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5347 S Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89118


36.0925336, -115.2084932




9:00 AM – 12:00 AM


9:00 AM – 12:00 AM


9:00 AM – 12:00 AM


9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


9:00 AM – 12:00 AM


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We at The Dispensary NV operate on a different wavelength than other Nevada dispensaries. Each of our staff members is strongly guided by the company’s core values of customer service and education. Our emphasis on top-shelf customer service begins with our cultivation of strong relationships between our staff and patients. We believe that great customer service is more than a kind attitude. In the cannabis industry, great customer service means connecting with your patients and learning about their specific taste/interest/needs in order to provide a recommendation for a product that can add significant value to their life.

Our West Las Vegas location is conveniently located on South Decatur and Hacienda Blvd – only five minutes from the Las Vegas strip!


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118 reviews for “The Dispensary

  1. DarkfireXXVI

    Love this place! Always knowledgeable and willing to explain new ways to smoke and strains!

  2. RemyThaKing

    I love this place. Great deals, great products, great staff and always very helpful. Special thanks to Theo, he was very helpful making sure myself and my friends were happy with our purchase.

  3. csmiciklas

    I love these bud masters!! All are super friendly and knowledgeable!!

  4. Aldavis702

    convenient, quick service, nice strains!!

  5. MamaMaria1613

    The bud is a bloomin
    To this place I am zooming
    ‘Cause it’s the central zone
    And I like the tone
    Chill and friendly,
    Plus they got the knowledge
    ‘Bout the things you don’t learn in college.
    Well maybe YOU did but I’m just sayin’
    The Dispensary is where I’m hangin
    And I tell my homies about them too
    And that is why I’m sharin’ with you
    Go down there with your cash or card,
    Ride the Max there, it’s not hard.
    If you don’t have cash they can take your card.

  6. 2chell4hell

    Really upstanding folks who take the time to hook you up with what’s right for you. The location is prime too.

  7. Jsalay84

    Great dispensary great product go see Shane

  8. unique_red_16

    I love coming to this store, the people are great and very helpful and the store always has the best prices and/or deals.

  9. Blattstoner

    Been shopping here a couple months..great service, great product, and great prices..dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4
    Thanks Jordan.

  10. SmokinJeff

    Really cool people came in yesterday for some wax and my budtender Alii was cool had good conversation wasn’t rushed going back to get a cartridge that he was telling me about great customer service on his part!!!

  11. Annamarie295

    This is my second visit here and I like the strands they have as well as the prices. Extremely reasonable.

  12. Khris69

    This location rocks. It’s my go to for weekly deals on concentrates

  13. Jaywash_623

    Hands down best shop in Vegas

  14. Autsguylv

    Best place in las vegas! Good product and deals literally every single day. Staff is friendly too!

  15. Jkrandall645

    Shane was very helpful! Absolutely great service

  16. jnitta96

    Chill spot, good rewards program

  17. Zoox

    They have great deals all the time and the people are just amazing top notch…

  18. robertmiko

    Heavenly kosher kush,very good for me and you.Amen

  19. funkypig

    Yo, it’s clean lots a smiles and selection, weekly or daily deals on the good stuff. Ask lots of questions generally these guys got the answers. One of my fav spots.

  20. Active666

    New favorite dispensary, great prices awesome staff and deals. Will recommend to everyone i know.

  21. Gauntlgrym

    Best deals on town

  22. Tammers

    Every time I’ve come into The Dispensary, I always get the hook up on deals and the bud tenders, especially – Shane, she is awesome. Everyone is always so helpful and chill, & amazing at helping pick out the best strain for what I’m looking for. I always tell my friends to go see them.

  23. TevinH

    Love it here one of the best

  24. ndelosreyes

    Great and friendly staff with lots of knowledge.

  25. calitrue


  26. Joker7411

    Great place to shop. The budtender Rita is awesome!!! The deals are the best in town for flower. I highly recommend this dispensary.

  27. ggmma0477

    Excellent dispensary! Jordan was very helpful and made my experience very pleasant

  28. JennJenn878

    The deals here are outstanding, and the budtenders are friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Look for Natasha, she was amazing! Don’t miss this little gem!

  29. steffiev

    one of my favorite dispensaries in town. the staff is super nice and knowledgeable. I generally choose to go here over most other places.

  30. sashagb77

    Great service and atmosphere. Need to get some quality meds in here . I wont be back in a while

  31. Yaneth_Mty

    Amazing family oriented staff. I truly love the way they work with all the people. My favorite budtender is Ali’i, he has made purchasing different items so easy by recommending exactly what will help with everything I’m looking for. But most importantly, all employees seem SUPER knowledgeable with all their products! This is my go to dispensary when family and friends visit from out of town.

  32. mjay1977

    I would recommend this place for sure. Very knowledgeable staff. Jesse was very friendly. They also had everything in stock and plenty of choices for both flower and concentrates I was in need of. They also offered free items and had a aEURoewheel of weedaEUR customers can spin for free prizes. Very fun!

  33. Kanoa

    From the moment I walked into this place I had a good feeling. The security guard was really cool and made a funny joke as I entered and then the two ladies behind the front desk, Renee and Rita, were both super patient and helpful signing me in. They immediately offered me a sweet discount for being a first timer…how cool is that?!? Then the bud tender that helped me, Jayson, showed he knew his stuff and directed me to the right product. While I was there I was even helped by the clearly busy manager, Ryan, who took the time to chat with me and made me feel super good about my purchase. This is a great place and super easy to get in and out of with plenty of parking!

  34. sweetestone

    Such nice welcoming people, the product is out of this world. Love dY’~ this place.

  35. 420Masta

    Came in from out of town and found this place on Leafly. Cool little spot! Love that Vegas has legal weed now 🙂

  36. cepedae3

    very nice!!

  37. Cherboi

    I work next door and this is the one stop shop for recreational cannabis in downtown pdx! Knowledgable staff, great selection, centrally located!

  38. lexd94

    Awesome sauce

  39. mgarber12

    one of my favorites.

  40. about7hippies

    My favorite dispensary in town. Product is great. I go here for the daily deals in the customer service! Every budtender is always super friendly, today I had Shawn aEURoejawsaEUR and he is super knowledgeable about their menu.

  41. Bet0913

    Good deals good knowledgeable bud tenders.

  42. mallyg9

    Great Shopping experience. I was elated by the customer service. Everyone there has a great attitude. Chloe helped me out and gave me some great suggestions for the mood I was in or wanted to be in. You could even place orders online. They are a little pricey but the do have great daily specials! I would refer here to anyone interested in finding a great place to shop.

  43. Shitty

    they have lots of good weed good prices they have different levels of pricing its a cool place they give you free stuff on first time visit.

  44. bhunemul

    Great dispensary! They have frequent deals and are always very friendly. They were able to give me a lot of information about the products and answered all of the questions that I asked. It’s not usually too busy when I go either.

  45. JerseyMari

    Great budtenders and fear bud!

  46. Caelasvanity

    One of my favorite dispensaries in Las Vegas! Great atmosphere, amazing budtenders and a wide variety of products/strains to choose from! During my previous visit, Sylvia helped me pick out a new Indica strain that I absolutely LOVE! She was very helpful and got me exactly what I needed in no time!

  47. nost

    Awesome staff Will is awesome! Been here 5 times already!

  48. cheriemontoya

    Great bud and the service is outstanding

  49. Chevy781

    This is one of the best locations for the best deals in town on 1/4’s Oz’s of great quality herbs. Thanks Jeff for your great customer service! The best dispensary in the Southwest side of Las Vegas!

  50. HerbeHeureuse

    I have been to The Dispensary twice and both times it was very understaffed and when I did get help the woman was a bit standoffish.

    The rec prices on their Leafly menu are very misleading because they don’t reflect the taxes so when you go to buy it’s WAY more than you think (in Oregon we don’t have a sales tax and are not accustomed to figured out taxes on prices)

    The other dispensaries I go to do not price like this, the tax is included in the price in the menu.

    Bad service, not enough service and hugely inflated pricing on both visits has left a bad taste in my mouth, which sucks because The Dispensary is the only dispensary in downtown proper.

  51. Spring$$2018

    Awesome…great budtender……danny v.

  52. Cannaq

    love it came to get some GLP baby j’s but dind’t have any. Will try again next time

  53. LahV

    Really love this place haven’t been anywhere else since I found it…

  54. rwrider

    Don C. was very patience and helpful for a first time medical user. He helped me select the correct medicine and dosage.

  55. ez6054

    Amazing staff, Shawn Jawz was awesome very helpful, informative, welcoming, and brought about great customer experience.

    Since it is not an option below, I DO recommend to my friends, and I WILL be shopping here again!

  56. AngeloB.

    Best dispensary in Vegas

  57. yak1

    These guys work their magic. Top notch place for sure.

  58. BestBudsof420

    My name is Wade Kite admin to the facebook group- Best Buds of 420..i always enjoy the awesome service i get at this location. Tonights budtender was Taylor. She was eager to answer any questions i had as well as show me some stuff i didnt know. Thanks Taylor you were awesome.

  59. Corzey

    The Dispensary is an outstanding place to satisfy your MMJ Needs. The staff at The Dispensary is amazing everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. The Strains are fantastic I had the Head Cheese and 4 Corners the were amazing, also had the Blue Dream special it was ok.
    This will be my go to dispensary because of their outstanding service and products.

  60. JordyT

    Not my fave atmosphere

  61. Jmusi

    I’m a local and this place truly is my go to for everything. My favorite thing on the menu currently (and sometimes on sale too) are the Lucky Jack pre-rolls specifically the Desert Unicorn strain dY~

  62. savannahsimms

    This location is my favorite dispensary!! You have GOT to try the Rove Dream cartridges. My new favorite strain 😉 Knowledgeable bud tenders, great specials and deals! The only thing I wish they would add is more options for Ghost Train Haze. The disposable pen is great quality, but I’d love to be able to get it in cartridges, flower, and concentrate here. That’s literally the only reason I go anywhere else is to find more GTH options 😉

  63. bfac

    Their menu says they have 14 varieties of concentrates for under forty dollars for half g. When I got there they told me everything w
    as forty. I prefer honest prices when shopping.

  64. suuprmama

    Don. C was my BT- He was extremely courteous, efficient and knowledgeable of my concerns. Thank you. and I have to give props to the lady at the front window- she is always pleasant!

  65. Tastypineapple8810

    they have great knowledge of premium strains and are so friendly. Dom C is awesome. this is my favorite dispensary

  66. Riseagainst

    Hands down best dispensary in town all the budtenders are so amazing & super helpful,Talor,Shane,Ali,Jason,Sylvia all of them

  67. Fleababy427

    this place always has good deals going on and the staff are amazing

  68. bracken711

    I visited The Dispensary on Decatur again yesterday. My patient consultant was Ali’i, who provided me with great customer service! Theo was also there so I had a chance to say “Hello” and he thanked me for the reviews I wrote for my last visit. Since I am mainly looking for high CBD strains, Ali’i told me about the strain “Medi Haze” by Deep Roots Harvest, which is a 2:1 CBD/THC strain. They only had it in prerolls, which came in a 3 pack. Tried it last night, as I am switching up my strains as outlined in the book I am reading “Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners, and Caregivers” by Dr. Michael H. Moskowitz MD. This book is the GREATEST!! And, The Dispensary stocks some high CBD strains. They also have Pineapple Tonic by State Flower, which is high in CBDa, and I use that to put in capsules and take raw. Raw flower high in CBDa is what I am looking for, because if you ingest it raw, it turns into CBD four times greater according to Dr. Moskowitz! Anyway, as long as The Dispensary has flower that is high in CBD (wish they would get some ACDC!), and a good selection of CBD tinctures, I will be a customer. Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE and thanks for stocking high CBD strains (my new go-to strains for during the day)!!

  69. bigj0hn9024

    Best dispensary in Las Vegas I highly recommend coming here tourist and the $69-$89 half oz

  70. randyr702

    Anabel is super great and she knows her stuff very helpful

  71. hybridoug

    good place

  72. jmoca

    With a convenient store vibe this is the lowest budget stop n shop for your needs….. open till 3am who could ask 4 anything else.

  73. dammdogg

    It’s kinda hidden. I pass by it all the time. First time and Jesse was very helpful and kind.

  74. QueerKiefer

    I dig it. friendly staff

  75. Rocky2112

    Taylor is a wonderful educated professional. Really enjoy this store.

  76. stepkaman

    By far the best in Vegas.
    Been to both locations and I am very impressed with the staff. Prices are always great. I’m always getting freebies ! Henderson had a coke and donut waiting when I got there and gave me a prerole for happy Saturday // can’t beat this place

  77. flumpngrump

    I am very pleased with The Dispensary. Friendly and helpful staff, excellent products, reasonable prices, and cool deals. I plan to sign up for the points/rewards system next visit. 🙂

  78. Kalija3

    Great service, clean environment, great workers

  79. Disney1

    A professional and knowledgeable staff & great deals on prerolls and flower.

  80. Lriddick3

    Amazing quality profucts and even better customer service!

  81. Deadpool321

    Everything was amazing thanks to cheyanne

  82. Gallegoscelena1

    The staff is very friendly and the location is convenient for me. I love the specials!

  83. Mrleafwilldoby

    The receptionist was not only beautiful but she was helpful and the bud tender was extremely helpful and caring to me as a customer would most def come back and biy more flower

  84. UlrichVonDankenstein

    It’s always a quick & easy experience when coming to this dispensary. I’m in & out within minutes, and the staff always recommends the best stuff for the best prices. Definitely my favorite dispensary!

  85. WriterHartmann

    Very helpful, and always answer my questions. Great atmosphere and attitudes. They know your face after the first visit. I love this place.

  86. joco692

    This place is the best, never get stuck waiting in a line for 25 minutes. Great staff, in and out quickly

  87. AHOChaos

    Jason was a huge help for my first time in a dispensary. We were on our way to the happiest place on earth and I explained our situation with PTSD and pain not being a good mix with crowds. He recommended some great products for my husband that worked so well we stopped again on our way back home. I only wished we lived closer so we could go back. Next time we are Vegas we will definitely be back

  88. Megsrus

    Ever since the 1st time I stopped in I felt welcome, great deals and smiling faces I have always return Shane always greets me with a big bright smile and can always be patient during my indecisiveness I would highly recommend to everyone I know

  89. biggertaller

    nothing special.. prices are just a tad over my tasting haha and the bud was ok. again nothing special. the place is small and seems more like a quickie Mart. I’ll be back but not for a while..

  90. cdrumshall

    Location and prices and quality are great. Easily best in town.

  91. vegasdad45

    very knowledgeable staff.budtender addie was fun to talk to.will come again and again.

  92. Allen96

    amazing group of staff, this is my go to shop. they always got fire and reasonable pricing

  93. Mysluv

    Bud selection is awesome and daily deals or outstanding and Budtenders are friendly and helpful. Sylvia was patient knowledgeable and helpful

  94. TenSentinel

    Great atmosphere and great people. I come back because Jasmine, Shane, and all the budtenders always get me in and out with the quickness.


    great spot, excellent selections, bud tenders are really easy to talk to and knowledgeable about their products.

  96. daniellep

    We love this place !

  97. legacybears

    Terpenes are listed on product description
    Stephanie the budtender was pleasant and competent.
    Good vibe. Liked it so much I’m on my way back tonight

  98. Rikkabby1

    This was my 1st dispensary to visit, still love it 6 months later. Budtenders are so helpful, product is always great as expected.

  99. Wendyruiz

    I love this place and it’s weed dY~ Clarissa is my favorite bud tender dY~

  100. Alongoria

    I love going to The Dispensary. There are very few dispensaries located so deep into Henderson. It is fast to get to, the staff is nice, and I am helped in such a quick and professional fashion. Be prepared to watch some awesome Bob Ross videos that they display!
    Katie is a great budtender. She always has given me the best advice when it comes to choosing products that work for me. I strongly recommend visiting this location!

  101. SxryptS

    A very nice dispensary with good prices and great bud,their staff is friendly and patient,ready to walk you threw whatever you need to know about what you wanna try,ask for Shane and she will treat you like family

  102. lookforgrace

    The location leaves something to be desired past dark, but the service was excellent and I would definitely go again.

  103. Dub509

    Hands down my favorite dispensary in Vegas. Thanks to Katie and Jason we’ve become regulars. Always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable about products/deals and they genuinely want you to get the best deal for your dollar.

    The Polaris boys

  104. Dudenot

    My thoughts or review about The DIspensary West is based of multiple visits at this location per month. From ordering online for pickup, or just calling for a terpene profile on specific strain.

    It’s been long overdue for me to give this location a great review. First off, I want to say that I appreciate the detail your online menu have. From the ease of ordering, and most importantly putting up complete terpene profiles of flowers, concentrates, and vape products for us happy terpene lovers. Not just THC or CBD percentages or ratio, but all the other compounds flavors you are looking for! I want to know more about what I’m buying and this is the most straight-forward, hassle free experience you can get. I didn’t like dispensaries that won’t even let me see the lab test results until I purchase said strain or product. only to realize that it’s missing my favorite terpene. Leaving you upset and feeling like you wasted money and time. I love your attention to details, and I’m sure a lot of patients appreciate this one detail specifically.

    Of course the employees completes this perfect circle. I never have onced feel pressured or rush, I get the information I need if I have a question. I like the simple interactions with my budtenders, I found them fun and super helpful. Thanks to Shane, Sarah, Jason to name a few (I’m forgetting someone! She was great too!), and the dude that seems to be in charge behind the counter is always cool.

    Then there’s the daily deals! Easily the best deals in town that makes sense. By sense, I meant other dispensaries selling products that is way overpriced even if it goes on sale, some flowers are still a little more on the expensive side even if it’s advertised as a deal. You just have to look at The Dispensary website menu and you will see that it makes more sense.

    My favorite dispensary easily, and highly recommended!

  105. Louieb1964

    Senior day discount

  106. Tev907

    I go here often, as it is not far from my job. Love the atmosphere here. They always have quality strains. I never leave disappointed. My bud tender today, Rita, was great. Gotta love good service.

  107. sweetdee323

    I love this place! Jason has helped me a few times now and he has great people skills and an awesome personality. He also knows a lot about the products! Thank you for always being awesome!

  108. deskopt

    Great place, best in town for quality! Staff is awesome, they know their stuff and can make good recommendations! Would recommend

  109. senorflippyflop

    Just an awesome dispensary. Staff was super friendly and made great recommendations. Anthony was awesome. Thanks so much to everyone working there when I visited. Will be back!!

  110. 007wmike

    Love this place can’t wait to go back.
    they keep a deal and the flowers I’m looking .for the best deal’s go shop with them staff is so helpful.

  111. kayStaxx

    I was registered quick. Got a new patient promo. They have really good buds for cheap. The customer service is great. Alii helped me out & he was really informative about the strains I was asking about. He also made sure to tell me about the deals they had at the moment. I would definitely recommend this place. Thanks for all your help Alii! a$?i,

  112. hummercanna

    The Dispensary is excellent. Pleasant atmosphere and staff. Addie is extraordinarily knowledgeable and caring. Will update this review in future. One strain “H.O.G” in pre-roll was the best insomnia strain have ever tried. Unfortunately, I smoked during day–at PM would have been sound asleep.

  113. maddmadd

    Its really close to my apt n they always have my fav flower….

  114. Siriusek9

    I love this place. They have great customer service and are very friendly/helpful. Will definitely recommend The Dispensary to everyone. Great deals as well.

  115. ggmma108

    Came in for King Louis Xlll 2 grams of shake for only $15! Really great bud! Super tasty and strong! Thanks Sylvia for being an amazing budtender!

  116. zooted11

    one of my faves in the city….. in n out…. great staff….

  117. HairyKim

    I love this place! Im always in and out. I’ve been going for about 3 months now and I think I’ve been behind one person once. prices are reasonablee and they’re shit is Fire! Plus there’s a dominos next door. What’s not to love?

  118. grry

    This is probably the best dispensary in Vegas. The menu lists both price and thc percentages, which is a good business practice not followed by many other dispensaries. Staff is patient and knowledgable regarding terpenes and dosages for all users- locals and vistors. Taylor is my preferred budtender. Great strain and edible selections and overall a very friendly experience.

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