

  275. mrdeltore23

    This is usually my goto spot. Great quality and normal great service. But yesterday Medizin let me down. I went in for a cartridge refill and the lady talked me into grabbing the Kit which comes with the battery and charger because it was on sale 30%off. i also picked up a gram of their house which was on sale 50%off. We waited for a bit to be helped, not a big inconvenience. some registers were down so we got handed off to someone who could help us. my total came out to $88. I only had $80 so I used the atmbthat charges u $4. when I got into my car unchecked my receipt and he didn’t apply the 50% to the shatter instead only a 30% discount, which is a difference of $10. So I went back inside and talked the lady behind the glass and she said they’ll help me out in just second. we waited 15 extra mins in the lobby as patient after patient was called back. the lady behind the glass didn’t even acknowledge I was still there… so I said F#$% It and left. I just finished working an overnight shift and wanted nothing more than to get home to medicate and sleep. So Medizin let me down big time today. and I’m down $14 for no good reason.

  276. mrjuggs

    The staff here is amazing. This place is a great place! There’s so many variety of flowers, edibles, and concentrate. The staff is friendly and will help you choose the right medicine.

  277. elvexilix

    My favorite place in Vegas to go. I do pass up alot of other dispensaries. Their Chloe is a must stock at all times and all around good medicine. Great thc and terp numbers with sweet earthy honey taste and smell. They never slack on service. Eye contact and smiles with no sprinkles of snobbyness is you get from beginning to end here. Just met Chris Wren their grower for their anniversary. Cool guy that answered any questions I had about their growing and their product. Would love you to learn and work for him.
    I have noticed that with each batch they put out, their thc and terp nubers keep getting better. All of their strains have the most flavor profiles from others with little to no harshness from residuals. Their concentrates are awesome. They’re starting to do cocktail concentrates wich is a fantastic ‘designer’ type idea. You must try Banana Split and Valley Girls shatter. Got a free t-shirt for their anniversary. The deals will keep bringing you back.

  278. redundantrobert

    This is the best dispensary in Las Vegas in all categories. If you are a cannabis connoisseur you’ll understand quickly how talented their growers are. And for you beginners out there, this is a wonderful place to begin your relationship with cannabis.

  279. IamSugarRush

    I can’t speak about the quality because I waited so long I left. Had I gone to my regular dispensary, I’d have been in and out in the same time it took me to login on their device. As a local, I was excited to check this place out. Expect and Apple store experience. Very impersonal and no different items than the dispensary I regularly shop at, it’s just a very spread out showroom. As I was waiting just to be helped, I noticed the long check out line that comes after you aEURoeorderaEUR. I was disappointed.

  280. universalgod

    staff is excellent. amazing product. outstanding customer service. thanks y’all.

  281. TheyCallMeHITT

    Great staff. Daily deals can’t be beat.

  282. rastaman124

    friendly guys. helped my mom find cbd for the dogs

  283. jdi1972

    Charli was great she knew her stuff. Great place good prices good smoke!

  284. jennifer_xx24

    Alex was super helpful! He was very patient with us and answered all of our questions in detail. Would highly recommend him and this dispensary!

  285. Volcano420

    Drop by MedizinLV and pick up some fire Hawaiian Butt from my main man Lowell aka Brother Brown. Always a great visit. Tks

  286. picabelle

    I love this place! Just met the new bud tender Brandon and he is an amazing addition. Like the rest of staff, Brandon is very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with me explaining various strains and terpenoids.

  287. Sjones226

    Must go! Alex is awesome!!

  288. Lexienbsmith

    Manager David is the best. Very helpful and knowledgeable of the product. He was fantastic!

  289. redhatladylv

    This is my go-to place. I love how they treat you and that the music isn’t loud. Great customer service.

  290. Boincer2k18

    awesome service Miguel was the best thank you!!

  291. Carr113

    Amazing store, Alex was super helpful in finding us everything we needed!

  292. Jacobkl

    Alex G was awesome

  293. smokeyandthebear

    Great location, and extremely friendly and helpful

  294. artzygirl

    Love this Dispensary. My fave.

  295. Mikespags21

    Mychel was super courteous. Very knowledgeable and made the experience extremely easy for me

  296. tstillwell

    Great flowers super knowledgeable budtenders dY’OEdY>>

  297. JJBig

    My go to place when I need. Be sure to ad your phone to their system. They text out MASSIVE DEALS! I’m there when they do.

  298. yoshi808

    Awesome staff great atmosphere awesome product!

  299. D.Ford

    I love the scenery and all the people from the entrance to the dispensary and a special thanks Alex G for the best customer service

  300. Jmarvin1027

    amazing staff and product!

  301. afisher1990

    I love Medizin they have the best house strains. My favorite is Chloe it has an incredible flavor and there is always a great deal. They also always have great deals on their other products.

  302. Arabface

    Out of towner and first time here. Amazing set up and selection was tip-top. Huge variety. Zach, the bud tender who assisted me, was extremely helpful. He listened to the taste and feeling I described and pointed me to one of my favorite strains w/o indication from me! Great knowledge and highly recommend!

  303. Surfermama77

    Always a great visit. Everyone is helpful and products are awesome!

  304. anthonyny329

    Trevor was very knowledgeable and helped me get exactly what zi needed.

  305. Zianhenry6

    Perfect location !!

  306. Cassser

    Super cool dispensary!

  307. drewbeats

    I live on the other side of town there are at least 10 closer dispensary’s but I still drive to Medizen they have ALWAYS had the best prices and selection in Vegas hands down!

  308. AOKI

    Planet 13/Medizin has the perfect vibe for a ganja shop. I have used the herb for almost 40 years the staff treats all customers with the utmost respect. A++

  309. Truble

    Great customer service!

  310. Amberporter

    Alex G is soo amazing he always gives me the best experience ever here and that is another reason why I always come back to this location.

  311. Vegasrollr

    Zach was the best be sure to ask for him took really good care of me .

  312. Beedubbleya

    Enjoy coming in, Bud tender always lets you know the Specials!#

  313. krobes

    I think the location is very clean and professional! Charlie is the best budtender around! Very knowledgeable about strains and medical aspects of all the strains as well! dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  314. alie16

    This is now my go to dispensary. Definitely recommend this place to everyone and anyone with a medical card!!

  315. Eddierc350

    Alex was awesome! Will be a loyal member! Thank you!

  316. ganjabiss34

    Every time I come here they have a great selection of bud and the quality is never lacking.

  317. Trisha66698825

    Love love love this place and the people

  318. KrDn

    Loved it!! So much fun. Alex was a great bud tender.

  319. damefame

    By far the best dispensary I’ve been to…extremely friendly and unbelievably helpful!! I’ll be coming here from now on.

  320. irieeyez88

    great service and excellent products.

  321. cg11351

    Great products. Good information and communication from Medezin. Highly recommended

  322. Dudenot

    I went to Medizin a month after recreational use became legal here in NV last year. I have sInce transitioned as a Medical patient after having experienced a profound sense of well being and relief, that my prescribed medications from various doctors can no longer provide for quite some time. Needles to say, I have transitioned into becoming a medical patient since the beginning of this year.

    I’m not sure how to write about my mixed feelings with Medizin, but I’ll try by listing all of my a notable experiences.

    1. First visit was just a crazy experience! I was excited, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time! I remember Mama J’s sincere smile behind the check-in glass window right when I walked in. A polite security guard guided me to wait by the showroom’s door, and then greeted by my budtender when my ticket number was called. I was impressed by the sophisticated layout and lighting of the showroom. Not what I expected at all. The music and dimmed lights reminded me of lounges from hotels in the Las Vegas strip. The vibe was cool, the transaction went smoothly and I was happy with my first ever legal purchase of super lemon haze and ogkb 2.0 eight bags. However, now I know I could have had a better first time experience. The friendly lady behind the counter and beautiful showroom are just instruments to get you into buying right away so you can make room for the next customer. I understand that it was a busy time, but if my budtender suggested that they have pre-rolls available, disposable vape pens, edibles, etc, could have saved me money and time for both of us. Again,I didn’t know all of that information then. It would have been nice if my budtender showed some first-time buyer empathy instead of counting minutes on how fast one can close a sale to serve the next.

    2. My third visit was when I had just learned about vaping. I didn’t really learn anything with my visit, but I remember how foul the smell was coming out of the budtenders mouth each time he spoke. I knew this guy just finished smoking(I don’t mind) by how dry his mouth was, hence the foul smell. I purchased the wax and rokin vape pen that was recommended and this time, I was the one in a hurry to leave. I was satisfied with the rokin vape pen and an inhouse shatter product that was recommended at the time.

    3. Fourth visit, same budtender from my third visit. He was nice and friendly, and I didn’t ask any question at all after mentioning “oh, you helped me the last time I was here”. He did not remember me and I was alright with it since I didn’t smell anything bad coming from this gentleman at that time.

    4. Evening January 2018 I just recently became a med patient and had been visiting often(about 2-3 times a month since 08/17 and became familiar with a couple budtenders during the day) I happened to visit at a later hour and was helped by a budtender working that shift, to cut the story short. After I had just stood in front of the top shelf section of the flowers to look at my options, my budtender told me about the deals that they have at the time and recommended a flower. I then responded politely of course, even if I know the deals already and how it works. “I just need a second” I said, and no more than a few a seconds after politely asking for some time, this guy asked me with a pissed of tone while standing next to me “You need to help me out here!” I turned and look at this disrespectful kid with a look of disappointed. I couldn’t iterate my feelings at that time but I was not happy. To help myself be in a better situation I needed to get out of there so I just agreed to what this kid recommended just to get out of there. Note that I am now a medically recommended customer at the time and had just stopped taking prescribed medications not too long ago. I use cannabis as my medicine and this budtender treated me like I’m some punk stoner kid.. Well, whatever he recommended was not effective and in result my withdrawals symptoms from my previous medication was just too strong to handle. It resulted in such a bad weekend for me and my family sadly, and I can’t help but feel bad about it. So I had called the night after and asked to speak to a manager. The Manager listened to me and let me spoke politely, but the end result that I get from this phone conversation was “what is it you need really?” I was again gravely disappointed by this question and took it as I want something free, or asking for a discount as a payment for that bad service. I said “I want nothing but for your business to assure that nobody else gets treated like I did.” Apologies and some sort of fake assurance was said again and promised. That was it. This experience really made me think about not coming here again.

    These list might be the things I didn’t like, but that doesn’t mean my other visits were not helpful. I learned a lot just by talking to a couple of really great budtenders like Chad and Trevor. This place is great for first-time and recreational users for cool vibes. Med patients could be a hit or miss.

  323. DaddyZammitt

    Very friendly and helpful staff. All very well knowledgeable. Chloe is one of their best strains!!

  324. aLassalle

    This place is the best! Absolutely beautiful interior and super knowledgeable tenders. Thanks Alex for all the help with my hungover questions!

  325. Jbcallahan

    Not very impressed. As much as it was built up I expected so much more. The atmosphere was overall very boring and plain. I am shocked by the selection. It was the same as everyone else in town. I wish everyone would follow in line with “The Source” when it comes to displaying and pushing the terpenes. Thought it was going to be more of a museum or club feel, but instead felt like a gift shop.

  326. Jonvcz

    First Time and will absolutely come back , Alex was awesome ..appreciate the service

  327. IOnlySmokeRaws

    i loved the setup and the budtenders were extremely nice and knowledgeable of the products. I only thing i didn’t like was the 30% sale tex

  328. Mincampo

    Alex was fantastic and very professional

  329. SSMAMA

    Best dispensary in town. Budtenders always very helpful.

  330. DJASPER82

    My number one go to shop in Vegas

  331. Rudyv818

    Come check out my boy Alex he will take good care of you and is very knowledgeable of all the products.

  332. Lasvegas69

    Best selection, awesome prices, why go anywhere else!

  333. codyjay

    Favorite place, best deals. I won’t go anywhere else

  334. xanicat

    I’m in love with their Raspberry Kush atm!

    I always come back for this strain because it’s only sold at this clinic lol

    but anywho, I am obsessed.

    highly, highly, highly recommend trying this strain! (:

  335. Fd106xo

    Mike p hooked it up, he was very helpful

  336. JudyShank

    If you want the best and the most friendliest staff in town go see the beautiful blonde work in the window hi jana$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  337. dankfield420

    Great quality, friendly staff, and a rewards program how do you top that?

  338. cam1010

    Trevor was a awesome bud tender. Gotta see this dude he sure knows a lot!!

  339. mkanaley

    Best deals in town. Daily specials. I wish it was closer.

  340. siegev17

    very clean and nice..knowledgeable staff and great medication!!

  341. TheProctologist

    Probably the best dispensary in Southern Nevada. Always competitive prices and high quality product.

  342. Pduss1996

    Bud tender Sammy was so helpful . I greatly appreciate the customer service.

  343. luneyjester

    I have not been coming here quite since day one. I have been a patient here for nearly 2 years now. Cannabis literally saved my life by relieving the nerve pain enough without making me feel like a zombie that I could finally walk and play with my 11 year old daughter. What most people fail to realize is that on July 1, most other dispensaries added the new tax to their prices then. This new pricing just brings them in line. Also, I personally feel I am getting the quality I am paying for here versus some other places. The staff here have always been professional and knowledgeable. With as many choices as we have now, these guys still get my business! Their house live resins are so flavorful………………..okay, okay, back to this review, and they have a nice variety of medically active strains. In fact, I have found more beneficial strains here than anywhere. Here’s my thing too, yes they are a business. Yes they need to make a profit (just like all of them do to stay in business). Medizin’s management has not forgotten their medical patients. They still give us at least 1 deal every single day and usually 2 or 3. I LOVE you guys! Thank you Medizin!

  344. BeyondLucidity

    Amazing dispensary! Great merch, supply, and knowledgeable workers. Shoutout to Alex G for answering all my questions!

  345. chicagobot

    Angel was very helpful cool guy great place

  346. DeGlutenous

    This is by far the best dispensary in Vegas. Whenever the Medizin branded flower is 50% off, it’s an incredible deal. And when you factor in their rewards program, the pricing is competitive with any other place in town. The Medizin concentrates are also awesome.

  347. Ocarri3

    Alex was a great help

  348. CGuinta

    Love it! Super clean, staff knows their products and the products are excellent! I love that they send you daily deals!dY~

  349. SkipperFabs

    great deals friendly staff!

  350. britttaylor

    Love this place ! (Planet 13) Chantelle was an amazing help! Picked up some GG4 & MDB dY’OEdY>>dY’OEdY>>

  351. Fonzenator

    Amazing deals and friendly knowledgeable staff! Thank you!

  352. AngeeBayB420

    The budtenders are so helpful and easy going. They know why you’re there, to get your shit and go. No bogus upsale-ing, if you’re in a rush, so are they!!!! If you need some time, they’ve got it!!! My favoritist Dispensary EVER!!!!!!!!!dY~dY’–dY’-dY~dY’–dY’-dY~dY~~dY’–

  353. MoMeds

    This is my favorite store. Mango kush is my favorite flower.

  354. pewpass

    Their daily deals used to actually be a deal before recreational started, now they have just raised their prices 30% to accommodate the occasional 30% sale. This used to be my favorite dispensary, I would drive across town for their sales, but now I don’t see myself coming back.

  355. rigojiujitzu

    This place is amazing the buds are beautiful and fire and the customer service is way up to par

  356. nicolemm

    Super nice and helpful staff! And super colorful!

  357. Usalion

    Very nice location, awesome inventory, it was our first time here and Alex was super helpful and knew his products very well, def coming back ! Thank you, Alex !

  358. strat12399

    So, Matrix concentrates are on sale, AT $90 a gram, then half off. That’s still higher than I used to pay here before rec started and they went money hungry. Raise the price and them offer a “deal”. In Cali its 10 grams for $100, here $90 per gram…

    I’m now a price shopper! Get it back to $20/gram of concentrate and I might be back, but not if anyone else has the same deal, you’ve got to beat them now!

  359. alberto484

    Great prices, buds and bud tenders! David helped me out and gave everything I needed! This store also has one of the best reward programs in the valley.

  360. Sourbugy

    Management is horrible don’t ever try and let the manager now if you have bad experience. She will basically luagh at you and then tell you she knows how to run a business.

  361. Demontray

    Very good quality weed and great customer service

  362. biboots25

    Amazing service! Alex helped us and he was super informative.

  363. seconddegree

    great buds love this place

  364. Scarletandie217

    Alex was fabulous and friendly! Exactly what we were looking for x

  365. Vespura

    amazing deals, amazing customer service, professional and organized environment, medizin is my choice dispensary in town

  366. Cloerzel

    Kat was awesome! Very helpful. Really cool environment will definitely return 🙂

  367. macnair1980

    amazing and convenient. super friendly

  368. miang1

    best weed in town

  369. Skizzle

    Exceptional Customer Service!

  370. herbaldude82

    Great atmosphere and the staff is incredibly helpful . Justin is the realest and helped me get exactly what i need . Always great deals available for the in house brand as well !! Definitely would recommend . Not to mention they’re 24hours !!!!

  371. Cucurama

    Amazing people!!

  372. Hotmail12

    Amazing Service from Alex and Quality products!

  373. Arrow539

    very nice, helpful staff, quick in and out. I will return.

  374. Scrap5ive

    Kai was AWESOME he helped us out a lot with our questions and needs great Budtender

  375. samk702420

    medizin is great. the flowers are incredible. the concentrates are super dank. good selection of pre rolls

  376. Hellboy2121619

    Alex the budtender helped me out a lot. Great place to shop

  377. babyjane104

    Great convenient location with wonderful flower and awesome deals! Manny is always a pleasure to see and super helpful! Clean, organized, and friendly staff. Thanks Medizin!

  378. kchamblee

    they are awesome and jay @ the just made my first time experience a wonderful their customer service is on fleek As It Gets!

  379. mlam94

    Great atmosphere, Great flowers, Great prices. Can you really ask for anymore? I highly recommend Medizin to everyone!

  380. Cramir21

    Miguel had excellent customer service skills, answered every question and gave us great intel on products. Definitely coming back

  381. Remiblack05

    Wonderful customer service from Alex. He got me ALL the help and information i needed. Alex is GREAT!!!…

  382. Leafs123

    Alex was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped my boyfriend and I find exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend this dispensary.

  383. herbanrenewal

    I am a frequent shopper here thanks to the quality, the excellent specials, and a great rewards system. The shop itself is well set up and everyone is ultra-friendly. The receptionists and security make you feel welcome as soon as you enter the building. The parking lot is well lit and easy to access. The location is convenient from I-15, 1-215, and the Las Vegas strip, yet still easy for a local to get to using surface streets.
    I definitely recommend this place to locals and tourists for the location and the experience.

    I went in to purchase a Pax pod that I thought was on special, but the brand was misprinted on Leafly. Although they could not offer me the full special, they did apologize profusely and offered me another deal. That speaks volumes about the good customer service there. In my experience, they do right by their customers and really do put their customers first.

    My one complaint is the hit or miss knowledge of the budtenders. This is not uncommon at any dispensary, but the really outstanding ones at Medizin are above and beyond wonderful. When I get a budtender who really doesn’t know their stuff, it’s a little bit of a shock. The upside is they are all super customer service focused otherwise.

  384. Fielder

    Mike P gave us the tour of what we wanted and he was very careful. To. Be attentive to our particular tastes.

  385. aromoff

    Medizin is hands down the most professional dispensary in Las Vegas! The vibe is 2nd to none and the budtenders are extremely knowledgeable. Try the Chloe it’s some good bud!

  386. Chaunye

    James Phillips was the bomb!

  387. GGarrett

    They do what they do very well.

  388. saiyanprince702

    Everything is awesome about this place,
    Except, since they went rec ounce prices have gone from 320 to 420( or more) for their house strains. Wtf is that.
    I used to buy at medizin once a week, in bulk, but they lost a customer getting greedy

  389. WisconsinCheeseHead

    As a medical patient I’ve been using Medizin for over a year. Today I walked in and watched the doorman allow several people walk in before me, seems like he was cherry picking who walked in the door. I’m done with Medizin, will never return.

  390. sweettea1

    Had an amazing time learning about about strains from
    Mychal at planet 13 we will be back !

  391. suave206

    i love there new text alerts and the variety they provide.The budtenders are very knowledgeable and friendly

  392. kabley

    First time here, Alex took care of us. He’s knowledgeable, kind and fucking awesome. Thank you for a great experience!!

  393. Yumalaii

    its fun, its quirky, come high, get good stuff, good budtender’s. alex G. is the man

  394. vvscam

    great service from budtender kat. very helpful with recommendations and showing us around

  395. jnek777

    Seeds in their weed! I’ve bought several strains and they all had seeds in them! Buyer Beware!! How can any marijuana you bag up have seeds in it? Why do you let it happen? Also weigh your bags mine are always short! 7 gram bag= 6.5 grams! Scam!!

  396. jpacheco01

    One of the best dispensary,cleanest,honest, and knowledge and great customer service ask for clay

  397. vegasflowers

    best deals in this place!

  398. BigByrd61

    Manny was really nice and took his time to go over everything. Really out of town friendly and great selection.

  399. liberalboy75

    Have been here about half a dozen times now. Quality meds, chill atmosphere and as long as Manny is working I feel extremely comfortable and trusting in his service. The gang up front is efficient and friendly and they seem to be evolving at a good pace with quality.

  400. Levinoblitt

    Super legit. Alex was crazy helpful. For sure best place I’ve ever been to and can’t believe how great this place is.

  401. 6ilev

    I was quite impressed at how expansive Planet 13 is, such a wonderful atmosphere. Rocky was such a rad chick! With her immmense knowledge, it’s obvious she enjoys her job. Took home An 8th of “Bruce Banner” and “Dog Walker”. The Pope and I were very pleased with the creation of our combo joint. Will be going back for certain to check out the great deals after midnight!

  402. godsgirl12

    Medizin is the only place I go. It’s the best with friendly staff, and feels like a boutique.

  403. Im_yeah_e_money

    Alex was so helpful thank you !!

  404. Devon310

    No where else I’d rather be.

  405. Joseblanco98

    Alex was great

  406. Rion702

    So on point, this place is legit! Cannabiotix releases in abundance, and I’m super hyped to try their future in house releases (Gimme that Chloe already dY~EUR) Manny was so cool to talk to, just a genuine concern about quality and price in what the company carries, he was a class act through and through. Pricing is so great for first time patients. Love the location as its so close to me. Just a different level, they’re stepping it up in Las Vegas, I will be a return customer over and over, go check them out if you’re close, or even it’s a drive, it’s so worth it, I assure you! I’m so looking forward to our future here in LV, thank you Medizin!!! Permanent repeat customer!

  407. Eram9090

    amazing service

  408. tunaz75

    clay is fukn awesome!!! always have great sales!!!!

  409. Shanayaajoe

    Alex was great help. Very friendly!

  410. Joan21

    I visited 2 weeks ago and got some of the million Dollar Baby, I came home a happy camper. was kinda sad that I wasn’t able to see Mike the manager but there is always next time.

  411. Johnkt123

    Definitely worth coming out to planet 13 and shopping for your product. Alex was an amazing budtender that helped us out incredibly. For sure worth coming here.

  412. thirdeyeoils

    Mike was very helpful! They are always so kind!!

  413. ClanCannabis

    Trevor helped me today and it was the most pleasant customer service experience that I have had in quite some time. Thank you.

  414. danni87

    Always awesome! Today Lowell helped me-great customer service and always knowledgeable.

  415. kush702

    this place is awesome they have the best edibles!! the staff is awesome.

  416. swolcido

    awesome great flower

  417. Bwolfe1995

    This place is awesome

  418. canibob

    Good clean pro shop with knowledgeable folk. good verity of both bud, edibles, and concentrates but high prices. in fairness, same as other shops in the area. out of state is less $$$.

  419. trflanagan

    Sort of spendy compared to other dispensaries in the valley.

  420. Clariss16

    Great selection and great prices. Only shop I come to in Vegas.

  421. solutionthesolo

    Great place, very helpful employees. Highly recommended.

  422. Butterscotch3

    Awesome vibes and great selection. Hawaiian butterscotch is a must try!

  423. ozziestreet88

    Alex was very helpful and the place has a great layout

  424. RastaInnaCity

    I went and bought nine grams of gorilla glue. Half an hour later they text me saying they are on sale for $20 a gram. I called and asked them what about people like me, they said there wasn’t anything they could do. But there IS something I can do, Not Go Back.

  425. MisterDrugs

    Great selection, very helpful.

  426. mspeanut745

    Quiet location with great service!

  427. linkin6


  428. jyelvy

    This is my new go to!!! Trevor is amazing and so knowledgeable!!

  429. cpav

    I am not a conneseur by any means so walking into dispensary’s can be intimidating. I stepped in and Alex took fantastic care of me. Helped me figure what I like and didn’t try to be a aEURoesalesmenaEUR. A fantastic guy and wonderful staff. Planet 13 will be a stop everytime I visit Las Vegas!

  430. estefiasco

    Amazing place! Pretty much every person that I have come across that works here at Medizin has been extremely gracious and helpful. The service is cannot be compared, it is so amazing. And the knowledge of all the budtenders seem to be unmatched. On top of that, the flowers they have in stock are definitely of premium value. I am definitely going to be a regular at the establishment.

  431. Judes1967

    Hadn’t been to Medizin since before July 1st, as I was waiting for the shop to die down from recreational sales. Then I started reading terrible reviews since the transition of planet 13 to their shop! Which of course was not true, as I am devoted to this dispensary. As soon as I went in I was without a doubt treated with open arms. I was told that I was missed and I was in and out within 20 mins. Granted they might be a little stressed out but the employees never showed it. Jay was pleasant as always and Mike and Trevor are my go to bud tenders! Thanks for the continued great customer service and of course, the deals for the medical patients!

  432. jennifferj

    great staff, quality product. best deals I’ve found.

  433. y0xhighnessx

    Love the place …prices are vegas strip set(heads up) the staff is very helpful and can direct you in the right direction! Its a must see!

  434. moni24

    Love this location! Always come here

  435. PurpleKrown

    Built for tourist. As a local I will never comeback. It’s nice in the inside but to hectic for me. They did have good list of products, just too much.

  436. vegasfantastico

    Great place to shop very knowledgeable buds per Alex

  437. marijones727

    Trevor @ Medizin was amazing. Very educated on product. Definitely will be coming back to see him.

  438. Nhyland12

    I’ve been to a handful of dispensaries and Medizin (Plant 13) hands down has the best deals. Get them on the last day of the month and omgggg dY~dY~. See my boy Justin for some great info on what strains to get!!

  439. Djmenicucci36

    Rocky really knows her stuff. This place is where it’s at!

  440. bamfbwells

    awesome people awesome medicine at Medizin!

  441. booklovercg

    awesome staff and selection and great prices

  442. summerashields

    Always have excellent specials!

  443. ktcat888

    Alex was an awesome budtender! Great experience! What a selection!

  444. wildredheaddevil

    I have been going to Medizine / Planet 13 for almost 3 years as a caregiver to a patient. I have to say, they are the BEST!! for local medical patients. Every time I go, I see the same Budtenders, Sarah, Zack, or a small hand full of others who know me by name, always go the extra mile to make sure I’m able topurchase what is needed and ALWAYS knowledgeable about what might work. Tonight, Zack and another wonderful woman made sure I was able to purchase what was needed for my mom. I was so worried. and they went the extra mile to make sure we received the meds that were needed. I even cried because they made me feel cared for and appreciated as a customer. In this industry, this is very rare!!!

  445. Lestes26

    Just came in to check out the new store and Brandon helped me out hooked me up with the skywalker og great customer services.

  446. dutchem

    Have had my medical card for about two years now and have found this is the best place for pricing and service. Read a previous post (complaint)

  447. Shooootz

    Always friendly and welcoming.
    The best daily deals and top quality product. Love Chloe and Hawaiian Butterscotch

  448. shaunmac

    Best spot for rewards!

  449. Thegoa4

    Everyone is friendly and professional. Always know what to recommend that works. Excellent variety of high quality brands.

  450. Tori23

    Great customer service and the facility is very clean and presentable.

  451. jmorris23

    Medizin is the place to go! Love the service and how each time
    I am there, it is a real personalized service. Never have felt pushed in a certain direction with product, they do a good job of understanding what ur
    Needs are and customizing your selection from that.
    Plus they always have great deals everyday. And they introduced me to Stardawg!

  452. jkblink

    Great place. Good prices and super helpful. Would totally come here again!

  453. rogue617

    Incredible staff and atmosphere. Great knowledge about products, and the quality of the product for the price they’re asking is fantastic.

  454. Ryan1409

    Very spacious and great customer service…my stop every time I visit!

  455. shawnc73

    I absolutely LOVE this place!! Fast, efficient, knowledgeable staff. Wonderful Medizin brand products and so much more!! I see people on here complaining about the price, but if you sign up for the text notifications, you’re gonna love it! I haven’t seen any dispensary offer 40-50% off as frequently as these guys do. Not even close! I highly recommend Million Dollar Baby and Irene OG. Irene is my official go to sleep aid.

  456. jblvog

    I dig what you plant. Animal cookies and sky walker on point. Need to try that razz. Looks crazy good. I like your new rewards program. Keep up the good work guys.

  457. alexisfilzen

    this place is legit! David helped us out and was super knowledgeable! loved the friendly staff and the ambiance of the facility!

  458. Prinessblaike

    Very friendly staff great atmosphere very welcoming.

  459. Chargii

    One of the dopest dispensaries. Real talk. Big up Adam Brown tr88 !

  460. killamotts

    Very helpful Cameron bud tender

  461. myresetproject

    I was anxious to check this place out based on the medicinal marketing focus. The front desk crew was great and the space is nice, clean and somewhat upscale. Inside the displays are sparse (which isn’t a bad thing), a lot of product not in stock and they are set low instead of raised for easier viewing. My budtender was nice but more focused on getting me to make a decision, purchase and go. It would have been nice to get some education on a few strains we looked at but was given a lot of standard language and wasn’t asked one question about my likes or dislikes. It was okay just a standard dispensary without much else.
    Beware 1st time visitors! You have to tell them at check out that you are a 1st time visitor or you don’t get your 20% discount. When I mentioned it the budtender, he informed that it was my responsibility to let him know. He told me to use it when I come back. Probably won’t take advantage of that and not return to this one

  462. cwovenden

    Great location & staff

  463. Afehlifel

    Alex was my bartender and the knowledge this man had was more useful than any I have received. He knows the strains and has done excellent taste. I’m coming back and these deals are killer if you shop around. the place is clean and the customer service is spot on!!

  464. Jennie33

    Great product and knowledgeable staff!

  465. jettfarm

    I just received my Nevada MMJ card and I made Medzin my first foray into a dispensary. The check in was friendly and informative. The bud tender was super nice, listened to my questions and offered the best options. Even though this isn’t the closest dispensary to my home, I’ll be back! They are doing a great job!

  466. CuttyMac

    Hands down some of the best tree ive had im vegas. I never have to wait long in and out in a fair and friendly manor love the set up and the budtenders are very patient and helpful with your selections

  467. Jrare

    Omg best Shop In vegas

  468. acee0187

    Always top shelf.

  469. rdmajor

    Love this place, great people, prices, deals, and bud

  470. kevothompson23

    very friendly and attentive staff was in and out. great atmosphere and very knowledgeable staff. bud is what I’ve been looking for as far a quality.

  471. johnhutch11

    The concentrate is always top notch. Love the service and the products. Always great.

  472. Sashafierce

    Sleek style, professional and friendly. Great place and even better service!

  473. bonhomie

    Not accepting CA Prop. 215 stamped doctor’s recommendations. Your loss.

  474. 15romerjov

    Miguel is the shit knows his shit, helped me with my shit. Very nice guy.

  475. Pcamp112

    Alex was awesome. He helped us find everything we needed. Highly recommend.

  476. Nebbot

    They are just going after that Rec Money. The quality and service are average to to say the least. Pretty much every dispensary in the valley can beat their prices. Not impressed.

  477. troysrus

    Terrible customer service. Was charged different prices from what I was quoted. I asked to speak to a manager, and was never contacted.

  478. hoothh

    Bit out of the way i wish they were more inland but always worth the drive. Mango kush and thin mints. Tasty blue power pre-roll to start.

  479. NatiP

    I have been in a few different places here in town, and Medizin has by far, the BEST customer service. Their staff is very warm and welcoming every time you walk in the door. I have been helped by Trevor and Stephen, and they have always been extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Top notch quality, great daily deals, clean, and high above the competition. 😉

  480. dj420am

    love this place

  481. Planet13

    What an awesome store and unreal experience as soon as you walk in! Everyone complains about pricing but its the same everywhere you go. This is something special and everyone needs to check it out!

  482. Screacy

    Alex was our bud tender and he was very knowledgeable about all products and led us in the direction we needed. Would absolutely come here again next time we are in town!

  483. dfrankel0412

    After visiting dispensaries in Las Vegas, my choice for purchasing medical marijuana is Medezin!!!!! The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable but it’s what’s inside that makes this dispensary so special. I was greeted by knowledgeable staff and instantly felt comfortable as a fairly new user. I was encouraged to ask questions and Manny stayed with me a long time so I could walk out with the best medicine for myself. Also, their selection is HUGE! There was an abundance of flower, concentrates and edibles. This is my go-to!!!!

  484. yvfezzy

    great facility, amazing staff and great herb

  485. rgbsn91

    The atmosphere inside is awesome! The employees are very chill and knowledgeable. They have a good variety of flowers but only had grams of at least 50% of their stock. Will go back and see again. I worked with Mani and he was great!

  486. miimii

    I love Medizin but they are extremely over priced $420 for a ounce is beyond ridiculous. I love Chloe and medizin is the only place that sells it.

  487. AlphaLeo

    best dispensary in Vegas PERIOD!!!

  488. xswayer69

    love this place one of my favorite places

  489. lovelyki

    I love love love Medizin dispensary. They have daily deals that no one should pass up. Great prices as well.

  490. ru702

    best location near me deals are fair really friendly, recommend new
    patients to come here the loyalty program beats all other dispensaries.

  491. Pairman

    it’s the best… I will be a loyal customer for life…

  492. WyoChem87

    I’ve been a regular here for a long time, love it. Great service and quality product.

  493. Yorgi1993

    Craziest thing i have ever seen in terms of weed. Alex was a professional host and showed us the ins and outs of this establishment.

  494. Jacob0812

    Alex was awesome he was able to help me find exactly ly what I was needing. I will definitely be back and see the team again!

  495. therizzledizzle

    nice place Off the Strip very good environment quality product

  496. Marcelino9180

    Chloe is awesome

  497. liltell

    Fast service I was in and out within no time

  498. jonathangates

    Fast times in/out and very knowledgeable staff.

  499. Darkelement90

    Best dispensary in America. The staff was very knowledgable and super friendly. Every visitor needs to check this amazing joint out.

  500. Amandas415

    Great place! Good prices

  501. Jwest702

    sammy is the best! very professional and knowledgeable!

  502. anniesplumerias

    Super friendly staff- you’re always gonna get good vibes from the time you walk in and out. First time patient deal is OK but they always have sales going on that blows my mind. They really put a lot of effort to their establishment- very official.

  503. TAckers

    Best in town; hands down!

  504. Williamx5x

    Love the service and the workers helped out so much it was all love here. Especially coming from arizona

  505. eldigge

    this my go to spot now for deals im on gg4 and cookies content

  506. GunfighterO

    Medizin is by the best dispensary. Top notch service from there very knowledgeable staff, ensures a one of kind experience. Excellent flower choices and the best deals in town. Great job guys keep up the good work and I’ll keep shopping for sure.

  507. TheMixologyst

    Everyone from the Front Desk to the Budtenders are helpful, friendly, and attentive.

  508. shawn9159

    As a new patient they made it out yuck and easy for me to get my medication. I will defiantly come back when I’m in the area.

  509. HellcatAZ

    This was my first NV dispensary visit, as I’m a MMJ patient in AZ. I was happy to discover a location that was open 24 hours. The setup was nice and organized, the staff was super friendly and I loved the selection. I will be back when I return to LV next month.

  510. Num1menace2society

    First experience recreational dispensary. Only 3 on quality because I’ve only tried 2 stains. Definitely going back to try more.
    Very professional, informative, and a safe secure location.

  511. Marijuanahannah

    This place is both visually appealing and has a great variety of cannabis. Rocky was an amazing help she knew exactly what I needed! I’m very high Rocky, just like you said so thank you very much!!!

  512. Queenme1997

    Tori is great! Hooked up

  513. beaureve

    Stunning dispensary, amazing selection and wonderful service from Alex! A must go!

  514. lnick617

    favorite dispensary in town. Visit regularly

  515. Aneehs

    Mike P was my Bud Tender, he was amazing. Knowledgeable and very nice

  516. Mols17

    Hands down my go to place. Their entire staff is just super approachable, they are willing to answer any questions and give their honest opinions. I obviously been multiple times and every single visit was outstanding. I’ve recommended Medizin/Planet13 to many people and they have also had nothing but good things to say. Oh and a little update!! They have changed their hours! Score! And they have dropped all of their prices!! Double score!! Check this place out because they are doing it right.

  517. Zackzilla

    Love that Mango Kush. $200oz cant beat it. $229 after tax and my rewards points. Love u guys.

  518. antiweed

    great deals on 1/4s of quality bud, definitely worth a visit.

  519. Jumanji1940

    I was hesitant to come here cuz I had heard there prices were a little bit high. I’ve now been here 3 times and I so wish I came here since July 1st! I’ve WASTED so much money at Reef. The bud tenders here are fantastic. I’ve had Andrew twice and a female with long black hair (sorry I can’t remember her name). Anyways, the first time I had Andrew and he recommended I follow them on Twitter and sign up for text messages. I’m so glad I did. They have such amazing deals, on almost a daily basis! I love Medizin.

  520. klyedr30

    great convenient locations. Super friendly.

  521. maryj10

    The quality of the concentrate for the price is totally out of balance. The prices and the quality seem to have been better when it was Medical Only. If you like concentrate shop somewhere else.

  522. tiny44

    came in last nite 15 min b4 they closed no hassle at all. welcomed me like if they just opened. some places hate wen u walk in right b4 the close. well I picked up a half gram of there Panama red live resin OMG FIREdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=. thank you MEDIZIN

  523. Brawlick

    One of the best dispensaries in Vegas…

  524. greenLVgirl

    The interior decor is very colorful and display layout is nice. Staff was super friendly, but way too limited strain selection. The bud tender was pointing out where future product will be displayed. Almost like this place opened before it was adequately stocked. I was hoping to like it, but was disappointed.

  525. Dapper702

    With the location right off the freeway its very easy access to some quality meds and great specials.

    The staff is always welcoming and never strong in their approach, they let you decide and guide you with knowledgeable information.

    The rewards program is hands down the best in town.

  526. Tonate

    Great service, Manny had alot of knowledge on the flowers and concentrates.

  527. mistylee29

    kinda far for an eastsider. but its right next to the freeway so not so bad.. love the staff trevor & casey are amazing..

  528. Tango1126

    Alex made my trip super easy. Actually sold me on a few things I didn’t plan on getting. Great worker, keep him around!!

  529. ladyhitman702

    Had a great experience here.

  530. Otakudon

    The place is great, it has really helpful workers and their house brand products are really great. Although the best part about the place is their daily deals! They go as far as half off on their flowers and concentrates.

  531. HerbGotti702

    I’ve been to almost every dispensary in town and this place is by far the worst. First and foremost the products I tried were beyond garbage so dry that when you touch a nug it turns to dust also when I smoked the products I got an instant headache and did not get any relief/high at all. Secondly every strain I tried came highly recommended by my budtender so either the budtender has zero knowledge about good products or she intentionally sold me trash. Lastly I reached out to Medizin with these complaints to see if I could possibly exchange the products or get a portion of my money back for the unopened products I had left but instead of a resolution or even a sorry you were unsatisfied i get this reply “all sales are final” that’s it. Thanks for caring about your patients/customers dY~,.

  532. Bgardner123

    Phil is a great guy. Well worth coming here. Best selection

  533. Ironwilled86

    Delivery service 10/10 thanks guys

  534. markcarrozza

    Love it, great help with all questions and great suggestions.

  535. Ekhalifaa

    Sammy was great bud tender, didnt even need leafly !! He was the weed google, very knowledgeable

  536. raulgottabong

    Dude…. Lemme just say that Grape Valley Kush is fire. Idk how they hook it up with such great deals but i aint complainin

  537. cam900

    Love this dispensary and the bud tenders. Very knowledgeable and great deals. Definitely coming back.

  538. Cohencidence

    good deals. usually strong flower

  539. chavez03

    First time at a shop and what a great experience

  540. Jeffamy2018

    My boyfriend & I had never been to a marijuana dispensary before. Pleasantly surprised at the incredibly nice & professional environment! The staff were friendly & extremely helpful. The prices seemed very reasonable although I really don’t have anything to compare it to. Thanks Planet 13. A++

  541. Smoke1forHarambe

    good products with above average prices

  542. dfish1204

    Amazing selection and A+ Service

  543. MajorThomas

    I’ve been to many dispensaries around Vegas and they’ve all been good. Medizin met all my expectations of service and selection.

    I went because of an advertised special of 50% off of Medizin branded products.

    Do not hesitate to buy the Medizin branded products!

    At half price, I bought a variety of flower and shatter. It was all excellent. A reviewer below complains about seeds and short bags. I, however, got full weight bags full of quality weed covered in trichomes.

    The shatter was my favorite. It’s not brittle at all. It’s stuck to paper like a weird fruit roll up. You peel it off and can fold it in half. It’s not sticky at all and is very easy to work with.

    I’ve been using the Hawaiian Butterscotch shatter and I’ve been enjoying it.

    Check for daily specials. Buy the Medizin branded products. It’s a really good deal.

  544. AndreaN

    Just stopped in here last Saturday to get in on the release of BaMs new White Nightmare!
    The New Patient check in was a breeze~ quick and painless !! Only had to wait about 5-7 mins.
    I don’t recall the guys name that helped me, but he was very nice, and definitely knew his products . I was bummed out that they were all out of the FREE BaM shirts on Saturday. but ……I guess if you snooze ~ you lose !!
    The location is convenient for me, plenty of parking. Safe area. Good vibes ~~~~

  545. pattywags221

    Outstanding great experience!!! ask for Lydia!!!!

  546. Bk123456

    Alex was great. Like an apple store

  547. BullyBudy

    This place is huge. Cannabis smoking in Las Vegas is legal in certain situations under Nevada state law. However, it is important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis use in order to avoid potential legal issues.

    Recreational cannabis was legalized in Nevada in 2017, allowing individuals 21 years of age and older to purchase and use cannabis from licensed dispensaries. However, it is illegal to smoke or consume cannabis in public places, including on the Las Vegas Strip and other public areas.

    If you wish to smoke or consume cannabis in Las Vegas, you must do so in a private residence or a designated cannabis consumption lounge. These lounges are licensed by the state of Nevada and allow patrons to consume cannabis on the premises. However, it’s important to note that smoking in public places or in non-designated areas can result in fines or legal repercussions.

    If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and wish to consume cannabis, it’s important to research the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use in the state of Nevada and to consume responsibly and in accordance with the law.

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