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1111 Rose Crossing, Kalispell, MT 59901


48.2551552, -114.2718569




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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82 reviews for “Awesome Blossoms

  1. Ymorris

    Steve Morris loves the service

  2. Alunav

    Everyone in this store is amazing, they are laid back, friendly and their strains are awesome. I’ve been to legal states, and it doesn’t compare to the strains or quality!!!

  3. billy101

    Great friendly environment

  4. Judy007

    Excellent quality and the staff is very helpful. I recently had hand surgery and being able to chose medicine for pain and for sleep helped me get through a very painful experience.

  5. slosserjohnny

    great meds only the best strains no trash breeds love this place

  6. GinBear

    So I usually would do 5 stars for this dispensary but the change that they made with their concentrates is significant! We go through it way fast and it doesnt work as well the stuff that they used to have before the rosin was amazing absolutely amazing and the people there are amazing but that rosin is not the best other than that they are great

  7. daythemighty

    I’m so glad I was introduced to this place! Great prices on bud and concentrate and friendly service what more can u ask for?

  8. CourtFerg

    Amazing place amazing staff.

  9. Lovebunny69

    It’s the best place to go

  10. Mandyjo406

    Looooove this place! Always smiling and helpful when I go in! AmaZing products. Very passionate on helping others a$?i,

  11. vestey

    What a pleasant atmosphere. I am always comfortable and feel waited on when I stop by. Never rushed and you can ask them anything.

  12. bsyn420

    Nice place good selection good people check them out!

  13. Adam Kupka

    I think it’s awesome. Right by my works main office.

  14. garamil

    great, friendly customer service!! best strain selection I’ve seen, and a wide variety of products!!

  15. kaleb121

    Amazing buds didn’t expect the prices but it’s well worth it

  16. geedub30

    great hours of operations. staff is super knowledgeable about all there product. good comfortable atmosphere.

  17. highanne37

    ,angels from heaven.

  18. Barvelous

    Knowledgeable, friendly, fair.

  19. johnreese59860

    Great friendly staff with a nice big variety of quality strains.

  20. samuelpenzi

    Awesome, friendly, knowledge owners. Ridiculous product and variety. Very impressive!

  21. apower47

    Great people! Willing to help your personal needs. Grow excellent quality cannabis, my favorite in the valley! I come from Denver, and Awesome Blossom quality compares to the high-end dispensaries there. I switched from my previous provider because of issues with quality and availability. Been with Awesome Blossom for some time now and haven’t experienced any issues with either! Love it here.

  22. mara311

    I love Awesome Blossoms! They’re so knowledgeable and friendly. They helped answer all my question and showed me the best strains and types for my own medicinal purposes. The strains they provided me with were very beneficial and the definitely help dY-$?dYtmdY1/4

  23. lilbud24

    I grew up in Alaska, where some gooooooood smoke is very available so I really appreciate their wide selection of medicine that’s fit to my needs. I’ve been to quite a few dispensaries and the customer service at Awesome Blossoms, is by far, the best yet!!! I look forward to a good provider for a very long time..

  24. Leonardus9

    Great selection, service, and atmosphere.
    Knowledgeable and patient employees make the process fluid.

  25. Drea1l

    Great product and selection every one is very friendly.

  26. Hippygrammy

    The guys and gals at awesome blossom rock. They know their product and are willing to talk to you and help you figure out the correct medicine for you. I recently went in with severe arm pain from a car accident and i was complaining and they showed my the roll on ointment. I have been using ever since and it is heaven (I am even throwing baseball’s with my grandson again) there is not a big enough thank you!!!!! They are the greatest. Everyone needs a friend like AWESOME BLOSSOM!!!!! LOVE U GUYS

  27. grahamvo83

    this place has great service, great quality, and very clean on the inside.

  28. JenniferGouge

    Love the new location!

  29. K. Glidden

    This dispencery great. The people are friendly. The product is killer. I have never had a problem with finding the right medication. If you can’t decide what you want Summer will point you in the right direction. Thanks Awesome Blossom.

  30. Amanda1989

    Love this store! Excellent products and crew!

  31. Mammoth1

    This place rocks they know so much an I love there strains

  32. bommaroo

    Great folks, lotsa knowledge and quality choice

  33. larissa1972

    great location…Friendly staff…I would highly recommend Awesome Blossoms to all my friends & Family !!

  34. BRBonny

    I love the way the are so helpful.

  35. Strangek247

    This place is awesome, just like it says in the name. The employees are so incredibly helpful, especially for someone like myself, who knows very little and has lots of questions. This is the kind of customer service you would want from any place. They are so nice, and it’s always a joy shopping here. I learn something new just about every time I go in. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

  36. ShelbieRose12

    Everyone at Awesome Blossom is super nice and very helpful. They’re professional and have a wonderful atmosphere and make you feel welcome as soon as you come in the door. Would definitely recommend to my friends. a$?

  37. loganflogan13

    Summer is the best budtender! She is always nice as can be and always makes me leave with a smile! Great place.

  38. Crystalmb

    First time with a dispensery and I will never change, great selection and summer is super helpful!! dY’dY’

  39. mtgreeneyes

    great location and hours!

  40. eagledeersu59

    Great shop, I recommend to come here!

  41. jbiggs4713

    I found my favorite stain of the year. ( Morning Star ) is the best in flavor , the high is incredibly strong and munchies alert! Small joints only lol !

  42. neoncosmo

    No complaints.


    Great location just on the edge of town

  44. tiffanyinez420

    So grateful. Staff is awesome and product is top of the line. Thank you AB

  45. Doubledesch

    I love it. I have never been happier getting my meds.

  46. sunriset

    It’s location is okay ..probably directed by law how far from downtown..always great selection..good just a beginner there , they have answered all my questions.

  47. VBW

    Your product is wonderful, prices great, love stopping in every time. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thanks

  48. mbdesch

    The Honey and Starbursts are amazing! Great quality and excellent high! Service is fantastic and I’ve never been happier!!!!!!!

  49. summerreyes

    I would recommend this location the atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff is very helpful.

  50. charitydwtt

    I absolutely love Awesome Blossom. The staff is amazing. So helpful & knowledgeable. They help educate you on the many varieties of products & how they can be beneficial to your health & whatever ailment you might be dealing with.

  51. ERW

    Awesome place very helpfull

  52. Montanamal

    Awesome shop! Clean inside with great service (looking at you Summer!). Awesome looking buds and great prices!

  53. caitidid1394

    They are very knowledgeable and always have a wonderful attitude when you walk in!

  54. LuckyBuds420

    Great location really digging the cherry pie

  55. crazygranny54

    Great location!!! Awesome sauce staff!!!! Very knowledgeable and very helpful. The atmosphere was very comfortable very clean and very friendly. I would recommend this place to anybody and everybody

  56. Jonni37

    Best place in the world! 🙂 The people are amazing.. They genuinely care for your well being.. The place is clean and welcoming.. HIGHly recommended 🙂 Tiffany and Tara.. You’re the best!

  57. Azlinjim

    Great people good herb selections i like it there

  58. Mountainstoned

    Very friendly and knowledgeable service. Always a friendly atmosphere and high quality. dY~Z

  59. owingsjeanemma

    I love this dispensary. Chill atmosphere. Awesome staff. AMAZING product with a huge variety to choose from. If you are on the fence about where to take your business i recomend this shop!!!!

  60. CrysLeah

    I am a new cardholder they helped my out, they’re very friendly, very knowledgeable about their product, and have high quality.

  61. zephreyh

    I love it. The edibles are my Favorite!

  62. brendizzle

    Awesome dispensary with very high quality flower and many choices in strains. The staff are amazing people and very knowledgeable dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  63. JungleFalcon

    Recently picked up some Granddaddy Purple and some Amnesia OG. Both are great strains. The GDP was relaxing/euphoric and made my eyes heavy so it was a great strain to help me go to sleep in a good mood. The Amnesia OG was definitely a good day time strain. It gave me a noticeable head high but I still felt focused and energetic with out causing me anxiety.

  64. kaylafawn

    I love this place, the vibe is super chill. the playlist that was playing was exactly what I would want to play while I wait 🙂

  65. shawnamadonna

    Great atmosphere, knowledgeable budtender! Lovelovelove this place and it’s people a$?i,

  66. gummi11861

    Love this place friendly knowledgeable and large selection!

  67. Lolaanny

    Awesome staff great selection love it

  68. flawedtrauma

    Summers amazing! She helped right away to get me an appointment set to get the ball rolling on getting my card 🙂 I would definitely refer and recommend Awesome Blossoms to anyone! 🙂

  69. yknot925


  70. Kingkushin

    Shoutout to Logan at Awesome Blossoms!! Very knowledgeable and has never led me to a medication that didnt have the exact resolution I am looking for. Keep up the great work my man!!

  71. jimmyOne

    The team at Awesome Blossoms is very knowledgeable in medicinal uses as well as political action. Clean & professional atmosphere. The people involved here are not just into the business for the “green rush”, they have been very actively involved in fighting for the patients since 2010!

  72. HoldingAlexForever

    Great! Friendly and comforting staff and great product quality! Never been let down

  73. jodytow


  74. gypsypixie

    I love these guys! Caring. Knowledgeable. Helpful. Great meds….lots of variety and variations. A+++

  75. ashes2dust

    I have so much love for this place…amazing people and beautiful vibes…and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  76. donnayates

    Great people here. They truly care about their patients! Just love the folks here!

  77. Rooster18

    Summer is great! Knowledgeable
    Learning a lot!

  78. BryantC

    I think the shop is great. like the options as well as how the label their buds. Great place to pick if your looking for a provider.

  79. xbudsbunnyx


  80. Buzz218taylor

    Awsome shop, great people, great product!!

  81. Blondeweasel

    SUMMER IS AWESOME! I highly reccomend this shop! 🙂

  82. angiechris1975

    This place is awesome and the people are amazing I love it!!!

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