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4626 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102


36.159405, -115.203849




7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


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7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


7:00 AM – 7:00 AM


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19 reviews for “Silver Sage Wellness

  1. BMWRacer420

    Staff is super dope. Great grow and very professional. Love the answering machine with daily deals – this place k ies what people want!

  2. exjarheadfred

    Aces! One of the best in town !!!

  3. greenLVgirl

    Fast and friendly check in. I did not notice security at all. They were either really stealth or lacking. I went in for a specific strain on the menu. Found a decent offering of flower, hardly any cartridges or edibles. The decor is tasteful, not flashy. Located near a busy intersection in a strip mall with small parking lot. Might want to fix their menu here on Leafly as it is not working and has not been updated for months.

  4. Gupp

    Great shatter for a decent price. Flowers range greatly in price and their menu is ever growing. Great little location that has become one of my go to favorites.

  5. beerboobsbuds

    Mediocre would be my description. Lots of strains, but kinda leaves you feeling overwhelmed. The patient app looks like crap by the way, and asks you more ?s than I am used to. How many times are you gonna make copies of a copy and been open 2 weeks? My budtender was friendly and warm and knowledgeable. I ordered 2 gs of 707, an 1/8 of gumbo, and 1 g of OG18 wax. I was informed at check in that I would receive 10% discount for being a vet. No so much at check out, the clerk said that they don’t offer it yet, but I would receive my mandatory compliance bag for free. So when I get home to check out the goods I see that they did in fact charge me for the bag…a~1i, Then I open my flowers… Super dry, they were terpy, but not cured, in my opinion, well at all. Tastes like it was a big rush to get flowers out… Very green and grassy. Not much head change either, which I will attribute to premature harvest. I am enjoying the BHO though. Tasty and a very nice high. And the price point is very nice on their extracts. I don’t know if the rules differ from county to city, but I have found a dispensary that offers me 30% discount and a FREE bag every time, and they offer GLP meds that are the best in town hands down. Maybe it’s time to rethink y’all’s strategy. (Patients first)

  6. leoprincess80

    I haven’t been to a lot of the local store fronts yet, but so far this is my favorite. so much so, I may not really need to check any more, I think I’ve found my home dY~EUR everyone here is so friendly and knowledgeable. the quality of the flower and concentrates I have tried so far are impeccable. And they also have great prices compared to a lot of the others because they also own their grow facility, so no middle man upcharge. I LOVE Silver Sage,and will definitely be back!

  7. monicajung

    The selection here is almost overwhelming LOL! They have SO MANY different flowers and concentrates to choose from. Best medicine in town, hands down. Excellent quality and extremely clean, smooth hitting waxes. The staff are all very kind and helpful, and are happy to be there. It makes for a great atmosphere. I will definitely be a return patient here!!! 🙂

  8. 1905Holdings

    Amazing products and extremely knowledgeable staff! A must visit!

  9. hrisgirl

    I am in agreement with @beersboobsbuds – beautiful facility, pleasant staff, great prices, products do work…but the flowers are so dried out and not much to speak of regarding taste that im used to. My first time in I puchased small amounts for sampling – Louis VIII, Gumbo, LA OG, Outer Space, and Thin Mint – very dry and tasteless. The Thin Mint concentrate was tasteless as well. Like I said…geat place but need ensure processing and time shelved does not affect taste and scent quality of their products. I will go back due to pricing being the best in the valley right now!

  10. dapandzz

    great staff and bud! I highly recommend this place!

  11. kobis420

    Good selection and cheap prices. Wasn’t too busy and the people were very helpful. All around magical facility

  12. Dan420#

    Convenient location and nice staff.

  13. IndieVegas

    These guys are brand new, but veterans in the culture. The place was beautiful, clean and modern. The bud tenders were very knowledgable and offered strains and tinctures based on personal experience. I am a low tolerance consumer and they started me odd with a low THC strain with terpenes honed for my ailment of anxiety. They made me feel welcome and are the only dispensary on the west side of town. I will be back. They have low prices, and delivery is in the near future.

  14. kroniqtopus

    In my opinion, this is the best place in Vegas to go to for medicinal needs. The staff there is always knowledgeable and helpful. I love that they are never pushy and give me the info I need to make my own decision. I have been into cannabis for 28 years, and I try to keep up with all the latest research. I can honestly say that I know more than 90% of the budtenders that I have dealt with. Silver Sage Wellness is in that top 10%!

  15. vegssica

    I am super happy with my first-time visit! I came in on a Saturday, not too busy. The receptionist was super friendly and so was the budtender! Good vibes all around, very clean place and such humble atmosphere. I left feeling i had new friends.

  16. Tdubz

    I had a pleasant first time shop here. The location was easy to find and convenient. Processing time was about 2 mins before I went to the flower room.

    They featured a great deal of products in a wide selection. Unique strains and the quality was exceptional. Good flower but i was expecting a bit more flavor and smell from their bud.

    Prices are outstanding and the cheapest in the valley. Overall a great place that deserves more customers, so go check them out guys!

  17. rds2187

    great place to go don’t let others opinions cloud your judgment ….you have questions they have answers just ask

  18. Phagdrag

    neglected to put my points on my account several times, amounting to what would have been quite a lot. customer service is terrible. start asking questions? be prepared for some attitude! gave me the wrong product once. really dry and stale weed. better off going elsewhere.

  19. nshapiro77

    Very bad service and the popcorn bugs of blue dream dried out instantly. And they don’t include taxes. Won’t go back.

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