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6540 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89139


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The only "Real Sun Grown" Flower in Nevada! We are able to offer you the freshest and highest quality flower at the most affordable price in Las Vegas. Visit you local CANOPI Cannabis Dispensary. We have 3 locations across the Valley!


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79 reviews for “CANOPI

  1. Reese_Banks

    The security staff is the best!!! The employees have absolutely NO knowledge of the quality, or product itself. This dispensary sells major stems and horrible products… From the quality of there products you can tell these owners are just money hungry “weed” sellers… How does this stuff pass testing??? LMAO-GL

  2. Ckat13

    This place sold me a disposable vape pen that doesn’t work and wouldn’t exchange or refund it. Don’t shop here. The line was also really long. The people in front of me walked out cuz they didnt want to wait any longer.

  3. DatBleachboi

    It’s such a great place out here

  4. Greenkillr

    It seems to me they’re serving mid grades, and I’ve had better mid grades. Bud taste like nothing like that Old Brick taste.

  5. cssnow88

    They have garbage weed, no sense of time, and they don’t update anything. So, after you’ve waited 30-45 minutes just to be seen, you find out they don’t have anything that’s here on their menu. Then when you go to buy their garbage weed, you’ll learn they also don’t update the display tags, so the terpines are all wrong. Garbage service, garbage weed, garbage dispensary. Go literally anywhere else.

  6. W1N73R5

    Went to downtown Canopi, never again.
    Locals might be impressed but flower was dry, smelled like crappy mexi ses from high school in 90’s
    You cant see or smell the flower, if so I would’ve walked out.
    It was just a bad business model.
    too many negatives to mention.

  7. vegastesla

    I live next door

  8. river333

    I have been here once before, right after the fourth of July, and they were out of almost everything. I wanted Indica and they had none available so we settled for Kimbo Slice, low THC, and not very good. However, the staff and atmosphere and prices were great, but we went back to our regular place until 25 minutes after being late for our delivery at 8:51 pm they texted a message that they weren’t going to be able to deliver.
    Frustrated, I called Canopi and we went down there immediately for what we thought was going to be Indica, and wound up with a Hybrid named Trainwreck. It’s fabulous, they still have medical card benefits to having the card, and their prices are outstanding. The product, as I said, is fantastic, the staff was great, and we have found our new home. Thumbs WAY UP!!!!!!!!!!

  9. angels27420

    Went to pick up a 1/8th of Ghost Train Haze. I called first to confirm it was on the menu.

    Once inside, I dig this place . Good atmosphere, good employees , really good merchandising. I kept looking at all the bad ass smoking stuff .

    Today they were offering a first time customer a free gram with 25 dollar purchase was awesome ! A+

    I’m definitely going back again . I hope they have other quality good strains hence why I went here . Plus the prices wasn’t marked up unlike some competitors.

    P.s. Can’t beat free bottled water 😀
    Also a suggestion, Maybe get a bigger sign outside the store it’s kinda hard to see.

  10. rogue617

    Sure the prices maybe good, but overall the quality is poor. You can tell the owners are in the medical marijuana industry for the money. The levels of THC, CBD, and myrcene, is sadly low for a product that is meant to be medicine. Not a cheep quick high. I don’t write a lot of reviews but please don’t spend your hard earned money on subpar ‘medicine’.

  11. niznak199

    The budtenders don’t seem happy to work there. Very slow service, compared to the others I would say shop else where!

  12. savannahsavagex

    My first time going to this dispensary, its laid out very nice, everything is spread out so you dont feel crowded. Kinda like a small art gallery. The employee’s there are all very nice. I got a half oz of Pink Daddy Silver, which on their online menu @ the time was shown as Pink Elephant..they have since fixed it which was kinda cool they fixed it so quick. anyway onto the actual product- it appears as if it were freeze dried, so its all kinda smooshed and small, but it still smells very aromatic and when smoked is very flavorful. Something I’m not used to seeing in freeze dried products. The actual high was great. Very head high just like the gentlemen said it would be. Just sucked a little that none of the flower there looked good. Clearly…it still smokes the same though. Also, the prices that I was given were Pre tax, so expect the price to go up a tad when you get your turn at the register. Also they let you pay by card now which is great!

  13. Mackdizzle

    Best prices- Very slow service

  14. rockbellboa

    Nice that it is close but they have a small supply of cartridges

  15. curtcramm

    best place to go I have been going since they opened.

  16. stellybelly

    Always have amazing budtenders! They always know what they are talking about

  17. biggertaller

    this was my second time around here.. 1st time want so good.. yr old bud. failed every test I had. the look, the smell, the smoke. BUT! 2nd time around and I’ll say effin A+ for getting new bud! the sour banana sherbet passed test 1, failed test 2 but passed test 3 with flying colors. I’m blown! and it’s just half the blunt! great work on the new stuff and keep up with that customer service!

  18. eldigge

    this my favorite spot never a wait period

  19. krobes

    Product smells and taste like shit! No wonder they dont let you smell or see anything up close

  20. codybrowne710

    They’ve definitely stepped their quality up

  21. napal

    Very friendly and informational, cheap price and frost buds, it looks like apple store inside it’s grate, definitely coming back.


    what happened to medical patient prices?

  23. sanchezann

    Great place (:

  24. dankpictures

    this placd is da shiznit

  25. hufflepuffkayla

    All the staff seemed super friendly and knowledgeable

  26. Pogi

    Brandon is awesome. He took his time and explained diferent opptions that would help me sleep better at night. He also made recomendations with battery selection. Andrew asssisted me with checkout and he was just as good. He gave me instructions on how to charge my battery etc. Overall excellent experience and will be back! Thanks for all the help and patience.

    Blue Dimond Canopi is definitely five stars…..

  27. danuttytokes

    This beautiful woman helped me by recommending some potent gummies,they sneek up on you something fierce but it’s an enjoyable ride at least that was my experience.
    The place is spatial and airy and kinda feels like you’re in a cloud of calmness. Even the tones of the other people working are calm. Kind of like a laissez-faire attitude but when it comes knowing their stuff, belive me they do. Will definitely go back especially on Mondays when they have their double cash.

  28. N8TRBOY

    it’s out of the rat race…

  29. bradencox131

    My bud-tender, Nick, was chill and informative. He readily admired when he didn’t know something, rather than BS me. Asked about my wife’s and my smoking habits and needs. I went on a Sunday evening and it wasn’t busy at all. Store was clean, atmosphere and lighting were very bright and organized. I’m happy that I chose to come here.

  30. mckellportillo1

    This dispensary is amazing. It’s layout makes it easy to see and learn about their products. Some are exclusive to this particular shop. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. And the checkout process is UNLIKE any other in town. I recommend stopping by. The flower is sealed nicely and the flavors are great. Even if the shop wasn’t the closest to me, the customer service makes me feel like this is my place.

  31. christinaj89014

    so nice!! really helpful great deals!

  32. pcinsomniak

    Awesome, I really like this place. Pretty good selection, nice atmosphere, very friendly and helpful staff. Even the security! Monday double stamp specials… and, call me a sucker, but the girl who helped me today was very cute… that’s always a plus.

  33. jtnlv

    Have been to this location twice for a concentrate to vape to help with insomnia. both times, ended up with a sativa dom hybrid. Will not be returning…

  34. rgbsn91

    Love the 500mg Mile Higher Mint chocolate bar! Wish more flavors came in higher than 100mg. Great selection of flower. Every time I visit seems to get better and better. Thanks

  35. St0n334

    Been going here a fee months and won’t go anywhere else anymore. It’s good to see them busy now. The 4 different budtenders have been knowledgeable. I’ve got 3 1/2 oz of flower, 2g of shatter, a cavi cones (really is the world’s strongest medicine lol) all for less then 1 oz at any other dispensary, and i was buying quite a bit of small amounts to test the differnt ones. Check their website for the best deals I’ve ever seen in the area. I’m more than satisfied wt the quality of the lower shelf ones. I think why some people say that there may be more stems is simple because there is more bud as it’s a little less dense as top shelf ones. The couple halfs I bought had giant nugs in them. Staff and security are friendly. I’m spending a quarter of what I used to at other places and am able to medicate to my needs, not my budget. I don’t see how anyone could give them less than 5 stars, provided they go at this time now that selection, more brands and stock has increased a lot in the last couple weeks.

  36. cjacintho2009

    I like this spot

  37. rickzavala

    Literally even the most expensive strains will probably barely get you high
    All strains Give you the nastiest cotton mouth, literally every single one. Quality of the buds are ALWAYS dry and all broken up like shake. Tried to give this place numerous chances tried just about every flavor they have on everything I love. Their quality Is just so bad, the people are kinda nice there so it sucks i have to make his review but wow the strains are so unbelievably bad and disappointing that I had to make his review so others don’t make the same mistakes I did
    The service is always slow always such a long process even if you just want to buy and accessory or whatever. Sun grown is not the way to go %100

  38. maktown

    The thing I like best about this place is they grow some of their own stuff! If you look at the label on the package and it says “Supplied by: CW NEV CULT” then that means it was grown and packaged by their parent company Charlotte’s Web Nevada Cultivation, based in Pahrump. NV. Because of this, they have the CHEAPEST prices on an OUNCE of Shake and Popcorn Nugs. I bought an ounce of Sour Diesel Popcorn Nugs for $75 and an Ounce of Blueberry Diesel shake/trim for $80. It was listed as $105 on their menu but there was some confusion (on my part) about what they were offering, was it a shake version AND a (higher priced) bud version? So, they only had the shake/trim version and so they gave me a huge discount on this! The staff has always been patient and helpful as I have a lot of questions (mostly curiosity).

    Also, I LOVE the fact that their product was sun grown and YES it SUPPOSE to be better. I noticed other reviews from people complaining about the fact it was sun grown, but sun grown is the more natural/organic way to grow it!

    Cons: They almost NEVER have the exact strains I’m looking for aEUR”aEUR”A except for Sour Diesel, which was the greatest come up I’ve ever made at a dispensary! aEUR”aEUR” Sometimes, it’s hit or miss with what the ‘helper’ knows. Some employees there know more about the products than others.

    Another interesting note about this place is that they seem to be the CREATORS of the CBD strains that are being talked about all over the internet! Charlotte’s Web and Avidekel!

  39. shellie1999

    First time I came in here I have to admit I did leave but only because the wait was so long and I’m waiting for my new medical card but when I came back Everyone was Very Helpful and when I told the bud tender that I needed something for depression he suggested Alaska. Which was AWESOME !!!!! It worked great especially considering what I am dealing with right now !!!!
    My Only Complaint is that you guys haven’t had any in stock since !!!! Please get some more because this works better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

  40. VegasBaby

    I went to the 3rd street location 1st. Never again!! Then i saw they were opening a new location on Blue Diamond HWY and decided to try that one. So glad i did!!! Everyone was great and so helpfully. The prices are amazing!! This is now my favorite and go to dispensary. 🙂

  41. KimKardashianWest

    Meghan & Alishia was great bud tenders.. Meghan knows her flowers..

  42. vcbrown

    Love it! Everyone is helpful and very knowledgeable about the products they have

  43. InaWar

    I’ve been here twice and the staff has been great!!

  44. ncorpuz

    I like this place

  45. nayttte

    New favorite place. In and out twice as fast as any other place. Great prices for awesome quality. Super friendly staff. Open all night.


    My go to dispensary for my daily medical & medicinal goods . Bryan

  47. Sammyness21

    Awesome experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  48. quiver21

    I like the atmosphere but I tend to receive poor service half the time. The last time I was here they charged me for my own exit bag so I turned around had them give me another bag since I already paid for it. Just on general principle I guess. I was not going to haggle with them over a dollar.

  49. vegastoner

    Amazing location. 5 star service from check in to check out. I won’t mention any names but everyone there on the afternoon on 4.22 was so pleasant, and went above and beyond to educate me about the much needed medicine. the prices were on point too. Big open facility as well. Healthy Human vibes dY$?”

  50. diraharrison

    Friendly people with tons of knowledge

  51. Monkey1964

    Very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Honestly I may not go anywhere else. Thank you all.

  52. jlester319

    They usually have a good selection to choose from. Only thing I would say that’s negative is that since it’s sun grown, the THC percentage is lower than most locations.

  53. EdnaF

    I have visited all three Canopi locations and have been completed satisfied with my experiences at all three. Their entire staff, from front desk to budtenders to security, are uniformly friendly, courteous and helpful. I primarily use their Blue Diamond location due to their wider selection, but I am always able to find good deals on good medicine at all three.

    To me, their #1 strong point is providing good value. As a retiree on a fixed income, this is very important to me. I can find highest quality strains at Canopi at reasonable prices. I can also find products with lower THC content at absolute bargain prices. Today I picked up a full ounce of Blue Dream shake with 15.9% THC for $109. That’s the kind of deal that will keep me coming back for a long time.

    One final note. As someone with severe osteoarthritis, I find Canopi to be the absolute best for stocking high CBD products at reasonable prices. They’re a great source for Avi-dekel, Harlequin, and similar strains. They’re also the best source around for the Tikun Olam line.

  54. calvet11

    Have been here several times in the last month and have been pleased each time. Just wish it was closer to Pahrump, we need a Good store in our valley.

  55. cnotekinsey


  56. BeachBum1

    These guys were great! I was steered in the perfect direction. Friendly and knowledgeable. But what do I know?

  57. Kanoa

    This is a great dispensary with a good selection, staff that are equally knowledgable and personable and it is easy to access with lots of parking.
    Elle at the front is always really accommodating and every time I go in I am given a lot of help from Malik, Keegan, and Susan (Susan was especially helpful, cluing me in on a few things that only an expert would know).
    I highly recommend checking this place out and will definitely be back soon.

  58. HLMencken

    I called before I drove down to Blue Diamond to be sure they had the strain I wanted in the THC content I wanted. I was told the THC was 25.6%. When I got there, I asked the budtender if the strain was still at 25.6%, he said YES! I bought 2 eighths, got home and found out the THC was 23.9%. I called back and all I got was “different batches has different THC contents.” I said that I knew that, but I specifically asked a human budtender twice about the THC of the PACKAGES I WAS BUYING. They advised me to stop the cashier before she rings anything up, and inspect the packages I was actually getting. I WILL ALWAYS DO THAT, AT THIS DISPENSARY. Whenever other dispensaries have sold me something inferior than what I ordered, they offered me a gram of some strain for each eighth I bought, or a pre-roll for each eighth to compensate me. But all they offered was “too bad, it happens, tough situation.” STOP THE CASHIER AND INSPECT WHAT YOU’RE GETTING.

  59. chrisp117

    Went in today for first time. Stood in line for roughly 10 minutes before being able to see a budtender. Very great atmosphere, kind of reminded me of an Apple store. They are currently out of a lot of stuff so don’t go in expecting a full stock. My budtender recommended a cavi-cone, and I must say 10/10. Couldnt be more pleased with my visit. Will return when they get more stock!

  60. Cosmicshauny

    Been here a few times. ALWAYS 86d on what I want. Today I wanted concentrate but they only have flowers and gummies. Close if you can’t supply, stop wasting people’s time. I feel bad for med patients who need this stuff.

    Also, bought a vape from these guys, was told they carried the screw on oils for it. Turns out that was false.

    Came to drop a hundred, left with nothing. Smh

  61. Calypsocookie

    Very impressed with this location. Had my first visit today and while the wait was long it was also expected with legalization just a few days ago. Told the budtender what type of strain I was looking for and she sold me 2 grams of the Avidekel. I love it and I will definitely be back for more. Thanks guys!

  62. 80sRocker

    I love this place! The staff is great and the best deals in town!!

  63. Stonedhermit

    Worst place to buy marijuana in Las Vegas
    I created an account for the sole purpose of writinge this review. You people are con artists – delete my comment if you want, or do what you used to do and make some more fake account and give yourself 5 star reviews. I’ll just post it again. I only gave you people and your rude staff the benefit of the doubt because the flower was $55/half oz and $99/oz. I knew how terrible and dry the bud was. It smelled like nothing, barely got me high whatsoever, turned into dust in my hands, we’re all harvested over a year ago, and some of them didn’t even have the seal on them. Ever since recreational sales have started, you racked up your prices halfway to hell. I will no longer ever give you guys my money or come back to fill up my rewards card that’s 3/4 full. You robbed people of their medicine and think it’s fine because you profit.

  64. ZKyle

    A wonderful location and Ell my bud tender was so knowledgeable.

  65. Rolonda

    prices jump threw the roof overnight even for the low grade.. why spend 55 for a 1/8 when u can get qtrs for 60-70 around the corner.. makes no sense

  66. cng92

    Nice and friendly

  67. NinoTribbiani

    Well used to be my favorite until Rec sales hit. Now its depleted, and over priced for the quality available. will take my med card elsewhere. get it together please.

  68. droptop105

    Awesome dispensary very friendly staff and easy in and out for patients!!!

  69. ScorchTheClown

    Low selection (due to being McGregor/Mayweather fight weekend) but MUCH better product than previously available at this location. All product I purchased was harvested and packaged within the last 2 1/2 months, cured well and not dry. Bud Tender Tyler is one of the best, most friendly, knowledgeable, helpful I have ever encountered. I purchased Hell’s OG, Durban Poison, OG Story and Blue Dream & all were really good.

  70. cathy123

    prices went up, so much for deals on medical. not worth driving for four hours from az

  71. VelvetHammer

    Great knowledge staff and good product!

  72. CAZZ2689

    Middle of nowhere but close to me. Medical is %15 off everything storwide. So they say and so I thought. They actually think they’re weed dealers (the employees) because they talk to you like shit if you do not stand where they want you to until they want you to move. Beyond rude. They give green or white cards in the lobby based on whether you’re a medical or recreational patient. I was yelled at upon choosing a strain in the showroom asking for my aEURoewhite card.aEUR I pulled out a aEURoegreen cardaEUR and she magically became quiet starting to finally show respect to me as a patron. Shouldn’t matter who I am or which dispensary I walk into or you for that matter, NO EMPLOYEE EVER HAS THE RIGHT TO TREAT ANY ONE OF ITS PATRONS ANY LESS THAN THE PERSON BEFORE OR THE PERSON AFTER THEM. RESPECT IS A MUST IN THIS WORLD NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.

  73. slothkronic

    amazing place always here to pick up from their awesome selection.

  74. Zav07

    love this
    awesome place
    great budtenders malik was awesome robert was awesome mario the security guard was very helpful and polite officially my go to store great product aswell

  75. vegasflowers

    slow service….
    shitty weed.
    nasty house shatter. will never
    you get what you pay for . want crappy cheap weed this is the place for YOU

  76. aksully

    Great place to go

  77. Stoneykittywow

    The $26 1/8 was super dry. Not worth the discount. Service was ok, nothing special. Go somewhere else!

  78. Jennifer81

    Best deals!

  79. bellyoflead

    This is my favorite place to pick up meds. a separate line for patients allows you to be in and out with little to no waiting. The people that work here are some of the best in the city and keep me coming back week after week Heather and Helen especially.

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