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7780 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89139


36.0479881, -115.224439




9:00 AM – 11:00 PM


9:00 AM – 11:00 PM


9:00 AM – 11:00 PM


9:00 AM – 11:00 PM


9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Euphoria Wellness is Las Vegas’ first Marijuana dispensary.

**- We accept out of state Medical Marijuana patients with a valid patient card and ID.**

**- FREE Delivery to all Nevada patients.**

Call (702) 960-7200 to place an order for delivery or pick up.


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235 reviews for “Euphoria Wellness

  1. RozaSparx

    Virtue 50% off… need I say more?!? That’ll keep me coming back. Deals so good, still haven’t used my FTP deal.

  2. wildredheaddevil

    I’m a caregiver, and I have to say, we’ve been to a few places around town, trying different flower, concentrates and vaps. The person I take care of has a sever social anxiety and has a very time expressing herself, what she is looking for, or even what she needs.A Not very many places in town are willing to “educate” patients.A But by far, Euphoria has the BEST STAFF!!!

    Each time I walk in, I’m recognized and addressed by name and always asked how the patient is doing!! The entire staff, from the person working the check-in window, to the budtender, to the clear checking you out, are nice, patient and always willing to help you understand product, laws, and processes.

    The products are of high quality, always fresh, and there is always something new. Vaps, concentrates and refills are easy-to-use and if not, someone will take the time to explain, in detail, how to use, refill or replace.

  3. leaflyxxAndrew

    I go in alot and they are pretty cool. They have a mini fridge full of cold water which is nice .

  4. 13KBOB

    I think that Euphoria sold out! Be a MM patient since the beginning and was assured through out the years that they would stay strictly MM! No surprise $$. They say they will give priority to MM patients but I have seen the results, out of stock, sorry no more deliveries and you still get in line! The staff were great to me but I know when to say when, Goin’ underground!

  5. spenchampion

    This shop is my favorite for concentrates! Always the best in town at the best price!

  6. heyslick

    I have been with you guys from the start and I think its time to let you know how great you guys are. Great quality, good customer service very professional and also very easy to talk to. Also very convenient right off the 215…….(and you don’t make us buy a $3 ziplock bag)..Thanks guys for putting customers first. Please can you guys add some more kush strains.

  7. RainbowPhigh420

    Thank you April & Theresa y’all ladies were very helpful!!

  8. JesseG702

    Jeremy Lines is the man, Knows his terps and helped me get what i needed asap. Thank you!

  9. Bboyboz

    I have been coming here to euphoria since a little while after they opened to recreational and the staff is simply amazing on knowledge and helpfulness towards treating ailments that I have. Jayden helped me out tonite Ashley helped me out my very first time here and both as well as the entire staff have always been amazing and scholars towards my appetite needs for the lack thereof. Thank you again for your hospitality and definitely will always keep coming back.

  10. Louisw321

    Favorite spot to shop
    Good prices and customer service

  11. vandawalkert

    Came to try out some prerolls, and of course all 3 of them were packed way too tight and pretty much wasted because it was impossible to hit the entire time. Not sure why people work in dispensaries that can’t properly stuff a cone. Ahhh, the search continues.

  12. MThornton

    Tai is amazing and Doug is dope.

  13. BohoMojo

    I traveled 2 1/2 hours to visit this dispensary. I was very pleased at the service I received. I would definitely come back. The stock on hand was very well displayed and the variety was excellent.

  14. ashmmkay

    I love everything about this location. Jayson you rock! I really like how important education and really taking time to listen to the patient is here at Euphoria. This will most certainly be my go to spot. impeccable service and awesome selection of flower, concentrates and lots of edible options. Seriously I love it here!

  15. tbonds22

    This was an awful experience… I’ve been a patient for years and this was probably my worst experience yet. I couldn’t have my purse with me and had to leave it in the car… the pineapple chunk that they convinced me would be awesome was awful and tasted like rubber. I was so disappointed and won’t likely go back.

  16. Chefjbrad85

    Everyone is helpful

  17. VegasTat

    Excellent customer service! Jayson is the best! He was honest and very knowledgeable. He made coming in an enjoyable experience.

  18. chloexoxo3913

    Very friendly, polite and knowledgeable! Every question I had was answered. I felt very confident purchasing my prescription, and it was an excellent choice! Staff is very friendly and made me feel valued. It was the most professional atmosphere I have experienced since becoming a patient!

  19. dianek0630

    Friendly, knowledgable, one of my favorite dispensaries!

  20. teapotbuddha

    Euphoria is my go-to dispensary in the Las Vegas valley. The staff is kind, professional and very knowledgeable. The medicine is of good quality… and their free delivery service can’t be beat.

  21. Samwisegongy45

    i love this place and the bud is bomb

  22. 2chicago85

    On my way to try this black mamba hopefully there’s still some in stock!

  23. Nalei

    Great service, great people

  24. ajt628

    good product. good people

  25. mijado

    Very professional and their variety and pricing are improving.

  26. 1kiki

    It was my first time there. Flower there was nothing to choose from. Pre-rolls they had none. I noticed the guy behind me went in before me; guess medical patient are not valued. Will not go again.

  27. 1973nader

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

  28. SpencerwH

    Best service around, nicest budtenders in Vegas!! I only get shatter and I will only come here. Don’t sleep on this place.

  29. dragnblazer

    i was there opening day in August 2015 havent been back since only since its to far from me i live on the eastside. but if I am over on that side of town i would go back i had the kosher kush

  30. RoccDogg

    I love how knowledgeable the staff is and everyone is nice.

  31. mcclavh

    Great area

  32. PoliticalGreen

    Great and Not so GREAT.

  33. Shadeo

    Best deals in town

  34. Yogibear77

    Everyone had always been pleasant and professional!

  35. dwubzee

    This place is the cats pajamas!
    Every employee is very well knowledgeable about their products and always bring a welcoming atmosphere. The professionalism is top notch and the prices are fit for the products. If you get the chance give a shout out to Curt, Chris, Henson and Trent!

  36. CrissyCam

    I couldn’t be happier with the customer service at Euphoria! All of the staff I’ve encountered goes above & beyond my expectations. : ) Great selections too!

  37. Js4deys

    horrible customer service, no personalities and bland atmosphere… I’m never going to return

  38. AndreaN

    Have been shopping here for vape cartridges lately , they always seem to have more in stock than my other places I frequent.
    Now that NV is rec . , I still don’t have to wait long the few times I’ve been there recently.
    Everyone is friendly , you can now take your purse in with you ! dYtmf Last year you could not ( and that was a MAJOR turn OFF )
    The one thing that can be troublesome …. parking . They are now accepting debit cards – or they were on Monday ! Lol

  39. beatnikstoney

    Kurt – good looking out! Just had my first rosin rocket by BAM. BAM! First of all I divided it up and had 2 tokes in a bowl. The initial feeling was a happy energy. I prefer Indicas and more mellow hybrids since sativas tend to give me too much unfocused energy and I’m told sativas make me “douchA(c) -y.” This SinMint rosin rocket has me excited and so happy. Second layer is a lovely silly/stuck feeling -perfect for watching a funny movie or reading something light. Third layer is a super mellow relaxed body feeling with a general sense of contentment and peace. Not sure of other layers or my other buys, I just had to post because this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and haven’t found in any edibles or by vaping. So glad I finally tried. The Euphoria staff does not disappoint!

  40. Nubcake

    Best shop I’ve been to in every way. I’ve been a patient for years now and this is now my permanent spot. No hassles here, just love!

  41. Shannonsaw

    Awesome place

  42. marijuanatourism

    Kind of a far trip for me so I usually call before I go, A gentlemen on the phone (wish I wouldve gotten his name) spoke highly of Flo “dense buds, beautifully manicured” & was on point, exactly as described if not better!

  43. Runicoak

    Best dispensary in town hands down. Great knowledgeable staff.

  44. ElBatman95

    One of the best

  45. LongTimeArtist

    Great place! We went to a few other dispensaries in the area and this one was leaps and bounds above the rest! The staff was the helpful, and by far the most friendly of any other we visited.

    The price was right on their products, and after smoking I feel like we got very high quality Hybrids, Indica and Sativa flowers.

  46. juliandadams

    I love it there, everyone knows me personally.

  47. Yvezzy18

    favorite spot

  48. JamesBarlowOG

    highly recommended

  49. 318to702

    Da bomb

  50. onlymy2cents

    Very welcoming, clean and knowledgeable

  51. dsrnascar3

    It was quick and very easy!

  52. mrkopollow

    I have visited this dispensary for a while now because it’s close to my office, so Its easy to swing by on my lunch break and shop. While I think they are high-quality dispensary, the checkout process has recently become very tedious. There are a couple cashiers that while always friendly and polite, seem to get easily distracted or just have a hard time fulfilling the order quickly. I didn’t notice it as much at first but lately more than half the time I spend there is checking out. Not being checked in, waiting behind other patients or even shopping, just checkin out. Especially since I often stop in on my lunch break, I’m trying to get in and out without eating up my whole break. I really hope they revamp their checkout process to make it easier for the employees and also coach the cashiers to be more mindful of people’s time and not just be polite. If not I will probably see if a 5 minute further drive will mean 10 minutes less checkout time at another dispensary.

  53. tat2loser

    I love this place. Knowledgeable staff, really cool people and the product has been on point with quality as well as price. I drive across town to shop here. Overall my favorite dispensary.

  54. BUTTERS354

    For a first time smoker this place was a great experience for me. I went on a Thursday morning so it wasn’t super busy. The check in process was fast. The wait was 5 minn or less. Once inside the staff was extremely nice and very helpful. I told them i was a first time smoker and they took the time to explain anything i asked about and then some, I never felt rushed. I cant say enough positive about the staff at this dispensary. Pricing was about equal to or just a hair below the average prices in the valley. Customer service and decent pricing wins it for me here. I will be happy to go back every time i visit the Vegas valley.

  55. vatluri

    awesome place. Love everyone here. hyve shatters are awesome. loving euphoria revenge

  56. Jennie33

    Very helpful staff.

  57. jesseedward

    Euphoria provides a very welcoming atmosphere as well as a quick wait time due to their efficiency. I was assisted by Trent who was very kind and knowledgeable on all the flowers available. Euphoria is my favorite dispensary and i look forward to coming back!

  58. Thegrochowski

    Very professional setup. Great quality and service

  59. 420-Hillary

    Love this place their product and staff! Austin S. Reggie, Hinson, Leah, Maggie and ALL email other’s are very knowledgeable! I frequent this dispensary weekly ,dY’*

  60. Lexicution

    AHHHHHH-MAZING!!! Tai and Lauren were super helpful!!!

  61. ShoBeaz

    Great location and very friendly and knowledgeable staff.


    The flower i get at Euphoria is the best in LV. If you complain about the prize then you must not like QUALITY. Thanks to them i found my favorite strain Mothers Milk. The service is fast and the staff is always helpful

  63. RoseClare

    amazing great help!!!

  64. Heavyshield

    Perfect, easy to get to.

  65. Kimiko7896

    Best Dispensary in town

  66. hulan8

    Awesome staff great selection

  67. Eteeze

    This is my first time at this dispensary. The location seems very clean and the atmosphere is friendly. Speaking with a representative over the phone he seemed very friendly and willing to assist with anything I needed.

  68. Dubee101120

    This place is great love this place

  69. JenaDelk

    Too much horseplay and talking among staff.

  70. yvfezzy

    great service good prices awesome weed

  71. mememeeee

    My favorite spot! Everyone that works here is always amazing!

  72. Bradyonov

    Just made a call in order now I’m getting 10% off because this place rocks…

  73. Jonellson

    Great prices and a great selection!

  74. jodimak

    Love this place. Staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. This is my go-to!!

  75. Kauai_420

    The best service

  76. eyal8393

    The best location ever

  77. sinash88

    Love coming here! They have the best customer service!

  78. m0ng0s3

    I have been to Euphoria Wellness multiple times now and every time that i enter the store, I have a enjoyable experience! The staff is kind and knowledgeable and the product is Fantastic! I have been assisted by multiple employees and all of them have been knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Today I spoke with Maggie, her customer service, knowledge of the product and deals was phenomenal! I have sampled multiples items at this location including flowers and concentrates and I have never been happier! I highly recommend their Key Lime Pie by BAM it is fantastic!

  79. Cboo420

    great place and staff. i’ll definitely be back.

  80. DMCLV

    I have visited this despensary on many occassions over the past 1+ years and I have had nothing but great experiences. Their budtenders are knowledgeable, their service friendly, their business process effective and their product quality is excellent. Also their weekly specials, veterans discount and points system are all outstanding!

  81. herbanrenewal

    I’ve been to Euphoria several times since I frequent the bar next door. It was my first stop the day NV became rec legal.

    Price and quality are excellent here. The carry a fairly extensive line of CBD products and pet products. It’s probably best variety of pet products I’ve seen in a dispensary in Las Vegas.

    All the employees have been great, but I’d especially like to take the time out to give a shout out to Austen who spent a good deal of time helping me select CBD products and ensured I understood how to use the products and what they do. He knows his stuff, so I got good education and assistance. He didn’t make me feel rushed at all and was just overall helpful and friendly.

  82. jormadic

    My favorite dispensary in the valley. Hands down. Always such a pleasure stopping in. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming and the product is top shelf. Willie’s Reserve pre-rolls and GSC flower all day. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and pick up a slymer cookies, somoas, or Cannalope Kush pre roll. dY’OEdY>>

  83. roondat

    Awesome ! See Reggie he’ll plug u in !

  84. Battleborn3314

    Great service! Very knowledgeable staff. Very friendly. Highly recommend doing business with them! A+++++

  85. 1skiphall

    My husband recently experienced unexpected THC psychosis (not from anything Euphoria sold) and we had to begin anew in determining the proper medical marijuana regimen that would address his severe nausea, neurologic pain and encephalopathy. I had shopped/purchased from Euphoria before and the people are very nice, but the store itself is very basic (not a bad thing). We also shop/buy from Releaf which is a bit more warm and intimate and they recently began accepting ATM Debit (vs. cash only). However yesterday I went to Euphoria specifically for the bubblegum tincture (value). I was served by Ashton who was the most impressive, knowledgeable and kind person I have met since we began using medical marijuana about 1.5 years ago. I don’t judge, but many people we deal with seem high while at work vs. Ashton who was simply there to share his knowledge and experience and boy was he helpful. I shared the entire story, our concerns and we worked through a reintroduction focused on avoiding the THC psychosis and focused on CDB as balancer (never really understood the criticality). The compassion, caring and knowledge sharing was incredible as I asked questions for 45 minutes as we came up with the best plan. Ultimately, I have to say that my experience with Ashton was (forgive the drama) transformational – I felt like I had someone in my corner (everyone wants to help) but Ashton actually really thought through our plan as we talked in detail (down to the strain of the tincture). At the end of the day, Ashton made a very challenging experience and situation much more productive and focused and we are now on track to get back to where we need to live the highest quality and balanced life as possible. Thank you Ashton!!!

  86. Smokin4MYLife

    First, Thank YOU ChrisdY'(c)dY1/4aEURdY’>>for your help today!! Great Music, Great Customer Service, and they are extremely dedicated to being professional and knowledgeable. I visit often. These strains they carry help my “better quality of life” possible. At one point one of the employees helps me walk because I had lost feeling in my leg. That’s the kind of place you want to be.

  87. PUGZ13

    My first time here was so welcoming and comfortable, I find myself here ALL the time. Which is not a bad thing. The staff knows me by my first name, they’re personable, fun, friendly, helpful, they educate, just a good vibe, period. I love how the more I pop in they’re so willing to give me a blue polo and let me start working there. It’s amazing! I LOVE everyone here. Jayson, Curt, Trent and Henson always show me so much love, so heres some back!

  88. DanimalP

    I use Euphoria Wellness regularly. I can say, the staff is always friendly and helpful. Great place. I recommend them to everyone. Keep it up!

  89. lvdiva

    Euphoria has been my best dispensary experience so far. Ashton really took the time to explain everything to me chemically, and also to educate me on how to use CBD correctly and why different strains work for some people and not others. A few other places have simply said “try this it works” with no further explanation.
    Brittney showed me sites and apps to use that would help me for research. This place is absolutely wonderful – and I will be a loyal regular! Thank you. Also, I tried to tip and they’re policy is “you shouldn’t feel obligated to tip when buying medicine”! I love this place!

  90. Dankster911

    I think overall this place is nice and so is the staff. They used to have my favorite OG strain the Tahoe Hydro OG. I like the Sin Valley and True OG but nothing beats the Tahoe Hydro. I hope they get more soon, this place is close to my house, I don’t really want to go elsewhere.

  91. Heathermbock

    I think it’s great I love how helpful the staff is and how well organized everything is. Plus they have my all time favorite strain ever here (Cookies and Dreams)

  92. mgarber12

    Went in today and met Jerry. His first day tending. A fellow Veteran I found out, was very helpful and a great addition to the staff.
    While there I picked up Mom’s Cookies and Cream, Euphoria’s Revenge and Blackberry Cream, all from HYVE. These may be BHO but they are by far better than other BHO on the market. There is almost no residual and I never feel the BHO in my lungs. This makes for a much smoother and cleaner dab while not damaging your lungs. This is as close as you can get to soventless that I have found on the market. Great job guys. Keep it coming from HYVE!!!

  93. bmuss555

    Maggie was a fantastic help and super nice to boot. give that girl a raise!!!!

  94. MicNoleaks

    Great Staff nice and clean enviorment.
    They get you in and out really quick. Best place to go to get your meds.

  95. Daboyj

    I picked up some cookies&dream and rug burn og for my 420 weekend in las vegas. definitely will be coming back.

  96. themikeadkins

    Jaren was extremely nice and helpful!! Best shop and over all quality Ii, have been to this far! Will definitely be recommending and coming back! Thanks Jaren!

  97. jewellhailee

    This place always has the best deals and a HUGE selection of concentrates.

    ALL their staff members put in a great deal of effort to make sure you’re always happy and satisfied with your medicine! You will always be greeted by name and with a smile here!!!! oh, and I love that they keep water bottles up front for patients to take.

    I will continue to be a regular!

  98. 702smokeydabear

    quality smoke…..some of the coolest

  99. peasandcarrots

    Love the ability to online order and get free delivery. Best dispensary in town!!

  100. Trantez

    Relaxed and down to Earth dispensary. Staff was well verse in matching the bud to the different kinds of high I wanted.

  101. Hudsonrulez

    This is the 2nd dispensary I have visited and I have to say I was not impressed at all with either selction or customer service. I am an out of state patient and when entered the dispensing area I was literly hovered over by a staff member. This guy watched me like a hawk and when I asked him to step off he wouldn’t. I also asked for 2 specific products off of leafly I was told they were sold out. There were no indica pre rolls. When I asked if I could roll one and leave I was told no. Every single dispensary I have been to has let me rolled and leae to smoke somewhere else. I ended up buying 2 pre rolls of sage and sour which did nothing to releave my migraine pain and made me very anxious and paranoid the rest of the day. Ended up tossing the other joint which I have never done before. I also bought a 30 dollar edible 3 macaroons each 26mg. These were mislabled. I am well versed in dosage these were clearly stronger than 75 mg as I have had lab tested edibles from Ontario and ir usually takes 100 mg to get me buzzed. Again to strong an experience. All in all avoid this place wont be coming back even if they offer me free product.

  102. FaereWolf

    Very helpful staff.

  103. themooshisloose

    Friendly staff. Knowledgeable and quick service.

  104. cashberner2020

    The best in town hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awsome strains… staff is always in a good mood, and very knowlegeable……My go to spot in Vegas…….

  105. Scortchblue

    As a first timer this was a good experience. I did do research and found that this location and one in Henderson are the only ones to carry Blue Dream. The exception is EW has it in vape. The people there are willing to work with me to find out what levels I need and what I react to. Delivery is available and its free. I’m impressed. Very few people want to work with a novice and just expect you to experiment. These guys don’t pressure, listen to your needs, and want to help.

  106. ermisshemingway

    The staff here were very pleasant. Trent especially was an absolute delight! He provided the ultimate experience for me and was very knowledgeable on the products that you carry. Would come back again just to work with Trent again.

  107. perucho19

    this location is awesome they have good buds but i wish vegas was a bit like cali.

  108. bindy12

    Great people..Very helpful…A PLUS service !

  109. D.Buchanan

    Cool location under the radar. Good service and good pricing on pre rolls… I know I’m lazy, but they do a better job and use quality flower

  110. asldfk

    I think this location is amazing especially Sigi! Very thoughtful and helpful. Took my friend for her first time and he was very informative and kind! Thanks a lot Sigi!

    Would be better quality if local discount was available but everything and every one else is amazing.

  111. ducksxfan2007

    every visit is an amazing visit. My recent visit was actually one to remember. I was helped by “Maggie”. She is a beautiful soul! Very welcoming. usually i feel a little tense when I go to any dispensary, but this visit in particular I didn’t and it was absolutely refreshing. I wasn’t treated like a dollar sign, I was treated as another person. Maggie was very patient with me and I appreciate that!

  112. Jking06

    The best staff anyone could ask for

  113. joppesci

    Great service, good people! Always busy and good products! Always have fun and love the location. Awesome place to get your mind right!

  114. hallsballs123

    Great people good prices and product

  115. pentar

    I love this location. The staff are very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have been here several times and the staff has always been very good.

  116. vpommer

    Great store, excellent location & product

  117. pinealoma

    Great staff. Good selection. For most products, the pricing is right on par with other dispensaries. I agree with another commenter though, that the check-out process should be handled quicker.

  118. Lil_Lucy

    Awesome in every way! People, product and atmosphere. Not one complaint and will be returning soon!

  119. OAM69

    First time in the store. so many different product to choose from.

  120. Hooplehunter

    My flower power headquarters!

  121. myleah03

    Brittney is amazing!!! Great service as usual and the best buds in Vegas!!!!

  122. Tealanns

    Close by. Safe area.

  123. zacattack28

    Awesome spot great prices

  124. Meibolite

    Excellent service and great selection of flower and concentrates. Their Summa brand is excellent for a house brand and most of Their flower is really dense and sticky with little stem weight

  125. 647peaceful

    very impressed!
    great selection.
    great staff.
    great presentation.
    one stop has all your needs!
    great variety and a wide price range for all budgets.
    This is my favorite stop for my Meds.
    Everyone down there is so sweet and wonderful but Mike Jackson puts the cherry on top with his amazing personality and his energetic vibe! If your lucky and get to meet Michael Jackson than you meet the best Man in Vegas, tell him Ally sent you to the best dispensary in Vegas baby!!

  126. abomb928

    I love the cartridges and syringes! There is nothing at euphoria I don’t find.

  127. AndIWasThereToo

    Staff is super nice and helpful, they always help in finding that perfect strain. The products they have are always good. This is for the regular spot to visit

  128. 420Masta

    They have incredible prerolls that they make in-house. Much better than the stuff I can get back home! And with the remodel they had, the store itself looks incredible too!

  129. asparker42

    got served crap on parchment paper. have been a few times and things went well, but this last time i went in and purchased two grams of wax and when i got home and opened them one of them had not been stored correctly and the wax was everywhere, all over the parchment paper and even inside the packaging. about 75% of it is unusable even after i tried to freeze it and save some of it. i called within 30 minutes of buying and they told after putting me on hold for 10 minutes was the best they could do was give me 20% off when i come back and give them more of my money. poor customer service when they essentially stole 45 bucks from me.

  130. SMD420

    Excellent service and Great selection

  131. Shooootz

    Fast first time registration, convenient location, friendly and informative staff. Sign up to get texts for specials.

  132. Tatg

    Euphoria wellness:
    I have been coming here since they opened.
    As a medical patient, I have found the entire crew to be knowledgeable, patient, and helpful.
    They are never pushy or in a hurry. I feel they really do care.
    I have tried others, but like other reviewers have said, I too keep coming back to

  133. fancyjustbkos

    Great variety, great prices and a great first experience!

  134. Araespot

    Love euphoria wellness. I am a loyal customer. I’ve tried a couple other places and just keep coming back here! Points system rocks!

  135. motorhead

    Great experience with friendly customer service !

  136. mooremiesha

    I just love this place! The staff is always super friendly and helpful. I’m never dissatisfied or disappointed so thanks guys!!!


    After bomb food next door… back on it…goodnight cap.

  138. Highdre07

    Very good people

  139. MrVisa

    Always a great atmosphere. Brittney is the best. She always is on point with her knowledge. Will always come back and i highly recommend you check it out.

  140. beerboobsbuds

    Poor quality poor atmosphere poor service

  141. Wickedbark59

    By far the best dispensary in Vegas! Great prices, amazing specials, and a points system that cannot be beat. Austin, Chris, and Sonia are my heroes! They’re always friendly and make sure I’m getting the most for my money. Go see them and you can’t go wrong!

  142. xdxninjax

    the best place in Vegas

  143. Kizzzzzzy

    The staff is very friendly but the overall experience and quality just seems to be lacking. I will give them one more shot n see.

  144. VegasJohnny

    Professional, compassionate staff and good medication. My Blue Dream #2 buds were a bit dry for my taste; but it’s a great Hybrid strain.

  145. ktmt90

    Best bud in the valley! Atmosphere has ALWAYS been friendly ever since I’ve been a patient for the past few years, and I’ve never even considered going anywhere else. 5 stars!

  146. monicajung

    Super chill place with cool staff and an excellent selection of medicine. They always have plenty of flower and concentrates to choose from. I’m there minimum twice a week because of my symptoms, and they are always very welcoming each time I come back. Love it here!!!

  147. DapperDiddy83

    Great place. Go see for yourself!

  148. SystemRage

    Good selection of BAM concentrates. Nice staff and good atmosphere. Will be back often .

  149. tiea

    I love this place. super professional and very knowledgeable!

  150. Bwes

    Great strains friendly environment

  151. Alan1964

    This is the best dispensery in all of Las Vegas…top notch service and quality bud…would highly recomend

  152. Miles63

    Kudos and accolades to the staff at Euphoria. Great prices and very informative and patient with all your questions about MM . Top shelf freshness and quality of all the strains I’ve tried, especially their specials. Just an FYI on edibles and I’m sure the kind people at Euphoria would agree. Edibles are a whole different beast compared to flower. Metabolism, weight, body chemistry and tolerance all factor into the efficacy of edibles on a person; especially capsules. Just my opinion, but take it slow and adjust your dosage as needed. I’m 275 pounds, so I decided to take (2) 10 mg capsules and within 2 hours, I had left earth orbit due to the high quality indica strains they use to make their capsules with an organic coconut oil carrier. Remember that edibles do not kick in until 1-2 hours and their bio-availability keeps you sailing for 6-10 hours. Again, these factors will vary with each individual, but a good rule of thumb is to start out slow and adjust your dosage as needed. Delivery is another great perk as well. Thank you Euphoria for your courtesy, professionalism and quality of MM.

  153. LVHippieLuv

    I’ve been in a few times and the staff is always super friendly and very helpful. I’m a local and this this the only place I go to. They have a great selection to chose from and their own products too! I would recommend to anyone that asks me!

  154. WunduhBred

    Customer service is great, however I have not really been a fan of their flower. Every time I have picked up flower, it has been extremely dry. They do have a good selection of edibles and o.pen products, which is nice being close to home.

  155. MiddleFingr

    This place is overall a pretty good spot to shop at. Their product is good, although could use more variety of strains. The customerservice once inside the dispensary is outstanding. They answer all your questions caringly and show interest in you being there. The only thing that removes a few stars is the tall Caucasian dude up front. He makes the wait (before going in) quite awkward and uncomfortable. You automatically feel his vibe which isn’t too friendly. Other than that, this spot is recommended to everyone! Just don’t talk to the dude in the waiting room.

  156. Freddy333

    This place is awesome, the waiting room is nice and clean and open and the staff is professional and friendly. I picked up some Chem 91 today and I have to say I am very happy. Also picked up their Vegas Jay’s pre-rolls and holy crap those things are huge. Don’t sleep on this please guys it is the premier place in all of Vegas 🙂

  157. maryjaneholland88

    This is the first dispensary I visited roughly a month ago and was very happy. I have been here a dozen times and have no complaints. Everyone was extremely friendly and very knowledgable about every single product. I love the fact that they tell you about certain products without making it feel as if they’re pressuring you to buy it. I have yet to purchase a product I disliked. I visited another local dispensary just to see what else was out there and was not impressed. I probably won’t be going anywhere other than Euphoria again.

  158. sadie2017

    Great place

  159. 5150Lola

    Nice location. James was very helpful.
    Marty, Larry, Joe & Bonnie are the best.

  160. Youngstar870

    always shop here. good customer service

  161. codybrowne710

    I’m always in here for all my concentrates and I’ve never been disappointed,Trent is always extremely helpful and very knowledgeable on the products they carry

  162. gonboardn

    Only thing on atmosphere is that it is so small and not an easy layout when multiple ppl here. Product is great. Service is awesome.

  163. jaa4929

    very clean and staff is professional.

  164. ickyvinny


  165. bluelou44

    This was my first trip to a cannabis dispensary, and Euphoria made my first experience an awesome time. The place was clean, and the atmosphere was mellow & laid back. Although the staff are pleasant and easygoing they are 100% professional. I have found the only dispensary I will do business with here in Vegas plus it’s close to my home!

  166. erickgpadin82

    Still the best place to go get what you need. Great atmosphere!!

  167. yvfezzy93

    I come here all the time it’s one of my favs in the city,

  168. fight4life

    Best System for great customer service.
    Flower was good quality.
    Prices where fair.

  169. Stacey77245

    Thanks LJ for the strand recommendation & leading me in the right direction. I will be back to see the wellness center soon. Thank you!

  170. roflrachele

    Everything went very smoothly. Myles is so knowledgeable and so kind. He was extremely helpful and we would definitely come back many times because of him! There were so many options!

  171. beberesh55

    Great SW location, easy to find.
    I learn something new every time I go to dispenery.

  172. Mcrudup

    very friendly knowledgeable staff.

  173. nivek41

    I felt obligated to write another review as I posted something negative a few weeks back. After my negative posting the manager got in touch and asked for another opportunity to make things right. My wife and I went in on Thursday evening and we could not have been any more satisfied. Our bud tender recommended three products to my wife and I and they were exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again for everything.

  174. Crazyfoo

    This place is awesome great price

  175. Doomnationready

    The people are very friendly and very knowledgeable. Jerry was extremely helpful and listened to what I had to say and need and helped me figure out what would help me. Thanks again all of you and especially Jerry.

  176. TashGLV

    I looove Euphoria!
    It says Wellness Center and they mean it. I’ve been to dispensaries full of obvious recreational smokers, but here I’d estimate 95% of patients are Legit patients. I’ve been a smoker over half my life, but now am using marijuana as medicine. Thanks to arthritis, I’m in chronic pain and have been trying different strains and CBD to keep me functional. My 6 yr old son has autism and I purchase his CBD spray here twice a week. It has changed his behavior dramatically and I’m so grateful to have found a spray that works for him.
    The staff are awesome, the waiting area is quiet and clean. The selection is great and I love the sales.
    And what’s better than free delivery when your feet hurt too badly to drive there?

  177. drueit420

    I love coming here all the time!! they have great deals and great buds. the staff is super friendly and will help with anytime

  178. jaliah13

    I absolutely love this place. Its very close to my home and the environment is awesome. They have a great selection of thc products and they are always having a sales. I would definitely recommend to visit if you are in the las vegas area

  179. lalaland1987

    Did an online order and it was fast and easy!

  180. dagunslinger27

    I’ve been here many times, and would’ve come back many more, if it wasn’t for the service I received today.
    First off, someone inexperienced answered the phone.
    That was fine. No problem.
    Asked him if I had enough points to take $50 off, like I had done before. I wasn’t sure if I had enough points, and he said he’d check.
    Then, he said he’d call me back if I didn’t.
    I did not receive an expected arrival time either.
    I called back to see, to find out not only did he not call me back, but also to be told my order could not be marked down.
    I informed the person I was speaking to that the person I’d placed my order with didn’t know what he was doing to which he responded condescendingly with, “I’m sure he knew what he was doing.”
    Then I said the person is placed the order with had lied.
    He responded, “No, he didn’t lie. He was probably with a customer.
    For an hour and a half?!?
    I cancelled my order and am dismayed at the poor service I received.

  181. marrmar

    Best location and very friendly

  182. Lori Banasik

    I went on 3/23 and got exactly what I wanted for the right price. I was especially happy because I got to see Ashley! While the entire staff is great, Ashley is the best!!

  183. Holliec

    Seriously $65 for an eighth or up to $22 for a gram… It’s a plant. I usually keep to top shelf maybe I’m spoiled from the Bay Area but come on those prices are ridiculous. I will def be going to other dispensaries when I’m in town. If the prices are outrageous and this is coming from someone in the Bay Area what does that tell you…. :/

  184. Dirkgentley

    I am completely disappointed with the service I was provided at this dispensary. I previously left a good review, but that was to get $5 off. On that visit I bought a vape cartridge by the brand of “Kynd”. It worked for about 10 pulls then became harder and harder to get hits and eventually quit working. I figured Euphoria Wellness would back up their brands but apparently I was wrong. I brought it back to the store and they told me that because I did not use the “Kynd” brand battery and I used a “modded” battery, they would not take it back. The manager offered me 20% off of a new one…which is worthless because I received 20% off for first visit anyway. I fought and they eventually offered me 30% off which to me is pathetic, and absolutely not worth it. I will NEVER recommend this dispensary to anyone nor will I every be back.

  185. BDWHITE47

    Brittany, was very attentive and listened to all of my questions and concerns. Her knowledge of the product made me very comfortable and I was grateful that she seemed to intuitively understand what I was looking for. I felt like a valued patient that received the support that I needed.

  186. thehashco

    They are starting to get it.
    Selection keeps getting better and better. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
    Good neighborhood
    Repeat customer

  187. LoriBanasik

    Last week Ashley hooked me up with some Desert Snow at about 27% THC. Loved it!!

  188. Lmbolden

    Everyone is always informative, helpful, pleasant and efficient. A rarity in business today!

  189. Louis3

    Great products

  190. 7legit6quit

    Great staff!

  191. river333

    I’ve physically been here a couple of times, but mostly deal with them for delivery. Although the wait can sometimes be extensive, it’s always well worth it, the staff is FANTASTIC, they offer a lot of choices, great quality, decent prices. Highly recommended!!!!

  192. SinCityAngel

    The best service I’ve ever had from any other dispensary. The bud tenders are beyond awesome in terms of knowledge and true customer service. Hands down best operated dispensary in Vegas.

  193. jinndjuice

    Staff is so friendly. Accepts debit cards. Amazing. dY~

  194. jlcalleja

    fast ez and friendly!

  195. donotstop

    Great experience from having the door opened upon arrival to free bottled water on your way out. Bud tenders are very knowledgeable and give great recommendations. I purchased a vape cartridge that was not working due to manufacturers malfunction. They replaced the cartridge with no fuss! thank you

  196. mcmufferton

    Awesome place! Great products! Charlie was awesome!

  197. loveolutionaustin

    knowledgeable staff and good selection. Somehow my impression was “meh” but really it’s totally fine and a good choice if you are in the area.

  198. mrchevy007

    Great place friendly staff

  199. garypollard

    Awesome quick and show joy and happiness when helping my you out.

  200. Parisjewls

    Love this place and the staff are all extremely helpful

  201. Tuttles13

    this place is awesome

  202. ivxx561

    Good dispensary. I like the strains always a good visit.

  203. MoonLily

    Love coming to this place. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable and gorgeous (must be a prerequisite). Doug was very helpful and patient with me (had to use the ATM-damn Jeff Sessions).

  204. jlester319

    Great staff, great location, decent herb but a little overpriced…

  205. karma2

    This is one of the top places i h a ve been. I am 66 yrs young, this is my very first experience with weed. I have been to about 4 other dispensaries and this one so far is the top of my list. I only wish i had written down the name of the girl that spent so much time with me and went into detail about CBD , the coconut oils used in the tinctures and so much more. Thank you so much. I purchased a high CBD tincture as well as Acapulco Gold.
    I sure will bring my neighbor when i go back…and I Will Be Back.
    I also won a neat T Shirt..thanks everyone for all your help. This place has great customer service and their team workers are funtastic.

  206. catrock39

    This is the only dispensary I go to. The quality of medicine, the prices, and the exceptional service is unparalleled. Trent, Sonia, Lauren, Brittney, Matt, and the entire staff are patient, knowledgeable and personable. Simply the best hands down! Keep up the great work

  207. tetsujin210

    I LOOOOOOVE coming here to see Maggie 😀

  208. TylerHamlin

    This place was very professional, especially a man named Michael who helped me step by step since I’m an out of state patient from Michigan. All the other dispensaries told me they wouldn’t honor my paperwork and they took the time to help out a patient in need when no one else would, so thanks a bunch euphoria wellness for your kindness and patience.

  209. Olbrent5

    Everytime you walk in , you walk into smiles and knowledge from the friendly staff. Cleanliness is really important for me as well and as soon as I walk in it’s immaculate. I drive 25 mins 90% of the time for my meds here. DEFENITALY WORTH IT!! Plus your never dissasifited sales and selecetion!

  210. Rion702

    Was greeted immediately upon entry on my first visit, that gets massive points in my book. Sign up was a breeze, and I immediately greeted by Michelle who incredibly kind and willing to help me with my order. I really like how your orders are taken with tablets, it makes it so much easier to rattle off a long list. Straight to the cashier desk and packing which is so fast considering they adhere your patient information on each medication. The vibe here is like family, the location is discrete and convenient , and the meds have been on point. Great job to the staff at Euphoria, worth the trip for such a warm experience!

  211. nellystack

    Jayson is amazing and very informative. Always nice and patient.

  212. DOMINIQ12

    This place is soo amazing!!

  213. lonestar775

    smaller location (although I was told they’re working on expanding into the suite next door so that should alleviate the space issue) but the staff is top notch. they have a decent selection and every employee I’ve dealt with has been knowledgeable and beyond friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good dispensary.

  214. steez001

    Quality weed!! Favorite place to shop

  215. lukebag

    Nice operation, super welcoming, different meds than other places. The SFV was the best: harvested a little early but decent taste/high. Fire og pretty good but no real flavor. Blue dream tasted nice, a little airy. No Buzz lol

  216. dianenelson24

    This is my go to store. I love the service and experience every time!

  217. greenLVgirl

    Great neighborhood “go to” dispensary. Nothing fancy about the decor, but clean and serviceable. Not a massive selection of strains, and they had no high CBD strains when I visited. Staff is always friendly and they do have a loyalty program. Kudos for being the first to open in S. NV.

  218. nmcwaine02

    I absolutely love coming to this dispensary and the staff is always so helpful and knowledgeable about the products

  219. sydneynarveson1

    By far my favorite dispensary in Vegas and they have a point system for loyal costumers. Definitely would recommended to everyone visiting in the Vegas area

  220. Goast212

    The staff there at euphoria wellness center is amazing. They’re very knowledgeable about all the strains of what they sell. I get the biggest help from Maggie which every single recommendation she has offered has been proven worthwhile.

  221. pisces702

    I had a positive experience here. Very nice and clean and they have amazing deals. Everyone is helpful and patient.

  222. tootsweet

    Great first time experience! Will definitely go back! Prices I bit higher then some but you get what you pay for!

  223. Dev-Bev

    Awesome place! Great prices, super cool and helpful people! Also convenient location near by my home

  224. aniceti21

    This place rocks! Great employees and flower.

  225. dunfordnv

    I love this place! I’ve been going here for about a year now. They have the friendliest staff and best products. I get 30% discount for being a disabled veteran; largest discount for veterans I’ve set yet. They offer fast and free delivery and will even help you with your paperwork for the State to get your medical card. I walked in yesterday, started my medical marijuana renewal application, and this morning I got my approval letter from the State (16 hour turnaround!). Super fast, super professional, great people. I recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Euphoria!

  226. nothingwitty

    Knowledgable staff. Clean facility. Excellent customer service. Not a large selection, but enough to cover all types I was searching for. I have recommended this location to others.

  227. evolelle

    First time visitor. Chris the budtender, was amazing. She was Super friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back again!

  228. haleyjane9

    No line, friendly staff, decent pricing for the products I bought. Will definitely return!

  229. rlwiddison

    The staff is amazing and quality product.

  230. Dooobeedoobeedoo

    Clean, helpful service. I was impressed by the selection at this place too. Lots of people help make it quick and easy. The medicine here is first-rate.

  231. shalomitup88

    Clean, relatively quick service, friendly and knowledgeable staff! I’ll definitely be going back 🙂

  232. Wschumer

    Great selection. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this dispensary and I’m from OR so I know about dispensaries!

  233. Endplays

    My one beef with Euphoria Wellness is I keep seeing Lavender 7g of shake on menu, every time I called to put order in they are out of this strain in shake and try to up sell me on something more expensive and yet it is still on menu the next day. I called an hour before they open to have them hold it, they were out said they would take off menu but they didn’t bother.

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