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MONDAY-SATURDAY 9am-7pm & SUNDAYS 11am-4pm
Hana Meds is a safe, private, and friendly Arizona State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary. We are located in Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ less than ONE MILE off the 19 S. We are committed to providing our patients with a wide variety of medical marijuana products, the best customer service, and a great selection of educational material.
*We grow proprietary strains as well as the best classics in our own multi-million dollar cultivation centers.
-Arizona Craft Cannabis Facilities in Tempe , AZ.
-Sun King Labs Greenhouses in Chino Valley, AZ.
*Open 7 Days a week
*We DO NOT accept out-of-state recommendations
*All of our flower is tested by Desert Valley Testing Lab in Tempe, AZ*


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45 reviews for “Hana Green Valley

  1. Wildman5

    My favorite dispensary in the Tucson area! Staff is very friendly, prices are great and the quality of product is awesome. If you live in Tucson it’s worth the trip to Green Valley. Been to all and this by far is the best!

  2. cynz2787

    girls at front desk are so nice and the place is really nice. not very many people which was great.

  3. CynnyCynCyn

    I live in Tucson, and this place is SOOOO worth the easy drive up. If you want the best value in Arizona get their Orange Blossom Honey. You cannot get more bang for your buck, just remember a little goes a long way! Also, the highest quality flower available in the southwest, I’ve tried them all, its only fresh fluffy buds, strong thc content, and they’re all amazing strains. My favs are Clementine, Oracle, Headband, and Green Crack!! Whoop never tried their hydro grown yet it’s never available when i get there, but let me tell you this is THE place in Az to go! Amazing service, caring ppl that appreciates their customers and are happy to take time with you.

  4. ryanq12

    Friendly staff, great products…

  5. Mendez420

    Have to say, I love the convenience of this place being right around the corner. Grabbed some NiceBug Larry OG wax…soooooo tasty!

  6. JurassicMark

    Thanks to Chris and the staff down at Hana for always having the quality edible selection that meets my medical needs. Love Carissa Brand maintains their consistency which is more than I can say for other local brands, so check them out when you have time you won’t be disappointed when you do.

  7. vinmontiel

    As a first time patient i found there quality to be up the with the very best of So. Arizona Dispensary! Service was great they made me and my wife feel welcomed. There Flower we purchased was on point quality wise and prices were great! We plan on a return visit for sure! Thanks Hana!!

  8. BlueAngel4

    The Medical Advisor at this dispensary is very, very knowledge. Really knows his stuff! The location is terrific & the menu has a great variety of such helpful products. Unfortunately for myself, I just do not care for any of the flower, just my personal opinion, too dry, & just doesn’t work well for me. They have great containers for peoples
    who have difficulty opening things(hands) yet I feel they should have optional type of containers the push down & twist type as well. The other containers open too easily be careful!
    Very nice selection of nice pipes, very good supply of edibles, etc. I hope they do well.

  9. drliaison

    Outstanding!! Knowledgeable staff and great meds!

  10. Sleeptech35

    Great staff! Patient and kind. Wish they had more variety of edibles but all good.

  11. dorkeyllama

    the honey is a must buy!!! easy to dose, can be mixed with just about anything or even straight out of the jar (my personal favorite!) I only wish they have larger, longer spoons for the larger jars. other than that, amazing! and everyone is always super friendly and being a stay at home mom it’s a HUGE plus being able to bring my kids and let them color in the waiting area while mommy gets what keeps her sane. lol

  12. crystalcassandra

    Stopped in and no joke EVERYONE was in the best of mood. Smiling and quick on recommendations . Phil the manager always makes u feel very welcomed. Bud tenders u rock!!! && just for that I will be there shortly to see u guys and get some of ur top notch meds.

    This is my second review and every time u guys treat me as I should be u will continue to get my 5 stars!

  13. Sonny1597

    I’ve been using dispensaries all over the Tucson area. I now only use the Hanna Location in Green Valley. They have the best prices and product. The Budmaster’s are knowledgeable and always good to work with.
    I have already brought a couple of friends here because of Hanna’s high quality of service.

  14. Sortahigh

    I recently became a patient here, on the first visit, as I was waiting to be called back, their staff was client bashing an older gentleman that had stopped by asking about locations to get a card, talk about unprofessional, and uncomfortably awkward.

  15. EastcoastMarine08

    Hana is very small and discreet. The meds i received were priced very well and also received veteran discount. staff was amazing and I’m definitely going back!


    Staff are very pleasant, comfortable and clean environment, and quality products at great prices! I will be visiting again and would recommend to others!

  17. MrMalak

    I visited Hana Green Valley recently after being referred by my landlord and her father. I would say that overall my experience was good, but there were a few things that I am concerned with. I am going to break down my experience in to two parts, patient intake and then actually purchasing my medication.

    My wife and I live around 25 minutes from Hana but being on the southwest side of Tucson that’s an average drive to a dispensary. This place is in Green Valley and for most people in Tucson proper that is quite a haul, but if you do live close to the interstate on the south side the prices cant be beat. As far as I can tell there are nearly no specials. They do have one for 420 and I was told about a program when I was there but otherwise the pricing is flat. I think that’s great, because I like to go to a dispensary once a month if I can. I am paid on different days monthly so its nice to not have to coordinate with whatever schedule is set for “specials”. When I arrived the location was clean and had nice music playing. The woman who took my information and my intake form was pleasant and the male bud tender tried to hold the door for me because I was using a walker.

    This is where I sadly have to say I was a little disappointed. When I came in my Budtender was trying to hold open the door for me because I was using a walker. I was having a hard time squeezing by him and remarked that I missed my wheelchair because it was easier to hold doors open and move through with my one good foot. I am not sure what the other budtender was thinking but she said something to the effect like awww does baby need his wheelchair. Now, seeing that I received a certification because I broke my spine and both of my heels and I am up and trying to walk is a small miracle to me. Im not saying this person was trying to be rude intentionally, maybe she wasn’t thinking. However, if you are dealing out medication for chronic pain conditions why would you comment about a persons disability? I quickly ordered an OZ of GDP, a quarter of Green Crack, A pipe, and a free preroll when.. While I am trying to see around the gentleman who is also purchasing medication I start to realize that the same budtender was talking about how great it is to be a “pot head” with this older gentleman. I love Marijuana, and I think it should be legal for recreational use but while I am at a dispensary I find that a little unprofessional. Its reasonably common to hear things like that other places but never in conjunction with staff remarking about the very reason I needed medication in the first place. It makes me uncomfortable in general but in this case I am including it in this review. Other than that I am pleased to report that the quality of the medication is good for the price.

  18. Sabali520

    They got some amazing GDP

  19. Blueangel4101

    I Love Hana for my Meds. Jill has done a Great job completely dY’dY>>. I always like to tip whom ever is so graciously helping me. I was bummed when I found out you can’t tip anymore. TOTAL COMPLEMENT TO HANA OWNERS THAT PATRONS WANT TO TIP THESE OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES PLEASE ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO DECIDE a$?i,dY’dY>>

  20. hiroki702

    Everyone here was super friend and the flower smell amazing!

  21. jcgvaz

    Helpful knowledgeable staff.

  22. devonc

    I have visited many dispensaries in multiple states since 2010 and I am pretty impressed with Hana Green Valley I must say. The manager Phil, budtender (not so knowledgeable but very friendly), and receptionist all super nice! Besides some minor criticisms they definitely get my vote for one of the best dispensaries I have been to. Very clean, classy and professional. Myself I am a caregiver organically cultivating in soil for the past 6 years, as well as a solvent-less extractor & connoisseur. Just the fact that they carry actual bubble hash and rosin sold me to make the drive. I do have a little criticism on 3 points, the first being Bulla Bubble is advertised as “full melt” however after trying 6 of the varieties I can say they are really only “3/4th melt” which still is pleasurable but should not be considered FULL melt. Secondly, the “clean dabs” rosin I picked up was called “Bubba Brittle” making me believe it would have the stability of a brittle, which it didn’t, still a pleasurable smoke though. Lastly, I looked at two flower cultivars that were on special for $10/G, first was Lavender one of my long time favorites, it did not have the linalool terpenoid profile as the Lavender should. Next I looked at the GDP which appeared quality and had the GDP smell, so I went with that. Once home I realized the gram I purchased could not have been from the same plant as the nug in the sample jar, as it did not have the nice GDP profile and smelled of grass. This is a problem I find in most dispensaries, they will take a beautiful top cola from the best plant from a harvest to use as a display nug when in fact what you’re purchasing is probably not going to be as quality. In my opinion patients should be able to look and smell the jar that will be weighed from, not a display. I also want to mention that I have seen many dispensaries and delivery services offer “bubble hash” and “dry sift” when in fact it’s old school crappy pressed Hash and kief, don’t be fooled. All Real bubble and Sift needs to melt, and while the bulla didn’t fully I still commend Hana for trying. MY BIGGEST FEEDBACK IS FOR THE GROWERS. I hope this gets passed onto them, I’m assuming you are cultivating hydroponically, because the bulla processed with your material is not full melt, my guess is that your resin heads have some residual salts from the types of nutrients you’re using. If I may make a suggestion, if possible switch to organic no till soil, in the long run it will save a lot of money and you will have the highest grade imaginable. If you must stay with hydro for commercial convince sake I urge you to switch up the bottled nutes and or flush longer to get the last salts out. Do this and I guarantee the best flowers and tastiest full melt! By the way this is the first review I’ve ever written, lol thanks for reading.

  23. Gaby_0508

    I love this location!!!! Awsome service, always welcoming, always come out with a smile!!!

  24. reformedhippie

    great meds at a good price, however your staff turnover is an issue that doesn’t seem to be getting better. hope you see the value in consistency with customer service reps soon.

  25. mikesz1369

    really like this place, very nice staff and good med and prices, worth the extra mile

  26. Mickey876

    I live in Sahuarita, so the location/convenience can’t be beat. ALL the staff were welcoming and knowledgeable and friendly. I also loved the quality, prices and selection. If they had orange Kiva bars, I’d never need to go anywhere else! Big thumbs-up!

  27. support44

    The atmosphere is phenomenal and there was a wide selection of high quality products.

  28. Reeferdan

    Great meds and an awesome customer service. The budtenders here offer a knowledgeable understanding of the meds and a friendly experience as well as some of the best flower in the entire south of AZ

  29. moc.76

    Olen was a superstar. I had questions- he had answers. Plus, he made my experience fun and funny. I really enjoyed this location especially because of this gentleman. Thank you Olen!!

  30. biglane420

    Far drive from Tucson for mediocre meds

  31. T0xiK1

    I come here once every two weeks from Tucson because the flower is ridiculously good, that’s how much I like this place. I would recommend this place to anyone that likes great quality flower and rosin.

  32. tykeyboy1

    Everyone there is awesome and treats everyone with kindness and respect. Best deals in town and discounts all the time.

  33. fablane

    The staff are extremely knowledgeable and take their time with each patient. This was the first dispensary I visited and no other can compare. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend Hana to those liking for a high quality product and great service.

  34. LaYayita90

    Love this place amazing staff great service!

  35. cata0212

    Had their VERY Flavorful Concentrates, WOW…put on my ass…lol

  36. charlie1331

    Awesome staff, awesome leaf, awesome service!!!!oh and GREAT PRICES TOO

  37. pacosixfour

    Nice staff..cool atmosphere..came for the concentrates..!!!

  38. Dvyne69

    I was so sick on my 1st visit but you made me feel right at ease. (Bronchitis as usual) the convenience of your location is perfect!! Very knowledgeable staff and polite!! I’m on my way back as we speak!! dY’*dY|<

  39. missbunnyluv

    I think the employees there are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and nice.

  40. GlennNYtoAZ

    This review is long overdue. Hana has been my hometown dispensary since Nov 2015. They have yet to fail me with their quality and selection of meds, their prices and best of all great service. Special thanks to Liz and Tiffany. I always feel welcome as they greet me with a smile and call me by my name. A1 dispensary.

  41. porkinbeans

    Great location, great service, great, friendly atmosphere!!

  42. Fatfinn

    Everything was great. Excellent products. Not super cheap. But the products and service were top notch

  43. JVlz520

    Not from the area but it’s a must stop… very helpful staff.

  44. whzurddy1

    They are very knowledgeable and very welcoming! It’s the only dispensary I go to! Love this place!!!

  45. T_in_AZ

    Thanks to Kylie for recommending the GDP ladybug crumble! I’m really enjoying the additional “kick” to my evening bowl of pain relief!

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