Nevada Made Marijuana

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3195 St. Rose Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052


35.9980216, -115.1244176




8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


8:00 AM – 11:00 PM


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Here at Nevada Made Marijuana we strive to bring you the finest cannabis possible while in a comfortable setting with a knowledgeable staff.


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182 reviews for “Nevada Made Marijuana

  1. SpUdZmC

    I’ve been to a ton of dispensaries all over AZ and NV, this one managed to break into the top 3. While it’s not the best price I’ve ever found it’s by far the best price I’ve found in NV. Only complaint is I’m not the biggest fan of the location (back and leg injuries) not the easiest place for me to walk into because of the stairs lol.

  2. DubsEncolorado

    I would”highly” recommend Nevada Made! The Herijuana strain is f’ing incredible!!! Knowledgeable bud tenders, good selection and decent prices. They hooked me up and gave me a discount!

    This was our second visit to a Nevada dispensary, on a road trip from Colorado to California. We stopped here on our way back to Colorado. Being from Colorado, I’ve seen a lot of dispensaries! Nevada Made definitely didn’t let us down! Can’t wait to go back!

    We got a GDP vape cartridge, and after reading the reviews, had to try the Herijuana strain, so we grabbed a couple .5g prerolls. Very impressed with this strain! (Reviewing separately)

  3. PickyDabber

    what up Jarrod! went in for the deals on the Matrix flower, also to cash in some winnings from the wheel. Jarrod helped me get some meds for my wifes arthritis a free 1/8oz of Kabunky blue dream(wheel spin) super sour diesel, and a Kabunky sugar cookie rak for her christmas stocking. Jarrod is the man!! what up to the crew both Brandons C & M, Travis, and Tyler T.

  4. 420Masta

    Love the new dispensary out here! Great to see Henderson finally gets one. This will be my regular spot for sure.

  5. screamqueen31

    The parking situation has improved with valet so this is my favorite spot once again thanks Nevada made and thanks Mia

  6. RedEyeJediMaster

    One of the best dispensaries in Las Vegas.. Best overall in Henderson. The atmosphere is inviting and the staff is very kind. My budtender, JESSE, was very helpful in finding the right flower for me to purchase. Definitely, my go to spot

  7. HashandCompany

    Stopped by as an out of state patient, the bud tender Chris hooked it up FAT. Let me tell you, the quality and service of this place are out of bounds. I will make this m number one spot to shop this side of the border. Go check them out!

  8. arturofrazier

    go down and check this place out .and Mike thanks bro..for the selections they are great atm?atm?atm?dY~$?dY~$?dY~$?dY’PS

  9. huntandres

    Live this place thank you Rodrigo not he front and Francicso for your great help!! Love the OG Krumble!

  10. Burrritoes

    Mia was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She should get employee of the year. Amazing budtender!! Location is a bit out of the way but worth it.

  11. Mzval499

    Love this dispensary!!
    Everyone is knowledgeable and patient. You don’t feel rushed and that makes a huge difference. It small and personable. I appreciate that. Very professional staff.
    Shout out to Brandon C a$?i, You’re the best!! Always remembers me and makes great suggestions dY’dY3/4 Much appreciated.
    Shouts to Tyler and Brandon M. dY’dY3/4

  12. W1N73R5

    I sense they’re not familiar w the industry re strains and take liberty naming their strains whatever they want.
    Flower nowhere near cali dispensaries top shelf but their Laughin Laughlin wasn’t bad at all. (darker trichomes, drier buds withstanding)
    If they got up to speed w science of good flower grow including proper flushing and curing….could be good since it’s close to my house.
    I haven’t found flower close to Cannabiotix quality at 4 dispensaries that don’t carry that yet.
    Yep, at the end of the day, “proof is ALWAYS in the pudding.”
    No deals or ftp, vegas sucks for that.

  13. BEANERS702

    Been coming here for 2 years plus. First dispensary in Henderson
    Always have quality nugs sold in jars.
    Keep a good variety of Tree from many Growers
    In and out
    No bullshit waiting behind Recreational users that just get HI.


    NOT MED.
    MED 50 an 1/8 out the door


  14. vegascouple2011

    This has become my favorite dispensary in town. Ryan, Micah, and Charles are always helpful and knowledge about the product they sell. Just a chill comfortable place to go.

  15. LGONDO

    Some of the best bud I tasted in a long time

  16. radarlove99

    Shout out to James for helping me today.

  17. CoriB76

    I absolutely love this dispensary!!! Alexa,Ryan,Stone,Joe,Zach,Brandon,and the rest of the crew, are all extremely knowledgeable,and helpful, when it comes to the products, and what’s best for you!!! 😉

  18. ogbudjones

    Awesome location, friendly & welcoming staff, plus flower looks/smells great. Probably the best pricing around Vegas given the age of the market and the overhead for a nice building like this. Neat that they have glass too, looked like a good selection (WM catalogs it). Will gladly return anytime I’m in town!

  19. marcuslh1

    They were honest and everything I asked about had an answer. She took her time with me and made sure I was happy.

  20. smat1130

    Very friendly

  21. Dml1988

    Stopped by a couple of weeks ago. Heather was amazing. She was not only patient with me but at no point made me feel rushed or silly for asking so many questions. She spent a good chunk of time helping me find strains that would help my condition, answering every single question I had with professionalism. Going back today and am hoping to catch her again. The atmosphere is clean, menu is clearly laid out. Everything is displayed beautifully and under great lighting. Coming from Colorado where dispensaries are as common as 711’s, I never found my way into a shop such as this. The friendly staff make the experience even better. I left with more knowledge and understanding of my medicine leaving this store than I ever did back in Denver. Thank you so much Heather. Looking forward to my next trip.

  22. rrratio

    Absolutely a wonderful experience. the staff was very helpful and courteous. and they could not have made my first experience with medical marijuana easier. I plan to make this my regular dispensary.

  23. dkbyrd010

    first and last visit stay away prices are outrageous for mid grade staff is not knowledgeable at all ripped me off a 1/2 g of AMA DISTALLATE-jungle juice….surpassed its shelf life it has been on the shelf so long it will not come out i even used a blow dryer to heat it up still nothing this place is complete trash I am amassed you crooks are still in business…your reputation is all you have and they do not value theres

  24. threadhack

    clean, quiet and friendly. could use more of a oil selection but other than that this location will be my “goto” location

  25. Jetpacks

    The best shop in the Valley, by far. The staff is fantastic and their in house deals are unbeatable. I mean, where else can you snag a ($25m/$30r) 1/8th of some quality flower? Granted, you have to wait for the surprise deal to take advantage, but it’s always worth the wait.

    What I love most is the numerous, large windows strewn about the shop. Stellar mountain views while you wait. (If you even have to wait.)

  26. elquanso100

    I love the location!! it’s only 15 min from my house and right by my church. The building is very professional and I don’t feel sketched out at all! i was greeted by Alison and she was very friendly and answered all my questions that i had. I only waited about 10 min in their doctor’s office looking waiting room. My only complaint would be to have the t.v. facing the customers so we can watch too!! lol Anyway Charles and Micah were VERY helpful and down to earth. I already knew about this awesome place and could’nt wait to get my MMJ to come here!! This is a GREAT addition to SouthEast Vegas! I picked up the Blue Power which is amazing beyond this world!! Had a great time with my Wife and she loved it to by the way. I also grabbed Train wreck as well which I haven’t smoked yet. They gave me a great deal 35$ and eighth for the train wreck and the Blue Power was basically 5$ for the eighth because it was higher quality. The only thing I think they could work on is telling people online that the deal for the buy a eighth and get one for a pennie is only for certain strains not all. No Biggie though for 40$ I bascially got a quarter for being a first time patient!! which is really fuggin cool. I will be contacting the manager soon about getting footage in their shop as well. All around great experience!! one pointer I can give them is to put up some cool paintings or pictures to give the shop a cool vibe feels alot like a doctors office kinda plain and boring. I will be puchasing some merch by the way and I will be back!! Thank Guys!

  27. arielmagidson07

    This space is a hidden jem! It is in a regular medical type building, so don’t be afraid to go, they have special parking spots 🙂 you walk into a great receptionist and the bud tenders were so helpful. Great environment and felt comfortable in the space. Great experience! 15% off for new patients! Great service

  28. Puffhendo

    Always have to wait!! No personal service. Been there many times and each time they don’t even remember who you are. No desire to go back.

  29. Lislv86

    Went to NV made to get some pre rolls. Enjoyed the service. Our budtender was Brandon C. He was very informative. He let us know about the sales so we ended up buying an infused pre roll along with the other ones we came for. He also informed us about the edibles, but we didn’t have enough money for them or we would’ve bought them! Friendly staff, clean atmosphere and well organized. The wait was short and front desk was very friendly as well! We love NV made, keep up the great work, HIGHLY recommend this dispensary. Great product and prices. The price you see is what you pay out the door tax included!
    -Nate & Melissa

  30. cbrower1987

    Always a great day when I am greeted by Brandon at the front desk, always smiling, energizing, and ready to help. Today I was blessed because he was in the back, I told him about my previous experience and how I was directed to some products that did not help my medical needs after being assured the strain was a good match. Brandon directed me to a new strain that was a better fit and apologized for the weekend visit. I love this store and thanks Brandon for making my day so much better! And chasing me out the door!

  31. ShilhoN

    The staff is very friendly and patient. This was my first time here and everyone made me feel welcome. Good prices and good quality products lands them at the best dispensary I’ve ever been to.

  32. 2Nelsons

    Super chill but professional also. Alison and Micah were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful! Great quality meds too!

  33. comstock84

    You have got to try the chocolate candy bar made by Kubunky (might be misspelled). I ate the whole bar with my coffee that morning. Lasted all day, I felt energetic, happy and the pain was less. I am a chronic smoker for many years. The bar is 128 mg of THC. The onset took about 2 hours, lasted at least 10 hours. Very nice therapy. This great dispensary gave me a 10% discount for being a first time patient there. I’ll be back!

  34. Bonz100

    Zac was great is always great always helps me find what I need always friendly

  35. antiantianti33

    Last stop for all my errands and the best stop lol thanks again Mia. Love this shop!

  36. RedShirt78

    Stopped in today and Travis was my budtender and I was not disappointed!!! Keep that virtue stocked trying my hand at bract city

  37. Charlotteswebb

    I have a dispensary within 5 minutes of my house but I drive right past it to go here! The meds here are much better quality than what I’ve found from other dispensaries and the prices are unbelievable. I always get a great deal but the deals just keep getting better!!! Chris is very helpful and always makes me feel welcomed and appreciated. I trust him to help me select his best offerings and he’s never steered me wrong. I am a patient with very serious health issues and I’m so grateful for this place. The herbal meds improve my quality of life and have helped me get off other pharmaceuticals that had very negative side effects. This place is hands down the best dispensary in the Vegas area and is an asset to the community.

  38. EllenRoose

    Parking is a pain in my ass but they have the best products here and they also have Mia which helps dY~1

  39. smokeydaze

    Nice staff and very fast interactions abbie had me out in less then 10 minutes thanks

  40. winterfelon

    Best in hendo. Much love to Mia for knowing what I need. Check em out if you know what’s good.

  41. thedratman

    Know and grow their own!! Knowledge is power. First time in I got to meet the master grower, someone who truly believes in what he does and why. It’s a very professional atmosphere, it’s not on a street corner for the entire world to see and they know what they grow. You’ve probably been to 3 maybe four of the other guys and by now I’m sure it’s become evident as to who the major suppliers are and who really controls the pricing. Funny how all the dispenseries belong to leafly, but most the so called budtenders don’t have real a clue about their products. The information is at their fingertips on leafly. Really? Well this place is the exception. There’s no BS sales pitch, or ackward pauses before answers, just a pleasant knowledgeable answer. And I can’t say they’ll do this every time, but they aren’t afraid of working you a good deal. nuf said!!

  42. hey_there_daniel

    I really like this place. I use to have to drive to the other side of town to get what I needed. My wife took me to Laughlin the other weekend and I noticed they had a dispensary there and they told me about this one. I came here about a week ago and they were very helpful. Very clean, very professional staff that were able to make a few suggestions for me. This is my new go to place.

  43. samanthalvillegas

    Ryan, Alex, Stone, Margo & Kimeko are always awesome and amazing. They are uber friendly, kind and helpful – and always knowledgeable. The medical deals are always poppin and often are the best in town. I’m almost always in here for Wax Wednesdays! My favorite. Y’all rock my socks 🙂

  44. andeemarie

    Amazing. I am an out of state patient and I am surprised at how easy it was. This is the first dispensary I have been to in Nevada. I am glad I picked this one for my first visit m Everything was done quickly and efficiently. I will be visiting this location again very, very soon.

  45. MountyMatt81

    Amazing staff and service! Always love coming in here!

  46. aleisterlavey

    Who adds salt to edibles. The answer is them, too much salt, and taste like eating cow paddies!

  47. LoCal710

    Love the Kabunky and Giddy Up products. The dabs are the best I’ve seen and the Kabunky flower is really good, but they don’t know what they are growing or processing.
    The Golden Strawberries is Crockett Farms Strawberry Banana x DNA Kosher Kush (jew gold cut). Their Golden Lemons is DNA Kosher Kush x DNA Lemon Skunk. Their Strawberry Fields is Crocket Strawberry Banana x DNA Tangie.
    These are some of the hottest flavors out and they are being called the wrong thing and the wrong breeders are getting credit. Sagamartha made a Strawberry Fields? I’m sold Kabunky knows how to grow and make dabs, but they don’t know what they are growing or processing.
    Charles and Trevor were very helpful.

  48. HellaStella

    This place is getting a lot busier I miss when no one knew about it but I guess you can’t keep good things secret around here MIA helped me pick out some bomb flower with a good body high thanks girl

  49. Dynamya

    Wish we could tip you guys dY~C/ seems kinda bs but whatever I want to help my girl Mia she’s great as always!!!!

  50. witchywoman65

    Quality was 100%so was service and atmosphere this place is top notch employees were help full and knowledgeable love this place I’ll be back and there office is very private that’s the best part a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,dY’

  51. Jazzmaster73

    Great dispensary, great crew, great medz. Great location. I can walk there from my house in 10 minutes. I’ll be only using them from now on. Thank You !!!!!!!

  52. Reno1039

    Really like the budtenders here especially Mia.

  53. Dannym702

    This was my first time here, I thought it was one of the best dispensaries I have yet been to, Travis was very knowledgeable and got me in and out fast. Loved this place

  54. massativa203

    John was great! Flower was wonderful!

  55. Christopher82

    Nina and Freddy really helped me out today with all the questions I had about concentrates! Always great service since the day they have opened.

  56. Princessp280

    I love it here come almost everyday they know just what I like dY~S

  57. pisces702

    I’ve never had a bad experience here. always get me in and out quickly. Always have product in stock and they even do really good specials for med patients. Also it’s a super professional medical building, which makes me feel better about going inside. other places look super sketchy and their parking lots look unsafe. but not nevada medical. This place is awesome!

  58. Erosion

    Came through on my way back to AZ. They were professional and friendly and hooked it up better than any places here. I will most definitely be stopping back in when I visit Vegas again. They also referred me to the Laughlin location in case I didn’t go that far. These kats were pretty awesome.

  59. 420kidsfm

    Cool spot. House brand kabunky good stuff. Roulette wheel best idea. Nina good on recommendations

  60. 2DogPlantSirius

    I love this place for the quickness, and it is most of the time, of getting in and out. Saturdays are typical shatterdays with awesome one gram sales of shatter. Today I was blessed with Mia as my bud counselor, always a great job and the Cherry Diesel had a mind blowing cherry flavor…wow!!! Keep it up Nevada Made Marijuana in Henderson!!!

  61. Xylem

    Very happy to find such a nice dispensary. Professional personnel in a modern boutique like setting. Good location, good quality product. A positive addition to Henderson.

  62. Richbtch96

    Love the budtenders here. Mia especially. Very affordable prices and low key location.

  63. msnvegas

    Just got card and was apprehensive, but the staff here is so nice. I felt completely comfortable and am happy with their recommendations. My quality rating is based on only the few strains I’ve had. So far so good.

  64. _Dabr

    They had a decent selection of high quality flower for fair prices. Been here on a couple different occasions and I usually leave satisfied; however last visit got me a little irritated. Ended up buying a 5 pack of redwood stacked deck cannalope pre rolls and they were terrible. Quality of flower definitely isn’t what was being showed off!! I found multiple seeds in the joints and every single one burned crooked making me have to tear them open and smoke the rest in through a pipe.

  65. McBri63

    5 ai, service all the way around. Awesome, friendly staff. Beautiful facility, a hidden gem in Green Valley… I highly recommend a visit!!!

  66. Jash889

    Zach and Logan very helpful best wax deals in town

  67. Sherry007

    Great budtenders and excellent quality strains & recommendations.

  68. MaddogVGS

    This place is clean and discreet near my home and you can tell that the kabunky crew that hooks up most of their product is on point with his game. Apparently rumor has it that Moxie’s protege is Kabunky and so with that being said the game is really tight here. I am going back for more medicine today and I cannot wait to see the staff.

  69. Cheygreen

    I had a great time this week at Nevada Made Marijuana and Margo made my visit feel extra comforting with her enthusiasm and smile!

  70. NoWayJose86

    Best prices in town despite the kabunky pre rolls going up in price but hey that’s life. Big thanks to Mia for her help very lucky to have her thank you.

  71. smokescreen420co

    First time shopper at NMM. Couldn’t be happier. Selection could have been better, but quality, staff, and facility were second to none

  72. ColoradoGrandma

    Very knowledgeable and professional staff. Mia made us feel welcome and was happy to educate us about terpenes. Great experience!

  73. Rolonda

    please lower the prices .this is pure greed

  74. Dbo_mugga

    Alexa was friendly, knowledgeable, and gave a great experience at my last visit. Great job and thanks again Alexa!

  75. feartheweir3

    Yesterday was my first time stopping at this dispensary and I was so shocked at the knowledge of the budtenders!
    Trevor was very helpful and patient with my questions.
    I really like the fact that they have a large variety of rolling papers, lighters, eye drops, mints, basically a one stop shop!! NO other shops have this that I have seen.
    They also have a variety of glass ranging from $40-$3,500. I priced them and they beat any smoke shop.
    The shop itself it’s not overwhelmingly big, it’s just the right size that you can see everything they in stock without having to walk all over the store like some other shops.
    This shop is definitely off to a great
    start and I am very pleased with the service!

  76. Morpheussoup

    Your dispensary is named Nevada made marijuana??Alright well where are all your local deals or specials for locals in Nevada? Shop around before you come here .

  77. jackc69

    Seth was well informed and gave me good advice on shatter

  78. JDB0725

    Cool shop. Love this store. Mia was a good budtender. Wish I could stay longer so I could return. Will return when back in town. Thanks again.

  79. Weedjunky

    I have never once been disappointed when I get Steph, I can not say that for the others. Stephanie, your recommendation on the trap star was right on. Thank you

  80. Fozzie13

    Caleb was amazing! He took his time to get to know my wife and I which helped him determine what we needed and what was best for us. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us. We will definitely be coming back and will be asking for Caleb again!

  81. tamijane

    great service and product. our bud tender Dawayne was very professional and helpful.

  82. jeffvw7269

    Always very helpful. They don’t have a lot of specials advertised, but I’ve went in and asked for a better deal and they worked with me. Which I’ve never encountered at another shop. Definitely recommended and only place I go now.

  83. Goldblum_Rules

    Stopped in for a quarter cause i heard this place had good prices got to leave with an ounce and spin the wheel thanks Mia excellent experience

  84. NiceHat

    Okay I take back my last review after visiting some of the other dispensaries around here this one is alright with the doctor office thing going on big thanks to Mia for her wisdom

  85. Thatgirlalmitaa

    Came in for the first time today with my sister and Alexa helped us out! She was so informative and really knows what she is talking about! Love the atmosphere. Thank you Alexa for your amazing customer service:)

  86. VegasDoula

    I have now been to this dispensary twice. The first experience was awesome. The second? Even better!! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer (my ridiculous) questions. I love the one to one attention. Not every dispensary does that. Nevada Medical will be my first choice, they treat their patients with respect and they are HAPPY to assist. Pay them a visit, you’ll be pleased you did!!

  87. efrainvegas

    I got helped out by the always charismatic Brandon C. Great, quick service with positive vibes and hospitality makes this my go to place in Vegas.

  88. mluhorkay

    I really was impressed by how friendly the staff here is.. Travis helped answer all my questions and gave me great recommendations!!
    Thank you very much
    and I’ll see ya soon
    Mary Lu

  89. mspangles

    I stopped in during my stay in Nevada. It was my first time in a dispensary(I’m from Florida) and it was a great experience. The wait was short and my budtender Jora was fantastic. I picked up a vape cartridge of cherry diesel and I’ve been loving it!

    Thank you Nevada Made!

  90. DW123

    This place is great. Clean, quick, friendly. Today was my second visit and i was equally impressed both times.

  91. Walkingdea4d420

    Smiles are important. Nina always has a smile. Kind and patient with all customers. She cares, you can tell. You have a gem NV Made don’t loose her dY’dY’

  92. tiffyirie

    FTP & will be back! dY’s the set up everything is organized & easy2 navigate! Charles & Alison took great care & made an awesome experience!

  93. 3kingsmkin

    flower taste like sulfur this was my first time here and last

  94. RH1972

    2/7/19 Fankie V was very helpful with products and professional

  95. Tdubz

    My first visit here was pretty good. Easy to find location. Welcoming staff with smooth processing. Less than 5 mins. They by far have the best new patient deal in the valley. A Penny 8th. Cant beat it! i have been to a few other places and I was a litter disappointed with how dry their herb was here. Maybe due to slow business or whatever but that was a let down. I tried their ATF and Blue Dream. Both smoked great jjst a bit harsh and dry. Besides that I really enjoy this shop and will pay them another visit soon. First time patients, I recommend stopping by for that free 8th with any purchase. Thanks Nevada Medical, you rock!

  96. dab702

    Dispensary is typical for Las Vegas. Nice selection and high prices. Bud tenders are friendly and no issue there. Absolutely terrible social media interaction. Not willing to discuss issues or solve problems. Their solution is to block and cut off contact. Pretty bad strategy. Obviously the bottom line is more important than patient relations. Incredibly disappointed. Will not return.

  97. VegasMommaBear

    Great location! Friendly staff. Very happy with my first experience/purchase

  98. SweetGanjaGirl420

    It’s alittle far but worth the drive. But the bit is good.

  99. Allencole

    First time the wait at night was unusual but makes sense since only one open late Sundays in Henderson area Alexa was a gem at helping find some options that might suite my preference overall dY’dY’


    Wow no current reviews!! Could be the $350.00 ounces you only sell! please go out of business!!!

  101. Chad32

    Best shop in Nevada, great deals!!

  102. the2ndson

    Location doesn’t actually face St. Rose Pwky. It’s in a professional building, on the 2nd floor. In fact my Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. is just across the hall from them. Nice, neat location. No smell at all. Great variety and super good deals. So far the product seems really good!

  103. amydmax

    First of all thanks to De! He was a fabulous Budtender! Got me exactly what I wanted today, with the comic relief help of Mike C. Couldn’t make the transaction go any better! Thanks to the both of them for making my morning so great! And I won $100 in store credit! I mean like WOW!
    What a great morning!

  104. jeffhanvy

    Product quality and prices are good, and floor employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.
    I have been trying to reach the manager, Chris, for weeks and he refuses to meet or talk too or address customer concerns. I would not advise purchasing or dealing with them. I have been there several times. Never again.

  105. teaairuhhjay

    Alexa is GREAT! She knows her stuff and made us feel comfortable and confident in our selections dY’s

  106. Gorillalunch

    This is my favorite dispensary in Nevada; but I gotta go to California now that they raised their prices….

  107. Happeehippie420

    Very clean and one employee Dorman was most helpful…..
    I do suggest they come up with a less expensive deal so they can serve all people…Like in all the other REC States
    Like 10 dollar deal…or a 30 dollar 8th
    And specials…….

  108. kaneohemike

    fast clean and friendly

  109. Jennsamson

    Nina the best budtender! ! !

  110. 12Mads

    Jimmy is great & very helpful dY~EURdY’

  111. jrel86

    Brandon helped me out and was very informative and professional. Best dispensary I’ve been to hands down.

  112. Janesing

    Decent selecrion. Location was oddly without any signage. . . just green lights around the windows & a green cross in a shared medical office building. Bud was a little dry but potent.

  113. Benjammin69754

    Really nice i liked everything about This place i Have been to most dispencerys this one brings u what u order

  114. Tan21dealer

    James was awesome! Great specials!
    You guys need a place for tips!

  115. Errforce1

    My favorite dispensary in Vegas! Thanks to Brandon on the killer service! And that orange skittlez is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  116. rosco64

    Thank you James for all your help yesterday. A fine young gentleman.

  117. recdinvegas

    Thanks, Lorraine! You’re always so nice and helpful. I always have a good experience here. The daily menu prices include tax and the specials are the best I’ve seen in Vegas. I’ll be back again and again. Great job Nevada Made!

  118. Ironwilled86

    Absolutely no where near my place but the specials make it worth it and Mia helps too I guess dY~%0

  119. drg0516

    Mike and Kyle are incredibly helpful. it
    would be great if they kept more chocolate bars in stock.

  120. dntfkwme

    Thank you Nevada Made and thank you Mia for your our patient explanations and medical guidence.

  121. mrkopollow

    This is a very nice place. Super nice staff, knowledgeable and their prices are good. They are right near my house so I can’t wait until they get a larger selection of concentrates, edibles and vape products. They seem to still be ramping up a bit but so far very good.

  122. jmred69

    Awesome sales on in house products. Mia was very knowledgeable and was able to get us in and out on a busy day.

  123. minus0

    Stone was great. Helpful and friendly. Great atmosphere. Dark Chocolate, sea salt was very helpful for my nerve damage. Great recommendation.

  124. kushkitten420

    Awesome and convenient location. Staff is super friendly and a authorization was quick. Nice variety without an overwhelming selection. Flowers were beautiful with lots of trichromes. Will definitely be returning!

  125. AlienAmongUs

    Nevada made has the best deals for medical patients and I don’t want to be anywhere else on wednesdays!!! Big thanks to Mia for doing her homework

  126. membrane

    Nice dispensary, although hard yo find for first time patients. Only wish the menu on leafly was accurate to what is really in stock, some of the strains I wanted to try where not available.

  127. ScreamingFalafel

    I recently came into town from Salt Lake City and stayed with a relative nearby this location. As my strict upbringing and state legislature will not allow me to partake in the pleasantries of herbal remedies, I had to drive about five to six hours before I found true freedom. I entered this store and found myself perplexed at just how low the prices were, and how well I was being treated by my “budtender” as I have learned they are called. I believe her name was Mia, and she was extremely helpful and was quick to warn me not to eat all of the edibles I had purchased. Without her I would be in a ditch no doubt, stupefied from my poor decision, saliva dripping down my defeated chin.

    Five stars.

  128. Miwanda101

    All their tax is included in their price !

  129. GanjaQueen238

    Travis, De, Yoshi for the win

  130. Bradsbuds99

    I’ve come in here twice now and that little girl Abbie is so nice. Recommended me these cbd gummies and they work great. She even gave me a neat little card with some information on it. Will be back soon definitely

  131. Seriously1212

    Shatter days are amazing please never get rid of these deals. Shout out to Mia thanks girl love the hair

  132. elevenlee

    Thank you for the help Mia

  133. travisyoung616

    Services start to finish was top notch glad things are coming back aroma me. Charles and Trevor are second to none

  134. hulagirlcreation

    Amazing staff, customer service, prices and great quality. I’ve been going to Euphoria Wellness but after going to this store in Henderson, I will definitely switch over. Very satisfied and will definitely recommend people here. Better prices and quality!

  135. Llee600

    I just started smoking marijuana a few months ago for health reasons and this place has been a God send. All the budtenders are so intelligent and informed. They answer all my questions with such enthusiasm. Mia is my usual budtender and she always remembers what I like and or what I got at the previous visit. Thank you so much.

  136. thc4me710

    This is a medical only dispensary, but one rec on July 1 the prices skyrocket? NO ONE IS FOR THE patients anymore. No reason for medical shop to sell rec prices. Last week wensday 3 grams of oil for 80-90 on crumble or shatter and I missed it so I wait till this wensday and now it’s 100/130
    For the same exact product??? HENDERSON IS MEDICAL ONLY At the moment so should the prices.

  137. Cruz_ctrl

    Shout out to these awesome budtenders over here. Always positive vibes dY shout out Alexa always helping me out to the fullest. Mahalo!

  138. Hii.Ess

    Mike C rocks.

  139. kennyk68

    Nevada Made is a great dispensary . Very clean and a great selection of product . The main reason I give this place a 5 star is because of Mia, she is so nice and always helpful. I always come back because of her , Thanks Mia for being you .

  140. jortiz100B

    My first time in a dispensary was yesterday. Logan was very helpful & patient when he explain the basics. I wasn’t rushed even though I arrived a few minutes before they closed. I was also pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices. I will go back for sure and I recommend to all.

  141. sotoped4

    Good weed and thanks god you up early at this’s side of town…

  142. ledeeez

    kind courteous service,definitely a thumbs up!

  143. Wickedbark59

    Great first visit! Alison at the front desk was very welcoming and eased any worries I had. She made me feel comfortable while waiting. Then Charles and Micah took me back and were very friendly and answered any questions I had. I will definitely be going back!

  144. SoKushedGeez

    thank you neveda medical you guys are awsome i appriciate you guys so much i really wanna thank RYAN for always helping out and maling my life easier he is the best worker u guys got dYtmdYtmOE appriciate you RYAN always a plessure to see you. from one of the sandoval brothers dY’au r the best hands down thanks again

  145. VRiot33

    Online ordering makes my life easier and no wait time and a beautiful woman to boot thanks Mia

  146. sashagb77

    love the edibles that you guys have, are you planning on carrying the organic GLP stuff (quality ) in your store. I’d like to make 1 stop instead of 2 stops when getting my medication. Thank you

  147. Lancealot

    Mia was awesome. Thanks chica… Great price on shatter but flower is a little high.

  148. SangriaSenora

    Alex helped me find the perfect strain for me when no one else could point me in the right direction, thanks

  149. WinnieLove

    This shop is the cleanest shop I have ever seen in my short time visiting dispensaries. Mia helped me out today and I went home happy. Smooth operation they got going

  150. LoneWolf0315

    Walked in today for a preroll and ended up spending 150 and spinning that wheel now I know I’ll be back that is addicting you know how to play your customers that’s for sure! Excellent business tactics and budtenders to match big shout out to MIA for her CSR skills 100%

  151. Gilman924

    Never stop these flower specials so happy to see OG kush make a triumphant return. Special thanks to mia for helping me pick out the #9 cartridge it is fire af that girl knows what’s up I love the high testing indicas thanks Mia

  152. Jeezeus

    $50 for Flora Vega is a deal? Flora Vega is the worst cannabis in Vegas and you should be giving it away for free. Worst prices in town

  153. iddqd702

    Being a medical patient, knowledge regarding dosage, strain and cannabinoid/terpene profiles and their effects is crucial to my well-being.

    Nina and Stone have been extremely helpful in sharing their knowledge of the products NMM offers; such that I can make an informed purchasing decision, relevant to the medical conditions I personally have. Thanks to them and everyone at Nevada Made, I finally have the relief I need. Thank you.

  154. MrRose702

    This is a truly professional dispensary. The staff are kind and well informed. These guys and gals really do make you feel at ease throughout the quick process of purchasing. A great experience every time.

  155. laconfshatter

    Super solid spot!! Especially fond of there concentrate line. I just wish they were closer to me haha but so worth the drive honestly.

  156. estefiasco

    This place doesn’t have as big of a selection for flower when compared to some other dispensaries, but they did have some strains that other places didn’t have, which was awesome. Unfortunately, the flower I picked up was already on the verge of being dry(I picked up Blue Dream, Skywalker OG, and Durban Poison). The smell was still there, for the most part, but the flavor and potency was a little bit lost.
    Service here was pretty good, they were informative about the product. Though the service was good, it lacked the warmth and feeling of hospitality that I’ve gotten at other places.
    Overall, this dispensary is pretty decent, but not one I’d make the trip to, often.

  157. circuslife

    Thanks, Alexa. I appreciate your knowledge and great service.

  158. GeoDude88

    3 grams of shatter for 90 bucks can’t beat that plus the virtue specials are fire what will they think of next!?!?!? My budtender was Mia sorry it took so long for the review thank you so much Mia you are a doll. Nice clean joint o

  159. Booboo1289

    Best customer service in town thank you Mia

  160. Myliah

    Everytime I come here I am always helped with the best service. Brandon C (budtender) is my favorite! He is so friendly and kind and helps me pick exactly what I need!

  161. StarbuckAbby

    Abbie was the best….. Helpful and patient. Thank You.

  162. dansantti4321

    Jesse helped me find what I needed, and with $30 grams of 79% THC shatter they have some of the best prices I’ve come across in town.

  163. GoddessofLV

    Best locals shop in town. The shop is so clean! Never really a wait and they text awesome daily deals. An amazing selection of product no matter how you take it or what your preferences are! The whole process is comfortable and all the budtenders are knowledgeable and super friendly! I love that the prices on the menu have taxes included so there is no guesswork-AND they still have the best prices! Go check this place out!

  164. Mykal702

    great buds great prices

  165. DrSlender

    Being a medical patient I have been to many marijuana shops. Nevada made is by far one of the cleanest I have been in. Their glass countertops and display cases are clear and easy to look through. They also have lists of their products categorized for easy browsing. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Alex, a budtender who has helped me multiple times in the past is knowledgable and approachable. He has never steered me wrong when picking a strain and can give acurate descriptions of the effects that you will feel with each strain. I have recommened this shop before and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work guys.

  166. Shatellb

    Great service every time

  167. Jargus

    If you are going to get Shatter this is the only place in Vegas I have seen with a good price. 40$/1g every where else is higher

  168. neFumerpas

    Happy to see shatter day back in full force about that Mia she’s the best

  169. flatlands86

    Ever think about maybe adding some colors to the shop? Feels quite sterile and outdated. I come here for Mia. She is quite colorful.

  170. turboman6

    I want to thank Josh R he went the extra mile.
    Love this dispensary
    Best Regards

  171. rael44589

    The bud master is always ready with a smile that makes me feel confident I’m in the right place. Always top quality at a great price keep up the good work

  172. irishstontermom

    Thanks Alexa for making my first time amazing!

  173. Gupp

    This location caters to locals and seniors more than other locations. Thus being a 29 year old male, this is where I go. No hidden prices, quality product that ranges greatly in price and solid crumble wax.

  174. caligeez

    Alex and Logan were super helpful. Very knowledgeable, answered all questions. Will def be back. Thanks guys

  175. baykid408

    This place is awesome! Have been coming here for a few months now because the staff and product never disappoints. A small team that will recognize your name and face after a few visits. Charles in the front lobby always checks me in with ease and speed. Micah and Allison are very knowledgeable of the medication and try their best to accommodate the patients need whether it be sativa, indica, or hybrid. Overall it’s a welcoming business with a positive staff. At least worth a visit!

  176. LucyB996644

    Alexa was wonderful, very helpful and respectful.

  177. tko889

    Mia is amazing! She is VERY knowledgeable, super friendly, and will get my future sales! Thanks again Mia!

  178. Trishdish84

    I love that their prices include tax! Their staff is really helpful. I was helped by Brandon today and he’s was great and friendly! I will be a regular here.

  179. A_chavez2384

    This I by far the worst service I have ever got at any dispensary. Before I arrived to this location I called Nevada made to make sure they had a certain strain in stock so I wouldn’t waste the drive as Leafly also stated they had it in stock. I arrive and wait about 15 min before I get assisted. Alexa is ends up helping me and telling me she doesn’t not have the strains I called about they only have one strain in the concentrates. At this point I’m very upset they gave me false information before I drove down there. I ask Alexa if I could speak to the manager on duty which was Zack. I ask him if I could speak to him in private so I could explain why I was upset as I am a very loyal customer who come in no less than twice a week. Zack rudely responds to me and says I can talk to him in front of all the customers. At this point I felt his approach was very unprofessional and did not offer me any apology or anything whatsoever. Zack is by far the worst and by far the RUDEST employee/manager at Nevada made.

  180. Mccord626

    Awsome customer service they always find what you need no matter the issue hese guys and gals are great and they need to get them Tip jars man!!! Mike s helped me out alot thanks man your awsome

  181. fil1luv

    I thought that the experience was very welcoming and Mia was very helpful and knowledgeable. She took time to explain in detail various aspects of strains and even how to with the various products.

  182. TheDuDeyes

    Thanks nina

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