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1800 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102


36.1505377, -115.1611302




12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


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Founded in 2015, Oasis is elevating the cannabis industry to a higher standard through our dedication to quality, convenience, and providing a first-rate experience customized to the needs of each and every visitor.

We employ a knowledgeable staff that works with you to get the right products, and provide a large selection of cannabis to serve more of your needs.

Our intent remains focused on providing empowerment through education, compassionate care through attentive service, and community enrichment through our diverse community programs. Oasis Cannabis Dispensary is 24 hours so you can get your cannabis, when you need it.

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122 reviews for “Oasis Cannabis


    Oasis was a cool experience overall. The place was pretty sleek and clean. Glass containment cylinders line the walls displaying multitudes of various strains of flower. Every strain had information about its chemical breakdown posted next to its display, and the young man that helped with my experience was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer the few questions I asked. As it was my First time visit, I recieved 20%off the around $300 I spent on a sampling of 5- 1/8s of flower, 4-pre-rolls, a battery pack, and a oil syringe. Not bad prices, I suppose. Pretty comparable to prices most would be familiar with.
    Super convenient location for me, right between work and home. I’ll definitely be returning for my some of my future medicinal requirements.

  2. thedabbler

    all of they’re products are premium. best quality around!

  3. Pandabearjen

    This place is awesome. All the budtenders are helpful with any kind of questions. Great selection of products. No other dispensary compares to Oasis.

  4. FireItUp222

    One of my friends told me to go to Oasis because it was the best shop they had been to. I decided to try it even though it was a lot further from my house than my normal shop. I bought a quarter of HP13 (what the girl recommended) Just tried it and I am loving it! Great taste, pretty buds, great feeling! Thanks Oasis! I think I’m going to try the delivery service next week when I need some more HP13!

  5. angelchacon65

    they attend to u fast and very welcoming staff

  6. zach46290

    First time patient and I will never be back. You advertise that you have over 30 strains at $30 eights, well was just there and not a single one. Everything was 40 or 50 with a majority being 50. Thanks for the bait and switch

  7. pitap55

    Beautiful place, loved the staff. Can’t wait to go back.

  8. meghanmarez

    Love the staff, as well as, the product! Oasis is my favorite dispensary. Based on quality and expense

  9. grayfogusf

    Beautiful sales floor. Great staff. Good for out of state patients

  10. lu1z

    Great staff!

  11. KYKY_OneHitOneDa

    Hands down the best dispensary I have ever experienced. Rob kicked ass and gave some expert flower suggestions.

  12. Blundn

    Just off the strip. Good location.

  13. EcstaticPatient

    I love this place. Great selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Love the early bird specials too!

  14. CountGanjula

    Thank you for delivery…as a medical patient who needs product at their earliest convenience, you nailed it every time. Thank you for not using aEURoeBlackbirdGo.aEUR Everyone in Las Vegas needs to follow suit. Your delivery service alone gets 10/5 stars.

  15. itzel1818

    Honestly recommend this location! Great customer service & GREAT deals ! We’ve been to 3-5 different dispensaries in Vegas to find the best deals and we definitely got the best one here! We will for sure always be coming to this location every time we come to Vegas!

  16. marlinnn17

    This place is absolutely amazing! From the minute you walk inside the staff is friendly and informative. I’ve returned on multiple occasions and I’ve received nothing but great service. I’d have to say Stephanie in particular has gone out her way to be sincere and honest and has recommended only the best! I love coming back here not only for their staff but also the quality of their products. Oasis has to be my favorite dispensary till this date.

  17. Cali428

    love the staff…my fav budtender is Ally!

  18. Seanp0422

    Best in vegas

  19. Cowboys1

    My 1st time experience was great! They price matched my usual dispensary’s prices on 2 different top shelf picks plus they have a much larger selection to choose from. This will be my top choice from now on.

  20. Muskie0426

    Was visiting from out of state. They were very helpful and accommodating. This dispensary had it going on they made the options in my home state look like amateurs.

  21. robwu

    Kind staff Great atmosphere will come here from now on beautiful inside nice artwork

  22. ohmeohmy

    I wish it was more visible from the road.

  23. vybewitme209


  24. Plee

    Certainly the coolest and most high tech dispensary I have been at. Picked up some of their herojuana og and it smokes excellent. Every staff member were nice. Definitely surpasses the ghetto LA clinics with 4 walls of steels and buzzers you have to go through

  25. rclures

    Well its 2:00 pm and they are open till 10:00 pm. All out of Today’s 50% off deal. I believe I was told everybody calls in early for deals! How does that work? 8 hours left
    till closing and ALL OUT! Very Disappointed!!!!

  26. kateessex

    extremely friendly and helpful staff, always have a great selection, never have to wait, and location is ideal.

  27. dvader420

    This is a top notch store thank you for the great experience and professionalism!!

  28. greywidow

    Wonderful, caring group of folks with deep commitment to healthier living. Love that they have free activities such as art therapy, education outreach to patients and an excellent, kind and ethical staff who have looked out for me as a medical patient via reciprocity with Arizona for about a year prior to my moving to Las Vegas. RECOMMENDED in every way – and those Top Shelf Tuesdays for the connoisseurs out there whether medical or recreational – my favorite day of the week at Oasis!

  29. pakalolo702


    My experience USED to be great until I experienced the way they handled my personal information. On June 17 I gave the staff my VA med ID card so they could scan it and apply Veteran discount on each visit. Well as most of you know there’s a process to paying and getting out of there. Well I got overwhelmed and forgot to ask for my card back. I called later to ask if they had it. The staff on the phone said “We have it…I will keep it stored on the top shelf at the first counter on the left when you walk in.” Today I had a chance to stop in and pick it up. You guessed it they did not find it! Yes they were kind about it. No they did not try to fix the problem in any way such as a discount, a freebie or most importantly take this matter seriously and protect their patients information! BTW so if I’m a patient and my information is in their database, why didn’t they just mail my ID or have some one drop it off?! They have a delivery service!!!

    The plus side for me is there’s plenty of competition in that area. Better deals and better ethics for medical patients!

  30. tlark1982

    I came in from another state for my first dispensary visit. Bad idea and thankfully Vegas has some other great shops. First off the positives (because there aren’t many) the set up is awesome, you can see product without having to ask it’s all out there in front of you behind glass but you can see it first hand without looking at a generic menu. Now for the bad… Customer service was horrible as you walk in the door. Granted this was 10pm on a Monday night but still you run a business and the first face you should see should always be a friendly one. Once we went back a young lady greeted us and she was very nice but knew absolutely nothing about the science behind each strain. I was looking for some good sativa for help with PTSD. She couldn’t tell me what was a sativa or indica until I found the cards and pointed it out to her. She could barely run the tablet to take my order and after asking about 2-3 different products they were out of them. Then after finally finding some products I waited to check out. Thankfully the cashier went over my order to find it was messed up giving me two different products than what I ordered. If you’re looking for a good experience and knowledgeable help DO NOT visit Oasis.

  31. DapperDiddy83

    Great place! large menu,helpful & courteous staff. I got the Tangerine Dream. Great stuff! I highly recommend this dispensary. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed. almost forgot to mention they have an ATM!

  32. kobunav

    this is the best dispensary ive been too and ive actually been to about 4 or 5 different ones trying out the atmosphere to find my home. The customer service is amazing and ive never waited too long to get in and out! They have been selling out of certain flowers pretty fast though so thats the only downfall i see, but its still amazing!

  33. nieto92

    California love in Sin City.

    Stepping into the clean and organized facility, you automatically are greet by warm smiles and fresh piny aroma. Oasis is my favorite store in the state. I can not say enough to justify the wonderful experience.

  34. alie16

    This dispensary is committed to MEDICAL MARIJUANA. I like that. Adriana spent alot of time helping me and I learned a great deal. Will definitely return.

  35. blazedcuco

    best bang for your buck, buds look amazing compared to the other dispenseries i been to

  36. Bet0913

    Great place in and out quickly!!!!!!!

  37. Aquaman2112

    The staff and most importantly the product are awesome!! Best pricing, and all products are listed with TAX INCLUDED!! Great bud tenders, and staff from security to the greeters!!

  38. LadyIrish

    It’s an amazing location. I enjoy the vibe here. Staff is always amazing. Trying to help you out the best way possible!! I love them! They really do try to look out for you to make sure you get the best value for your needs.

  39. jhMarx

    Wonderful place; kind, knowlegeble helpful, courteous bud tenders.
    M, J and I consider Oasis very family friendly.

  40. Normalnorman420

    I absolutely love this place.Awesome service,product,hours,price.Friendly smart staff.all good weed what more could you want I will always return here.

  41. Inoc

    Shame on you Oasis. You offer a locals discount, but can’t apply it to out of state mmj recommendation?!? And please don’t tell me it is NV law, because I already checked, and it would be a lie. Who transfers their MMJ card?!? Then why does NV offer reciprocity? Yeah, definitely not coming back, considering all the others have no problem applying their local discounts to out of state cards. SHAME!!! We’ll all here just go to MedMen, as they have absolutely no problem applying the discount, regardless of card issuing state.

  42. marijuanatourism

    I love these folks, everyone here has such a great mindset every day it rubs off on patients so all you’ll encounter is happy people every time. And why are the house of herbs containers light purple they look awesome! I never thought id say but too much green does exist in the cannabis industry as far as packaging goes these purple containers are sick (I just wish they weren’t plastic to help save the fishies)

  43. urlilrayray

    This dispensary is one of a kind. Awesome staff and huuuge selection! Love the waterfall inside, such a great vibe. Overall, experience was exceptional! If you are in Vegas this shop is a must. 🙂

  44. Flydolce

    Back Again & AGAIN!!! Oasis is literally like my second home. Keep up the fantastic work ladies n gents!
    The Staff is Rockin–Cute Boss Lady M is what imma nickname her because she’s awesome and adorably short! She opened me up to an amazing flower called Ghost OG…
    Loving my African Empress Ladies they are super sweet and such beauties!

    Shoutout to the fellas … Mike is a cutie and very helpful and goes of his way to make sure each visit is a wonderful experience. I stopped in tonight and I have a thing for glass jars for my Flower and he made sure I had a glass mason jar. Thanks for the PurpleMonkey is niiiiiiice and frosty with a cerebral vibe.
    Another thank you to Rob he’s also a go to guy and will help you out with whatever you have in mind. He’s patient and they have a steady pace so it’s never overwhelming with too many patients at once. See ya tomorrow! Such an amazing team.

    Hi RJ Bye RJ! You always are pleasant to me and others. Thank you for your hospitality and greetings. (p.s. I saw you training another security guard — goodWork)

    Clean and Beautiful Waterfall of Peacefulness is all I feel when I arrive inside Oasis Medical CANNABIS.

    Orders are up fast and the Staff is efficient — can’t wait to be VIP. ALmsot there … Get a Stamp on way out….

    Please Stay Open 24-7 ….. I will start a petition for ya! Hahahaaa Love Y’all

  45. kmiles26

    Great place me an fiancA(c) had our first visit people were amazing

  46. NModesco1

    Been here for an hour with like five people in here and still waiting for my order it took almost 20 minutes for a representative to approach me.

  47. Tinynogood34

    Good deals great vibz

  48. EddieB82

    Very helpful! Staff is great, quick, and very friendly. Visited 5 others in town, this is chillest and most efficient. Will be a regular from here on out.

  49. Yoshi5674

    First time to a dispensary and the experience was great. One of the easiest things I’ve done actually. I believe Jason was my Tender. He was patient with me, very helpful, and explained everything in a way that everyone could understand. I got some gummies and bubblegum tincture. I was only interested in edibles and oil/tinctures at the time so I can’t comment on flowers. I was in and out in maybe 15 minutes. I’ll definitely be back.

  50. damianmann

    This is the best dispensary I’ve visited here in Vegas. The quality of the flower was a cut above what Is been finding elsewhere. I started thinking, “We’ll, I guess this is as good as it’ll get here.” Oasis had some unique strains. And the thc content was pretty accurate, as opposed to, “well, there has been batches that got a high as that”, type bs. Then, what you get is a jar of dissapointment. Not here. It’s the happiest I’ve been. Even two weeks later, the buds were still strong… and the didn’t come dried out already. It was nice spongy, dense, fresh bud. You can’t go wrong here


    Kaleigh WAS the Best

  52. caged500

    2 words…SEED WEED!! gargabe !! wut you get in your carry out is nothing wut you see on the shelf…buyer beware

  53. whodat702

    Great atmosphere from the time you walk into the time you leave the staff is great Azalea was every helpful with a smile prices are cheaper than other dispensaries great selections new products but still have the Favorites in stock this is the only place I’ll go

  54. nectarinekushie

    I love this dispensary! good knowledgeable people and so helpful.

  55. geed

    the staff makes it the best choice in town

  56. RadioactiveMan

    FANTASTIC!!! These individuals are the most educated people I have ever encountered. they have Exactly what you are looking for. I would recommend Oasis to any visitors to our city, any local or any patient that requires a certain amount of understanding. The entire staff is always there for you and they certainly convey that it is always patients and clients above all else. I am very taken, and partial to this dispensary. They have been taking care of my needs for two years, and I refuse to utilize other means. They have been just Wonderful!

  57. CMK702Life

    Absolutely the most professional operation in town. I prefer to spend my dollars here over every other dispensary.

  58. jimijam1


  59. Kd420420

    1. Space was 3 feet wide between wall & glass case, making it extremely crowded to view products.
    2. The girl was not training to be able to explain terpenes or mycrene.
    3. After buying $280 worth of stuff, I was suppose to get 20% off for my first time, since she did this transaction on an iPad then directed me to a MACHINE to pay, I then realized it didn’t add up & she ONLY gave me $20 off. It was A hassle to get the sneezing manager to get me the money owed. Then the other manger took forever to do it while talking to a coworker casually wasting my time for their mistake. No compensation, nothing, just a headache and about 25 minutes to cash out because of their mistake!
    3. The worst thing is they SHORTED ME!!! They didn’t have a 1/4 available, so she gave me 7 gram packages, I started weighing each one when I got home to combine them in one jar. It totally I wa shorted .7 grams .
    It’s grimmey shit and DO NOT recommend this place. After visiting about 6-8 other dispensaries in the area- this was the worst experience!!!

    I could keep going, but you get it

  60. BlueChesse4mePlease

    I love Oasis and everyone in it! What sets them apart is that they provide an experience. They go out of their way to make sure all of your questions are answered. Not to mention FREE YOGA!!! Keep doing what your doin!!!

  61. idahocannabisrefugee

    Best shop we visited in Vegas. Impeccably clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent experience!

  62. KortnieC

    My first time in a dispensary, very polite and patient. I will be back!

  63. Janesing

    Good selection, availability of prerolls & grams + the open shop floor and casual interaction make this dispensary super chill & inviting. The community calendar is the best plus I’ve seen yet ++++

  64. Rick9784

    this is the best dispensary I’ve been to this far very knowledgeable fully stocked and great atmosphere the employees are great as well would definitely recommend everyone to go to Oasis

  65. willbags

    Great atmosphere and all the delicious flavors!!

  66. Morpheussoup

    Nothing special !! Do not expect many choices in flowers. Only 2 indicas.
    Cartridge of 0.5 concentrate is 55$ before tax?! Too expensive, do not recommend

  67. adrianows

    Royann was the vest budtender everrrrrrrrr

  68. bonhomie

    Awesome atmosphere and the best staff I’ve come across. You can tell they’ve been doing things right for awhile and are on the cutting edge of pre-ordering and self-service from their website to checkout. Great display and selection and zero pressure. I picked up some Blue Power (omg time-slower), Chocolope (happy awake) and Cush. Loud buds low price. may be back for one of those PAX-clone vape pens! aoeOE

  69. JenBoxley

    Love the budtenders….Ally & Jason

  70. makeitrainnaren

    Friendly location. Awesome stuff! Clean and fun to shop at!

  71. widdie

    I love love love this shop they were very nice and helpful

  72. Volcano420

    They don’t answer the phones so I went to the location. There selection was aight, but need more sativa options. The staff was chillin. No info on the stains. The sage and sour is what they recommended it was okay. There nugs look good but was not fire.

  73. zachychann21

    oasis is one of the best good staff and great product

  74. mikeyru

    I just moved from Sacramento, California. When I came here it was it like a weed museum. Best experience I ever had at a club.

  75. DARS23

    Oasis has a great quality of strains both in flower and extracts ! They are always able to help my pain needs without the dreaded ‘lock’-say if I need to be up for projects etc…

  76. Attain

    Adam was my budtender. He was helpful, patient and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is good. I got a 3 pack of joints, thought you could mix and match but unfortunately you can not as of this review. Consider multiple type packs. Overall 5/5

  77. StillSmokingLV

    Oasis has one of the largest selections of flower and concentrates in Las Vegas. The BAM selection is ridiculously large. BAM makes it. Oasis has it. The staff is super helpful and friendly. They also have Giddy Up. Yum! See you today!!!

  78. HighAF702

    I love Oasis. The people are super friendly and I get some good recommendations and products here. I wish they would open a location in Henderson next year and also wish they would increase the amount and variety of products.

  79. mntldisobedience

    My favorite place to get my cannabis; the staff is the coolest!!!

  80. lvdiva

    This was my first trip to a dispensary ever ! What a beautiful place. It was clean and professional. Every question I had (and I had a lot about strains etc) were carefully answered by attentive staff. Really impressed – don’t let the location throw you off. It’s museum quality inside!

  81. BRubble

    Another review of a great product,unless Leafly decides I’ve violated one of the arcane rules of reviews. RSO2GO cartridges are amazing,all strains, VERY good body hit,nice mind hit without being incapacitating. Pain,Chemo,MS,etc,this is a good choice. I recommend the o.pen for vaping. Multiple heat settings to control intake,no annoying button to push,easy to take care of.

  82. krystalnunn23

    this location is awesome and very well maintained. Very informative. I will be back as much as i can. Everyone should come to this store and ask for Royann.

  83. curdled

    very nice and friendly, knowledgable staff- always up to date on their products- thanks Sloan for the info that oasis is known for

  84. LesBoyd

    Nice helpful staff love the daily deals.very satisfied my favorite store in vegas

  85. CheckMeowt419

    Super professional and relatable employees, couldn’t have asked for a better shop for my 21st.

  86. Zyzx

    I have never seen a more dedicated and helpful staff than I have experienced at Oasis. They are hands down the most helpful and patient of any dispensary I have used. Medical quality is good and variety is usually nice…if they have not sold out lol. Love the new website and ordering set up. And the medical patient discount is a definant plus! Oasis has been my pharmacy for almost 3 years now and I hate having to go anywhwere else =)

  87. Godschoice14

    100. PERFECT SPOT..

  88. cannachris46

    I love this place more and more every time I get to go in, mainly because you can really tell they’re putting so much energy and love into being great at what they do. Their menu has expanded tremendously since my first visits in January, and deals/specials are getting better also. I read the last reviewer’s experience and it bugs me a little because it doesn’t accurately portray what you get when you shop for your medicine at Oasis. But to each their own, I just wanted to give Oasis another 5 stars because I think they deserve it.

  89. mcgeezy079

    This is one of the coolest placest i visited so far staff is cool environment is nice and goos quality loud and nice prices

  90. pudgychefp

    This place rocks my first was cool after a glitch in the system didn’t in dY~PSmy wife did for me with a out of state mystical carddY’OEdY~…. My second visit definitely worth the wait!dY’dY~+ Alex made my first experience over the top didn’t rush me and was very knowledgeable. Not to mention James was cool as well! Dawg cookie I have to say didn’t let me down I’m still up writing thisdY~dY’adY’dY’OE… I’ll be back….

  91. kisses123

    its perfect right next to the Seaside Police Department. who could feel any safer. u wont get robbed conning out a thus dispenser $$$$

  92. mariamojica

    I came here for there $25 8ths they were all sold out. But I’m glad Adriana was here to provide me great service and offered me another great deal!

  93. Hermit58

    Wonderful place, great sales and super selection. Discount for seniors, permanently disabled and veterans.

  94. larevalo96

    Amazing place! Love the extras they give every once in a while and the budtenders are always super nice.

  95. whytrip7

    I like this place for their customer service and how they display their flower product. I also like the early and late specials but wish they’d expand that menu a little sometimes or at least give a better deal. I usually just pick up double prepackaged prerolls for $14 which is pretty nicely priced. I’ve purchased oil and a couple flowers but I’d come more if prices dropped a little.

  96. rileybogh

    Great products with a friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  97. Dearestlexy

    Personally I won’t go anywhere but here from now on. Tax is included in the price and their prices are lower than other dispensaries. Great products and the staff are great!!

  98. 420Masta

    Sweet new location right next to the Stratosphere. It’s great if you’re staying near The Strip!

  99. mdcantley

    Outstanding shop

  100. Larryinvegas

    I keep trying this dispensary but it usually ends in frustration.
    They have the same strains as all the other dispensaries, it all comes from in state suppliers.
    Having a dispensary doesn’t mean they know how to run a business.
    They have difficulties handling more than 1 or 2 customers at a time. Orders will be cancelled after receiving messages that it’s available for pickup. They may or may not have strains listed in the menu.
    Save the headache, go to another dispensary.

  101. kweenkush15

    I love coming here ! They are very friendly and have a lot of knowledge of their products. I drive almost two hours every other week to come here . It’s well worth the drive for excellent bud and great prices ! My only complaint was the rosin rockets . I bought a two pack and the second pre roll in the pack was only have way packed and super skimpy . I suggest checking your pre rolls out before leaving . Definitely check this place out tho!

  102. joshduniok

    I really like Oasis. Friendly staff helpful and we’ll layed out. This is the only spot I go just wish they had a bit more inventory and the prices could be a bit less expensive none the less Im always satisfied when I leave!

  103. darthdaddy1371

    Friendly atmosphere with smart and informed salespeople. The meds were on point, definitely coming here again. Thanks

  104. SUSPECT702

    Oasis was a cool experience overall. The place was pretty sleek and clean, which is nice of course and minimally discomforting . Glass containment cylinders line the walls displaying multitudes of various strains of flower. Every strain had information about its chemical breakdown posted next to its display, and the young man that helped with my experience was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer the few questions I asked. As it was my First time visit, I recieved 20%off the around $300 I spent on a sampling of 5- 1/8s of flower, 4-pre-rolls, a battery pack, and a oil syringe. Not bad prices, I suppose. Pretty comparable to prices most would be familiar with.
    Super convenient location for me, right between work and home. I’ll definitely be returning for my some of my future medicinal requirements.

  105. Abadon1973

    I like this location easy to find and opened on time.

  106. 702TerpeneQueen

    Oasis Rocks! Everybody is knowledgeable and very nice there. The product is displayed beautifully and there are so many excellent choices in flowers, edibles, concentrates and topicals. Their daily deals, VIP program and price match guarantee have me hooked. No need to ever shop anywhere else, THANK YOU, OASIS!!!

  107. gmbryant69

    great staff,uber knowledgeable, thanks guys

  108. alba6910

    Great prices for low budgets. Friendly staff and always reliable delivery.

  109. iheartbevo

    I’ve been here a few times and I really want to love this store but I’ve had a few bad experiences. They sold me expired edibled on my bday. They also charged me for an 1/4 and only gave me an eighth. Finally, instead of giving me indica gummies, they gave me sativa.

    I probably won’t be back for a bit. I loved the selection and the friendly budtenders. But fool me thrice, shame on me.

  110. nini15

    Amazing first time…. they welcomed me with open arms and answered all my questions, i would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for amazing quality flower! Zada you were awesome. Tjank you

  111. kwood43

    Love this dispensary. Friendly staff, who don’t make you feel rushed and very helpful to finding my bud. Great prices; especially for the quality.

  112. methodser

    My first time here was awesome…along with speedy registration and exceptional customer service the attention to detail in the strains is amazing. The staff asks a series of questions to find the best strain for each individual patient:) crazy ftp specials im most definitely coming back.. (check out the gsc and tangerine dreams….killer!)

  113. lagunanigel

    I love this place! Alex and Bianca were absolutely helpful. The 9 lb hammer and grape krush were indicalicious. The former being very thick and satisfying. The gsc, also excellent. The layout is like an art house, estetically pleasing! With no pressures or feel the need to hurry, I can see my self becoming a regular here.

  114. edgars10

    One of my favorite places to come to. Amazing staff and really good buds

  115. HLMencken

    I’ve been shopping here since I got my medical card in 2015. they have always had quality strains at reasonable prices, but their menu got pretty short a few months ago, with only 8 strains to choose from. They fixed that and now (12/24/17) they have 40 strains to choose from. They also have a rewards program, but I didn’t keep track and the last time I was there they told me i had enough points to get an eighth of my choice, so i chose Weed Bros. OG by NLVO at 28% THC! its a sweet indica, and retail is only $45. this is one of my 4 “go-to” dispensaries, chosen over the years i’ve had my medical card.

  116. wannacanna

    I got 20% off on my first purchase. Then after a few visits I was able to qualify for their VIP program. It’s been nice to get a discount every time I buy something from them and don’t even get me started about the monthly VIP special deals… Oasis is my spot! Now that they deliver in less than an hour I don’t have any reason to buy meds from anywhere else!

  117. SeandunnChandon

    Not only is this my home-away-from-home from home in Vegas; the staff treats me like fam too.

  118. dianek0630

    Friendly informative staff.

  119. MikeBlues

    Hard to find at first, but I found it. My Budtender Alix was very nice, in fact everyone I met was nice and very knowledgeable. I will be back.

  120. Luckypit

    I went to a lot of different dispensaries in Las Vegas after July 1st, and couldn’t find one that could help me with my epilepsy and stroke recovery. Then I went to Oasis cannabis dispensarie and met Stephanie, told her about my medical condition and what would be the best for it. Not only did she ask ?’s so she would know exactly what I need, but right away pointed me in the right direction, and I can’t thank her enough for that ! Also everyone that works there has a great attitude the knowledge of what you need and just an all around great experience, It is by far the BEST dispensarie in Las Vegas !!!

  121. StayLitFam

    You Know I’ve been a medical marijuana patient since 2012 and Oasis made me feel like I was back at one of the real Og old school dispensaries from back in the day. Big plus was the hospitality once I went to the back they took there time to give me a tour and explain the way everything works and where it comes from, they were very nice and hands on. Plus they had the most coolest wall I’ve ever seen there whole room was Bud Like The Best Bud In The World Lol
    This place is by far the place I want to build a reputation with.

    Gabriel Morales Gstylez702@gmail.com

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